A/N: I do not own Glee nor the characters within. This is just a collection of 100 word Pezberry drabbles I produce when I'm stumped on my stories, and will be shared as I get around to them. Thought someone might get a kick out of them. *smile, shrug* All are their own universe unless noted. Prepare for randomness, as well as many different genres. And, of course, the author's note does not factor into word count. *grins*

Rachel didn't know how she and Santana had gone from looking at the puppies in the store window to kissing each other. One second she was smiling at the cuteness in front of her, turning her head to see the same gentle look in Santana's eyes. Santana had met her gaze, leaned forward… And then kissed her.

Santana's warm palms were cupping her cheeks, her lips moving slowly but confidently over hers. Melting into her, Rachel tucked her hands into the pockets of Santana's jacket. When Santana tried to move back, she couldn't go far.

She smiled. "You got me."