Chapter One: CRASH!

Hermione Granger dragged her luggage through the train station, holding the cart handle with one hand and a worn copy of Hogwarts, a History in the other. She was so immersed in the pages of the book that she barely noticed the two girls, a blond and a red head, standing in front of her. Unfortunately they were busy inspecting their tickets and did not see her coming. All three of them were quickly brought back to reality when Hermione's cart crashed into them, causing all three of them, and Hermione's luggage, to fall to the ground in a big heap. Hermione heard laughter from behind and turned around to see her two best friends, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, doubling over with laughter. Hermione just glared at them. Her mood only worsened when she saw the two girls stand up, laughing as they dusted off their clothes.

"Hey do any of you know where to find platform nine and three- quarters is? Jane and I can't find it to save our lives. Oh that reminds me, I forgot you don't know our names. I'm Cyn James and this is my cousin Jane Murray," she said gesturing towards the red headed girl standing next to her.

"Hi, oh… and sorry we got in your way, um….sorry I don't know your names," Jane said, looking at the pile of luggage at her feet.

"Its all right, I'm Hermione Granger, and these are my friends Ron Weasley and Harry Potter," she told them scowling at the two boys, who were laughing so hard they couldn't breathe.

"Harry Potter?! That's Harry Potter?! Oh my god I can't believe this!" screamed Cyn. Jane just stood there looking shocked.

"Wait you two are witches? Why haven't we seen you before?" Ron questioned curiously.

"We have been in America since we were nine, we were born in Liverpool though. My mum is a big Beatles fan so she named me after Cynthia Lennon, John's first wife," Cyn explained.

Hermione happened to glance at her watch and jumped up interrupting the conversation.

"We have ten minutes to get to platform 9 and ¾! Hurry! Help me with this luggage!" They all immediately got down and helped Hermione get all of her things organized, which wasn't easy considering all of the books that were spread out across the floor.

"No don't put that in the trunk! I am gonna read that!" cried Hermione, snatching Hogwarts: A History from Ron's hands. She hugged the book to her chest, and glared at Ron before helping to put the rest of the books in her trunk. She gently placed the last book into her trunk and closed it tightly.

"Come on let's go! We have to get to the train in less than five minutes!" yelled Harry, and they all raced to the platform, carts being pushed in front of them.

"How do we get to the platform?" asked Jane when they had stopped between platforms nine and ten.

"Head straight towards that wall, don't be nervous or it won't work. In fact you better run if you're scared," Harry explained. Cyn and Jane nodded and followed the others to the platform…