"EXCUSE ME! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS GRANGER?!" shouted Draco in disbelief. Cyn was just gaping at her in shock. Jane rolled her eyes and turned to Hermione.

"Never tell a Beatle fan that a pop group is better, look what happens. I s'pose whats-his-name over here is another devoted beatle follower. That muggle group was and is highly overrated in my opinion," she stated. Suddenly Cyn snapped out of her trance and joined Draco in shouting.

"How DARE you say that?!


"I thought you were better than that Jane!"


"My own cousin! I am never going to be able to live this down!"

"I can't even be in the same compartment as you people anymore, I'd rather sit with Pansy!"

"Yeah I'm leaving too, I can't stand the sight of you Beatle haters!" and with that

Cyn and Draco stormed out, Harry was still glaring at the seat where Draco had been. Ron and Hermione stared after the two in disbelief.

"Malfoy likes muggle music?! You have got to be kidding me. Hermione, am I hallucinating or did Malfoy really just admit to liking something to do with muggles?" Hermione looked at him with a shocked expression on her face.

"Ron I think, I think he did," she said. She glanced over at Jane who was doubling over with laughter.

"Cyn—sh-shes, soooo…sooo…..funny when….the…be…beatles are insulted!" she said between laughs.

It dawned on Hermione that Jane was simply saying those things to see her cousin get all worked up. Something a Slytherin would do. Hermione wondered what houses Cyn and Jane would be in. This got her to wondering about the American school of wizardry. Her mind was suddenly flooded with questions about the school.

"Hey Jane, whats the American School like?" she asked, Ron rolled his eyes. Trust Hermione to come up with a question like that. Jane looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Well, its called Salem Academy of Sorcery. There are five houses, all named after one of the five founders. There's Chandler, after Alanna Chandler, and then there's Bershire, after Ingrid Bershire, and then there's Weldsy, named for Jon Weldsy, and the last one is Gallore, for Will Gallore. Your houses have much more interesting names, but our school was only started in the fourteenth century, so its still relatively new," she told Hermione. Ron grinned when he saw the look on Hermione's face.

"Well, she ought to be in a pretty good mood for at least a few hours now. She has yet another thing she can brag about knowing," he said laughing. This wasn't a smart move, Hermione's look of joy changed to one of annoyance.

"I wouldn't make fun of me if I were you Ron, I hope you don't get any O.W.L's!" she shouted. Jane looked clueless. Hermione forgot about Ron and went on to explain about O.W.L's. A few minutes later a witch arrived at the compartment with a cart filled with snacks. Ron decided it was time to get Harry out of his tranceor else he'd be stuck eating corned beef sandwiches.

"Harry, are you alive?" he said, waving a hand in front of Harry's face.

"Huh..wha…? oh! Here, I'll take some of everything," he told the witch, handing her some coins. She took the coins, handed them the snacks, and left the compartment, muttering about the amounts of candy children ate these days. Jane lit up when she saw the chocolate frogs and she and Ron got into a conversation about which cards they had. The mood in the compartment was considerably lighter after this.

Draco and Cyn were a lot happier as well, after they had gotten their own compartment.. They spent the remainder of the trip talking about their favorite bands, muggle and wizarding. Draco would never have admitted to liking muggle music, but something about Cyn made him open up. He had only known her for a few hours and yet he was already changing under her influence. He wondered what it was about her that made him behave so differently. He didn' get a chance to really think about this, as the train slowed to a stop and they had to get off. He looked over his shoulder at Cyn.

"Here, follow me," he said, and led her to a horseless carriage. She smiled and stepped in. They sat down and began talking again, this time Draco was telling her about the classes, everything seemed perfect, until Pansy Parkinson stepped into the carriage and looked at Cyn murderously, wand in hand…


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