Jane sat down at the Gryffindor table, she glanced at her cousin. Apparently Cyn was having no trouble at all making friends, apart from that girl who kept glaring at her.

"Hello, you're name's Jane, right?" Jane heard someone say. She saw that it was the girl sitting next to her, she had flaming red hair, much like Jane's own, though rather than light blue eyes she had dark brown ones.

"Yes, that's right. Jane Murray, what's yours?" she asked the girl.

"My name is Virginia Weasley, call me Ginny though, everyone does," she said, smiling. Jane thought for a moment, Weasley, the name sounded familiar.

"I think I met your brother already, Ron I think it was," she said, Ginny nodded and pointed to Ron, who was too busy shoving food into his mouth to notice any of his surroundings. Hermione, who was next to him, had her nose in a book as usual, and Harry sat picking at his food and mumbling to himself.

"What's wrong with Harry?" Jane asked. Ginny looked surprised that she knew who Harry was, but then remembered that Jane had already met Ron, meaning she had more likely than not me his friends as well.

"I have no idea, he was fine earlier," said Ginny thoughtfully. She would have to ask Hermione. Ginny spent the rest of the meal pondering what could be the cause of Harry's bad mood. She resolved to just get over her shyness and ask him herself or she would lose sleep over this. She suddenly realized she was turning into Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil, nosing into everyone else's business. This was a bad bad bad thing! She decided she would forget the whole thing and go out in the common room where everyone else was, welcoming the first years and of course Jane. Ginny liked her a lot already. She was friends with her brother and his group, but also with her. This was the first time one of her brother's friends, excluding Neville, had looked at her as a friend rather than just the annoying little sister. With this in mind Ginny got up and went down to the common room.

The scene in the Slytherin common room was quite different. It was dark and quiet, most of the students had gone to bed. Draco and Cyn sat talking by the fireplace, unaware that they were being watched by Pansy.

"Why does that Parkinson girl seem to want to kill me? I never did anything to her did I Draco?" Cyn asked, she found this whole thing rather confusing. Draco's face flushed red. He quickly covered his embarrassment with one of his smirks, his trademark.

"Pansy is just jeolous of you Cyndi," he said. She grinned at him.

"So it's Cyndi now, is it?" she said with a smile. He reached over and put a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Yep, whether you like it or not," at this point Cyn through a pillow at him and ran off. Draco laughed and grabbed the pillow, running to catch her before she could reach the stairs to her dormitory. He was so fast that he was unable to stop and slammed right into her, causing both of them to collapse in a heap, Pansy watched from a corner in fury. This was ridiculous! Not only had the two known eachother for less than a day, but Draco acted as if this girl meant something to him. Draco seemed to actually care for her, and this was something that Pansy couldn't deal with. Draco never treated her like she was any more to him than an eighth of what was in the Weasley's Gringotts vault. Pansy wanted to take revenge on Cynthia James, if it was the last thing she did. She wanted it to be painful, perhaps she would have to use one of the unforgivable curses, or maybe all three. She grinned evilly, she couldn't wait. For now though, she had to let her live, Pansy was able to wait, as long as she had something to look forward to, for now she decided to give up on plotting ways of retaliation and get some sleep. She trudged up the stairs and scowled bitterly as she stepped over Cyn and Draco, who had fallen asleep on the floor. Oh this girl would pay dearly, Pansy would make sure of that.

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