DG sat in the council room with her Mother and Father. Azkadellia didn't come with them; she still felt it wasn't right that she be included with the royals. Az didn't want the others to pay attention to her instead of paying attention to her mother, the Queen.

Leaning closer to her father, DG asked: "Dad, tell me again. Are these people Senate-House or Lords-Commons?"

Ahamo laughed as he leaned closer to DG, "It's like the House of Lord and Commons. But, at the moment, it's just the Lords. We have to have an election for the Commons."

A Lord stood up and started to go on about something about Azkadellia. DG wasn't listening to it; every time they called these things, it was all the same: they wanted Az to pay for the crimes she committed against the O.Z..

The Queen was getting fed up with it; Azkadellia was her daughter and there was no way she was going to allow them to punish a princess of the O.Z.. Once again, the Queen stood up to restate her position on Azkadellia. "My daughter was under a spell. How can you punish her for something that she had no control over?"

"But, Your Highness," said the fat Lord.

"You know," said DG as she stood up, "when I lived on the other side, they had all kinds of punishment. Life in prison, without parole; sent to a hospital that gives help for mental problems. But, I can see that most of you Lords are a bit Cainophobic."

Everyone started to look around at each other and then back at the Princess.

"I'm sorry, Princess DG, but, what?" asked another Lord.

"Cainophobia," said DG as she turned a little to look over at Wyatt Cain, who gave her a funny look. She smiled and went on. "I'm just sorry I can't remember how the O.Z. used to be. I'm sure it was all very diplomatic, but now all I'm seeing is you people, who want a little payback. I don't understand what is going on. Go against the Queen, who was also held prisoner by the witch? If my Mom, the Queen, could take Princess Azkadellia back into her arms, why can't you all forgive her, too?"

A vote was taken and it was decided that Princess Azkadellia would not have to do any time in prison.

As they left, Cain was walking with DG and Ahamo, "Where did you get that one from?" asked Ahamo.

"Psychology 101, Dad. We were studying phobias," DG said with a big smile. "And it was one of many we learned."

"What does it mean?" asked Wyatt.

"It means a fear of new things," said DG. "I've noticed the O.Z. isn't very open to change. I thought it fit here, real well. Plus, it's fun to make Mr. Cain a little crazy with the idea that maybe I'm making it all up."

Cain gave DG one of the stares that should have made her pull back, but DG just laughed at her friend.

Ahamo laughed as Cain looked like he wanted hurt DG.