Title : How is the Empire?
Author : tpeej
Fandom : Primeval
Rating : G
Characters : Lester (Connor, Jenny, Abby, Becker, Leek and Cutter are thought of or seen)
Disclaimer : I do not own Primeval, nor am I associated with Impossible Pictures, and do not seek legal ownership/any profit. I'm just playing in somebody else's sandbox, and I promise to put them back when I'm done!
Spoilers : None
Note: Challenge # 195: James Lester/ Thanks to erinm_4600 for betaing it for me. The title is something that King George V said.
Summary : Lester watches the people who work for him.

Sitting in his office at the ARC, James Lester watched everyone in his employment. Well, for most part, they were working.

Leek was on the phone with someone; moving a little, Lester could see Connor, still working on the machine that was supposed to tell them when an anomaly opened up. Hopefully, it would work, like Connor and Cutter thought it was going to.

Jenny and Abby stood on the ramp going down to the main floor. They were talking and Lester didn't even want to know what they were saying.

Both Becker and Cutter were some place, out of sight.