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Returning to the Shadows

Weary blue eyes opened to the pitch-black darkness, the dull throbbing of his being not being helped by the hollering that had been blaring in his ears for what he would've felt had been an eternity. Glowing blue orb shifted left and right as they tried to concentrate to his surroundings, met by various barred cells that smelled of death and decay and various other eyes of many emotions.

Red voracious slits and orbs.

Golden rings of avarice and lunacy.

Pale visages of pleading and suffering.

As Link passed by them all, he flinched and yelped at the feeling of his limbs screaming in pain in backing off from a motley of bloody claws, sharpened talons, and bony hands; all derived of the life they once held, or humanity they once knew if they had any. The sounds of rattling chains were followed by the Hero stumbling over on his feet again as he felt his ankles harshly pulled at, barely holding up the will and little strength he had to walk with.

Come to think of it…he didn't feel the weight of his chainmail weigh on his body…in fact, he didn't feel the tunic at all, nor his leather gauntlets and boots, his shield or sword. He couldn't think for a moment as the squeal of rusty hinges made his ears beg for mercy again, instinctively flattening upon his head…flattening?

Link felt his heart at his throat for a moment before he felt himself slammed into the cell, the door slamming behind him with a smashing clang. It was surprising enough the boy had not blacked out again from the sudden hit, but no longer did his limbs respond…for the time being. Unlike much jail prisons, there was no moonlight present. Diminutive windows were barley open to fresh air, as if all inside were to be trapped with the musty majority of the air of death and depression.

The boy felt his nose and mouth wet all the same, surprised to find a pair of blue glowing orbs staring right back at him. He could not shirk back however, but one thing was clear; he no longer was Hylian.

The green dirty fur and clearer pigments that marked his under belly and forehead-

The muzzle that bore his wet black nose and quivering lips of the fang-bearing mouth-

Despite all smudged by dirt and asphalt-

The Hero had once again returned to the form of the Legendary Blue-Eyed Beast.

And just like before, he was trapped within the darkness of new beginnings.

"Hm, Midna seems a little uptight today doesn't she?"

A responding grumble.

"You're right. I mean, she was usually more outburst-y and spasmodic before Zant took over. She actually seems calmer…"

Many floors below Princess Midna's commons was the Generals own…and by many floors, it is not only so much that it is literally at ground level but in one of the smaller sub-buildings that were attached to the main palace building. Such was the blacksmith's grounds, to which the hammer songs and symphonies of melted ores and steam rising were muffled by the sound-proof walls enchanted to not have its factory of weapons and tools found.

In the center of it all was the General's commons, hidden within the walls as to remain secret; within it, the very denizen of such was lying on his giant sling as was a mass of fur, stone and black skin beside him. A gargantuan Messenger possibly 4 times the size of a common Twilight beast that usually safeguarded the Princess along with the normal guards, its mane was a motley of fiery ginger as his underbelly was the tone of clean ashen bone. All else was midnight black and limbs bearing the luminescent markings of the Twili, and a fearsome mask of stone and steel that bore crimson markings and a much nasty looking scar at its right eye.

"You know Fluffy, I think she forgot when her birthday was again." The General continued to ponder out loud.

Indeed, the fearsome beast's name was merely that. Fluffy. Nothing more. Again to respond, he gave a subtle grumble.

No longer in his much elaborate and much layered garb, he merely kept well to a commoner's shirt and pants, bandaged limbs and feet left out of sleeves.

"No? Well, usually if something's bothering her, she usually deals with it quickly. Then again, she isn't up to her usual self isn't she?" The General skimmed scroll after scroll before levitating them over to his shelf with a sigh. "And there's nothing going on with the kingdom right now…trouble wise, I say it's peaceful."

With no notice the giant Messenger nudged at the sling enough to topple the General over with a quick yelp, giant tail wagging about and making the room shake and tremble for some moments before Raishou lifted himself off the floor.

"Hm….Fluffy, you know when Midna's irritated she doesn't like the idea of us going outside. Then again, if she's too distracted…"

Fluffy only came closer and had its hair-like tentacles tickle at the sides of his owner, making him easily give in as he carried him atop his head.

"Alright…just for a little while, but you know the drill. Keep the cloaking on, and if Midna hears of another 'earthquake' in the middle of the town, we'll both be locked up for a good while."


A voice echoed in the halls of a much different area; in its dark visage and macabre gargoyles and vicious monsters that seemed to occupy every corner ledge and pillar, it had a strange sense of royalty to such, as such fine décor could not possibly be done for one is isn't nobility. All such hidden in current darkness only lit by dim crackling torches, a lone robed figure passed through two grand double doors seemed to be completely made up of bone and chain.

"Lord Mørke…"

"Have you retrieved the stone as ordered?" The voice was bone chilling as it resounded, sounding between a hiss and a booming tone laced with silk and sewer water that could make the walls tremble if the being known as Lord Mørke spoke any louder.

"…we are searching for it as we speak sir."

"Searching? I would have assumed that one of your…ability would've had the stone in your grasp on your first attempt." The t at the end seemed to be emphasized as it echoed, the servant continuing to wear his guise of fearlessness.

"The Hero deceived us, but you need not worry sir. Your Warlord captured him and keeps him well in the cell. We shall extract as much information as we can in little time."

"Time…" Mørke seemed to drawl the word out, repeating it again, quicker and quicker, quieter and quieter before finally standing up. "Seems like it's always a matter of time…no matter. We shall have what we want soon enough. I've sent the Mistress to her mission, so you must continue on with your original."

"Yes…sire." With a bow, the figure walked back and out, not turning until the doors shut in front of him, leaving the supposed lord to go to his stained glass window that became transparent with a wave of a bandaged hand.

"Soon oh deities…soon you shall see how it feels to live in your own shadow. In my own."

The Twilight Princess was in no good a mood, muttering about of a goddess-forsaken group of idiots known as the council and so on and so forth. At such times she wished she was cursed back to her imp form, as at the very least she could lock herself in her room and drown in her own nostalgic memories of adventure.

"Your Highness-"


"Princess Midna."


"Your royalty-"

"Would you all shut up already?"

Midna was too unbelievably furious at the moments….actually; her head could resemble a blue tea pot with the whistling steam about to blow.

"Hey, mind if I take over the Realm?"

Midna was too blinded by her thoughts as she turned around and yelled at the speaker.

"Yes! Please! GO AHEAD! I DON'T CARE! Don't even trouble yourself with an army. In fact, just sit on the throne and start ordering around! BECAUSE ALL I WANT TO DO IS GET. SOME. REST!"

With that said, the princess angrily slammed the giant stoned door behind her, the message clear that she wished to be left alone…hm, no doubt she must've been deafened by her own thoughts as whether to decide or not the speaker was joking who was merely chuckling as soon as the door was completely closed.

"Ah Princess, if you were so troubled, why did you come back in the first place?" A effervescent chuckle escaped the speaker's voice before she turned about, stilettos tapping at the ground like a metronome keeping a beat.

Almost immediately one of Midna's guards came to the stranger that just came, spear to her throat.

"Halt intruder! What is your business here?"

"Is that any way to welcome a lady?"

Without any warning the guard was flung out the window, no sound allowed to escape as he seemed to disappear the moment he was out.

"Now then, where was that throne room again?"

Despite her position and age and experience, no doubt Midna still had ways to go to deal with the stress of ruling an entire kingdom again…

"Knock knock." Bandaged hands knocked at the door.

"Go away…" Despite the groaning plead muffled out by her pillow, the visitor came in anyways.

"Well that went perfectly well. Before you know it, you'll call your men to execution the council."

"What is it Araceli?" Midna grumbled as she finally sat up to the bowing soldier.

Many leaders from the Light Realm would lesser consider any sort of female a fighter (not including their Queen of course, but then again she needs guards for a reason). Not Raishou. With his Highness sibling, he has more than enough female sorcerers of Twili magic about to help in his armada. Araceli was given the highest of honors to lead the group of specialized warriors who are controlled only by the Queen's orders unless told otherwise.

Though her beauty couldn't compare to that of Midna's, her own gave meaning to 'subtle but deadly', with fair sky blue locks that grazed beneath her ears that bore various silver hoops. A gypsy like armored garb of black, silver and lavender upon her, such was accompanied by sashes of contrasting darkness and light, and much slack pants with combat boots that protected her legs from the knee down. Her silver eyes of glowing indigo pupils bore sincerity and seriousness as she observed her Highness form the doorframe.

"You seem troubled." The guard announced bluntly.

"No, really? I thought I'd be fine and peachy if I'm in my room screaming out of frustration to my heart's content." Sarcasm responded with sarcasm.

"Well, are you done yet?"

"No." That said, Midna continued back with her pillow and went on for about another 5 minutes before she caught her breath again.

"…how about now?"



"How many times have I told you not to call me that when no one's around?"

"Force of habit."

"Please don't tell me you came here just to annoy you. I've got enough on my mind." Midna scoffed, eyes toward the outside at the balcony, doors wide open to the mystifying Realm of Twilight she now owns once again.

"…Why in such a state? In less than a year we were able to undo the damage done by the Dark Lord and the Usurper, and undo the curse on most of our people. Why choose now to have an episode on the meaning of your existence?"

"Ha ha. Because I can have my episode. I'm the ruler of this place! And you shouldn't be back talking me!"

"And yet I'm still here, still in one piece." Araceli's callous expression never flinched.

"…what are you doing here again?" Midna had no doubt it was about time to change the subject.

"Well, since you asked a bit nicer, I came with the usual report but there is something interesting that just came up."

"Please, anything that doesn't seems as normal as things are."

"…someone has challenged you for your throne and the kingdom, and all of its people and property. As soon as possible."

"...and you didn't tell me this the first time why?"

"You were having an episode right?"

"...shut up."

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