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I grabbed my annoying alarm clock and threw it at the wall. Ugh! That's the fifth alarm clock I've broken this month! I'm gonna be late for training if I don't hurry up. I get up and take a shower. I put on a sports bra and sweatpants. I grab my gym bag and run out my room.

"I'm here!" I shouted.

"Late like always," Dimitri said exasperated.

"I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?" I asked and kissed him. He kissed me back until we finally pulled back because we ran out of breath.

"Yes, you're forgiven," he responded. "But you still have to do laps," he smirked and laughed at the face I made.

"Fine," I said and ran out the gym.

After I finished my laps I came inside and saw Dimitri setting up the practice mats.

"So what are we doing now?" I ask him.

"We're sparring," he answered.

Without warning he kicked me. I knew all his moves and he knew all my moves. I knew I had one advantage over him. I pulled his head down and kissed him. He let his guard down and I took that opportunity to pin him down. By the time he finally noticed what was happening I had "staked" him.

"How was that, Comrade?" I asked him smiling.

"That was not nice, Roza," he said and kissed me.

"Not now Comrade I need to go to class," I told him after we pulled away.

"Since when do you care about going to class," he said and let me go. I just grinned and walked out.

I left the gym and went to my room. I changed and went down to the cafeteria and looked for Lissa. I saw her at a table with the rest of the gang. I grabbed a couple of donuts and went to sit down.

"So what's up?" I asked everyone. They had immediately shut up when they saw me.

"Nothing we're just talking about your love life," Adrian said.

"Adrian! You weren't supposed to tell her!" Lissa exclaimed. I looked at Lissa waiting for an answer.

"It's just that you never date anymore and I was thinking that you and Adrian should go out," Lissa said.

"Liss, I'm just busy with training. And I would never date Adrian," I stated.

"Why? You should give him a chance," Lissa said.

"Nope never going to happen," I said.

"I'm still here!" Adrian exclaimed. We shut up and I started to eat.

"So Eddie, do we still have to do field experience?" I asked Eddie.

"Ya, Alberta made an announcement today while you were training," Eddie said.

"Oh," I replied.

"So Pyro, shouldn't we start going to class?" I asked Christian since he was my charge.

"Sure, Buffy," he replied. I ignored him and got up. We walked out the cafeteria and headed to class. On our way we were stopped by the two biggest jerks ever. Jesse and Ralph.

"What do you two want," I growled.

"Nothing, just passing by. Anyway who's you're boy toy now? Ivashkov?" Jesse asked. I couldn't believe what he just said! I punched him in the gut and he clutched his stomach. He groaned in pain as I punched him again.

"Miss Hathaway! What is going on here?" I heard someone shout. I turned around and saw Alberta heading toward us.

"She attacked me for no reason, Guardian Petrov," the jerk said. Eddie was pulling me away from Jesse and Ralph was standing far away from the fight.

"You fucking liar!" I shouted at him and tore out of Eddies grip. I punched him again before anyone could retrain me. Someone grabbed me and pulled me back. I didn't know who grabbed me till I smelt his aftershave. I relaxed into his arms and let him pull me away.

"Take her to Kirova's office!" Alberta shouted at Dimitri. He dragged me to Kirova's with me screaming at him not to take me there.

"Dimitri! Please don't take me to her! She's gonna expel me!" I whined. Before I knew it I was sitting down facing a very pissed off Kirova.

"Miss Hathaway you do realize that what you just can't get you kicked out," the Bitch said calmly.

"What! You can't kick me out! I'm supposed to be Lissa's Guardian after graduation!" I shouted.

"Calm down Miss Hathaway. I never said I was going to kick you out. Instead I'm transferring you to another school until graduation. Once it's graduation you can come back and become Lissa's Guardian," she said. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding.

"So you aren't gonna expel me?" I asked. I couldn't get my head around the fact that Kirova wasn't gonna expel me.

"No, now go to your room and pack your stuff," she said. I got up and left her office with Dimitri following me. We walked in silence until we reached my room.

"Roza, I'm going to miss you so much," he said.

"Don't worry I'll be back for graduation. Its only 2 months away," I said.

"I know," he sighed and hugged me.

"Anyway do you know where she's sending me?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. I t might be St. Peters Academy in Florida," he said.

"In Florida?" I asked. How could Moroi even survive in Florida?

"Yes, not many Moroi go there. The school is mostly made up of Dhampirs," he explained.

"Oh," was all I said.

"Hey I want you to promise me that you aren't going to fall in love with some hot kid from Florida," he teased.

"Don't worry I have my own Russian here," I grinned. He chuckled and we started to pack. In about an hour we had finished and had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted.

"So, Comrade, what do we do now?" I asked.

"I have a shift now so you can go find Lissa. I'll see you soon," he said and kissed me Once we broke away he said bye and left my room.

I followed soon after I had brushed my hair and redone my makeup. Once I stepped outside the dorm everyone started to whisper and stare at me.

"Hey Hathaway is it true you got expelled?" I heard Jesse say.

"No I didn't. I'm just leaving till graduation and I'm gonna be so happy I don't have to see your ugly face anymore," I said and walked away before I hurt him.

I found Lissa and the gang in the cafeteria.

"Hey what's up?" I asked.

"Rose!" Lissa shouted and tackled me. We both fell to the ground laughing.

"So what happened after Guardian Belikov took you away?" Lissa asked me after we stood up.

"He took me to Kirova's office," I said.

"And?" Christian asked. "What else happened?" he asked impatiently.

"Kirova's sending me to a school in Florida," I sighed.

"You're leaving! But you're supposed to be my Guardian!" she exclaimed.

"Don't worry Lissa. I'm coming back for graduation to be your Guardian," I explained.

"Oh," she sighed in relief.

"So, how this is my last day here until graduation how about we skip class and go play Truth or Dare in Adrian's room," I suggested. Amazingly Lissa agreed and we all went to Adrian's room.

We sat in a circle Lissa and Eddie sitting next to me. Christian was sitting next to Lissa and Adrian was next to Eddie.

"So who goes first?" Lissa asked.

"ME!" Christian and I shouted at the same time. I glared at him and he mumbled something saying I could go first.

"Christian, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Dare," he said confidently.

"I dare you to give Adrian a strip tease down to your boxers," I said laughing at his face.

"What!" Adrian and Christian exclaimed.

"And I'm going to tape it," I said pulling out my iPhone. "Okay Adrian go sit down on a chair while Christian gives you a strip tease," I got up and put a chair in the middle of the room. Adrian got up and sat down on the chair. Lissa gave me her Itouch and I put it in Adrian's speakers. Christian got up and started to dance as the song came up and I started to tape it.

My chick bad

My chick hood

My chick do stuff dat ya chick wish she could


My chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

My my chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

My my my chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

Christian started to dance moving his hips in a circle. Both of them had a disgusted look on their face.

Listen I'm saying my chick bad

My chick hood

My chick do stuff that your chick wish she could

My chick bad, badder than yours

My chick do stuff that I can't even put in words

Her swagger don't stop

Her body won't quit

So fool pipe down you ain't talkin bout shit

My chick bad, tell me if you seen her

She always bring the racket like Venus and Serena

All white top, all white belt

And all white jeans, body looking like milk

No time for games, she's full grown

My chick bad, tell your chick to go home

Now he was taking his shirt off and trailing his hands down Adrian's chest. They looked like they were going to puke.

My chick bad

My chick hood

My chick do stuff dat ya chick wish she could


My chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

My my chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

My my my chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

Now he was taking his belt off. He put his belt around Adrian's neck and pulled his head down.

Now your girl might be sick but my girl sicker

She rides that dick and she handles her liquor

She knock a bitch out aaaand fight

Coming out swinging like Tiger Woods wife

Yeah she could get a little hasty

Chicks better cover up they chests like pasty's

Couple girl friends and they all a little crazy

Coming down the street like a parade Macy's

I fill her up balloons

Test her and guns get drawn like cartoons

Doh, but I aint talkin bout homer

Chick so bad the whole crew wanna bone her

Christian was slowly pulling his pants down.

Yo, yo now (now, now, now, now) all these bitches wanna try and be my besty

But I take a left and leave them hanging like a testi

Trash talk to em then I put em in a hefty

Running down a court Im dunkin on them Lisa Leslie

It's going down, basement, Friday the 13th guess who's playing Jason

Tuck yourself in you better hold on to your teddy

It's nightmare on Elm street and guess who's playing Freddy

(My chick bad)

Chef cooking for me, they say my shoe game crazy

The mental Asylum looking for me

You a rookie to me

I'm in dat wam bam purple Lam' damn bitch you been a fan.

Christian was now dancing in his boxers.

My chick bad

My chick hood

My chick do stuff dat ya chick wish she could


My chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

My my chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

My my my chick bad, badder (badder) than yours

And When We All Alone (I might just tip her) she slides down the pole (Like a certified stripper)

And When We All Alone (I might just tip her) she slides down the pole (Like a certified stripper)

And When We All Alone (I might just tip her) she slides down the pole (Like a certified stripper)

And When We All Alone (I might just tip her) she slides down the pole (Like a certified stripper)

Christian was sitting on Adrian's lap by the end of the song. When the song ended he got up and put his clothes one.

"Ugh. That was the worst thing I've ever had to do," he said. Eddie and I were rolling on the floor laughing. Lissa was just chuckling.

"Oh this is so going on YouTube!" I exclaimed.

"No!" Adrian and Christian shouted trying to get my phone. I just locked it and put it in my pocket.

"Okay Christian your turn," Lissa said.

"Adrian truth or dare?" he asked.

"Dare," Adrian said,

"I dare you to make out with the first person you see outside," Christian said. Well that was lame.

"Okay that's easy," Adrian said getting up.

"Wait that's not all, you have to go outside in lingerie," Christian added. There's the Christian we all know and hate.

Lissa left to go get Adrian something to wear. When she came back she gave the lingerie to Adrian and he went into the bathroom to get changed. He came out 5 minutes later wearing a corset, a bra and his boxers.

"Okay Adriana lets go," Christian smirked.

They walked out the room and into the hall. We followed them and I taped it. We kept on walking until we ran into someone.


"Mr. Ivashkov what are you doing," Stan exclaimed. Instead of answering, Adrian kissed him roughly. I laughed and started taping it. I can't believe what was happening! Stan started to kiss him back! And I was getting it on tape! Adrian was trying to pull away, but Stan just kissed him harder.

"Wow Stan, I didn't know you played for the other team," I said. Stan stopped kissing Adrian and looked up at me shocked when he saw the camera in my hand.

"Hathaway I demand that you delete that video now!" Stan shouted, his face getting red.

"No way this is to funny!" I exclaimed and ran back to Adrian's room with every one following me. When we got back Eddie and I fell onto the floor laughing.

"That… was… hilarious…" I got out in between breaths.

"I… know…" Eddie said and started laughing again.

"Both of you stop, laughing!" Adrian shouted at us his face red in embarrassment and anger. That only made us laugh harder. After we finally stopped laughing I announced I was going to sleep because I had to get up early tomorrow. This reminded Lissa that I was leaving and made her start crying.

"It's okay Liss. I'll be back in a couple of months," I said hugging her trying to calm her down.

"I know that, it's just that I'm gonna, miss you so much," she said still sobbing. I comforted her and she calmed down.

"Well I better go," I said and left the room. I walked back to my room and got in bed. A while later I felt someone get in bed next to me. I was about to scream when I smelt his aftershave. I turned around and saw Dimitri staring at me lovingly.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too," he whispered back and I snuggled into his chest. Feeling protected in his arms I immediately fell asleep.

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