Chapter 1 - Surprise

As I sat nervously on the chair of Chief Strauss' office thinking of what may I have done. Chief Strauss re-enter her office and sat down on her chair.

"Well Miss Swan I know you don't why I called you here, and you may thinking it's a bad news but it's not actually." She said.

"Then what am I doing here?" I ask politely.

"I'm sure you already heard about your father's loss, and I wanted you to work on his team as a gift, because I know you haven't seen him for a long period of time" she declared.

"Seriously, you wanted me to work for him?" I ask surprisingly.

"Yes seriously, I want you to meet me at my office in Quantico at 8:30am on Monday, understood?" she ask.

"Yeah, definitely and thank you so much" I said excitedly.

"That's all, you may leave." She said turning to her computer.

"Thank you so much again" I said as I exit her office.

I haven't seen my dad for a while since mom and dad fight. But I will impressed him mke him proud to be my father.

I know it's really short because it's the first chapter and it's my first time to write a story. I hope you love I really like a bella/spencer story. I just turn thirteen so I think that I can start writing my own stories because I have a lot ideas in my head. I will update soon!