Chapter 4 – First Day

As the sun goes up I started to get ready for my new work. I hope they really like me there. I take a short shower; the warmth of the water is very relaxing. After that I brush my teeth making sure my breath smells fresh. It's really hard to pick a great outfit for your first day at work to impress your new boss and co-worker. I settle with slacks and Caribbean blue ruffled blouse, for shoes I pick black strappy high heels.

I got out of my room and went to kitchen. I've got some bagel and nothing else besides the pizza last night. I drink a little milk and go get my with my laptop and documents I needed and put it in my violet messenger bag. I check the time in my blackberry, its 8:00. I still have a half hour. I got to the garage and find my car quickly. I already look for the direction to the BAU Headquarters, so I know where it is. Surprisingly, there's no much traffic so I arrived early there's a young red head girl at the reception.

"Hi I'm Isabella Swan; I'm supposed to meet Chief Strauss in 8:00." I said.

"Oh yeah, you should go to the top floor and asked for the directions there" she said with a fake smile and go to her typing in the computer.

I turn to leave without any thank you. I found the elevator quickly go to the top floor. When I got there, there is a brunette girl in the front desk.

"Hi I'm Isabella Swan, I'm supposed to meet Chief Strauss in 8:00" I said with a smile.

"Just go straight to that door and knock" she said politely.

I follow her direction and go straight to the big mahogany door. I knock for a few times.

"Come in." Chief Strauss yells.

"Good Morning, Chief Strauss" I said with a small smile. There are a lot of papers and folders at her desk, look like she's very busy.

"Good Morning Miss Swan, you may sit. Do you want something, coffee or water?" she asked but not looking up from what she's reading.

"No thanks I'm good" I said as I sit down carefully.

"Well do you have all of your documents?" she asked, finally looking from whatever she's reading.

"Yeah I've got it" I said quickly

"Well just follow me were going to your new office" she said seriously and get out of her seat and go straight for the door. I follow without hesitating.

A few minutes after that we enter some kind of office full of people. Everyone is staring at us. I saw David Rossi and he's talking to some American-African guy, who I presume is SSA Derek Morgan. But when they saw us they stop talking. I just follow Chief Strauss to the office with a name on the door that says AARON HOTCHNNER. This is it! There is no backing up. The doors open and it reveal my father. It's like he hadn't age a year. Well maybe a little bit, but it's like yesterday when I last saw him.

"Daddy?" I said without thinking. "I'm sorry" looking to Chief Strauss.

"Wait, Bella is that you?" he said like he just saw a ghost. "What are you doing here?" he said, totally ignoring Chief Strauss.

"That is I want to talk about" she said smiling. "Do you mind if take this inside?" she asked.

"Sure, I'm sorry by the way" dad said letting us come in.

"I'm here to tell you that your daughter, Miss Swan is going to work on your team" she said seriously while sitting in one of the chair in front of the desk.

"Really?" he asked "I didn't know anything about this, you can sit Bella, by the way" he gesture at the other chair across Chief Strauss.

"Thank you" I said sitting on the chair.

"Well it's supposed to be surprised you know, so she's is going to start now" she said "Well I have to get going by the way, so I hope you can handle it from it" she said standing up.

"Yes we can take it from here, thank you" he said guiding her to the door.

I stand up and follow them outside the door.

"Follow me I'm going to introduce you to the others" he said while walking, then he stop at the front of a blonde girl who I assume is SSA Jennifer Jareau. "JJ can you call everyone at the conference room?" he asked but didn't wait for her answer. I just follow him to the conference room. When we got there he turn to me "Bella I miss you so much" then he hugged me.

"I miss you too, so much" I said hugging him back.

"Hey Hotch I thought-" she finally look up and us "Oh I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" she said shock.

"No its okay, we can wait for the others" he said pulling away from me.

I think she's SSA Emily Prentiss "Okay" she said confusedly

After a few minutes the others arrived. Every one of them looks at me weird, but I give them a polite smile.

"Okay, its look like everyone is here" looking to them "This is SSA Isabella Swan she's going to work with us from now on" he said seriously

"Hi I'm Penelope Garcia, I'm the technical analyst." She said smiling to me. "I like your blouse by the way" she added. Then the blond girl who I think is SSA Jaraeu turn to me

"Hi I'm Jennifer Jaraeu I'm the team media liaison" she said shaking my hands. "You can call me JJ by the way" she added.

"You can call me Bella" I said smiling to her.

"I'm Emily Prentiss" the dark hair woman who first arrived said.

"Nice to meet you" I said

"I'm Elle Greenaway" the tall short dark hair woman said.

"I'm Derek Morgan" the guy I saw talking to David Rossi.

"David Rossi" he nod at me. I smile at him.

"And I'm Jason Gideon, I kind of remember you from the academy." He said

"I remember you too" I said

"I'm Dr. Spencer Reid"


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