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I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while! I've had terrible writers block with this story, so I'm changing it up.

Yes, it will still be a Harry and Hermione Veela story, but it's not going to be one of those quick get-together stories. It'll be much more longer and a lot darker than I originally planned.

Soooo, yeeaaahh..I hope you guys like it!


Chapter 1

October 31st 1981- Birth Of Hermione Malfoy….Death Of the Potters

Every pureblood on the dark side of the war had come to see the glorious, new-born Malfoy girl. The grand hall was coated in a sea of black cloaks and silver coloured masks that talked in hushed tones, and glanced around nervously. Even though this should have been a time of celebration, Tension was thick in the air. Everyone was on edge, scared the Order would burst in any moment. Narcissa Malfoy sat in the gold coloured thrown, beaming down at the pink bundle in her arms. Her husband, a very handsome man, looked tried a worn out due to the pressures of the war. But every once in a while, when he glanced down at his daughter, the weary expression would fade and be replaced with a prideful, joyous look.

As tradition for many years, the men came to congratulate Lucius, clapping him on the back, laughing stiffly. The women fussed over Narcissa and the baby, cooing and some even tearing up. Little Draco, giggled happily in the arms of his aunty, Bellatrix Lestrange, who made funny faces at her nephew and tickled him occasionally.

Suddenly, the doors to the grand hall burst open and a furious gush of wind swooped in making cloaks, dresses and curtains swirl. Everyone fell to the floor, bowing low as a dark hooded figure stepped into the room. Dark magic embraced the person like a second skin, clinging to their aura. He glided into the room and made his way to the Malfoy's

"Arise" He spoke, and almost instantly everyone was on their feet.

"Let me see the child Narcissa" He commanded to the woman shaking nervously. Narcissa glanced at her husband, who nodded at her. She slowly got up, and placed the baby in the waiting arms of the Dark Lord.

Voldemort glanced down at the baby, and if wasn't for the hood that covered his entire face, everyone would have witness the vast emotion that clouded his unusually blank face. The moment those beautiful, silver eyes blinked innocently up at the cold blooded killer, something melted the icy demeanour of the Dark Lord. He hesitantly caressed her soft, red cheeks; the baby giggled and latched on to finger of the Dark lord who smiled for the first time in years.

"Have you name her yet Lucius" he asked, never taking his eyes of the child.

Lucius coughed nervously "Um…no m-master".

The Dark Lord grinned and with gentleness, people never knew he possessed, he held the child into the air and bellowed "All hail Hermione Malfoy, My god daughter" gasps erupted from the crowed, before everyone burst into applause. However no-one notice the frantic, worried looked that passed between Narcissa and Lucius at that moment.

For the second time that night, the doors burst open, interrupting the intimate gathering. The Lestrange brothers staggered in, roughly pulling in a short, stumpy young man who was crying hysterically, trying to escape.

The Dark Lord passed baby Hermione back to her parents and addressed the weepy man "Ah, welcome Peter. Lovely for you to join us' This only made the man cry harder, trying to break free from the strong grip of the Lestrange brothers.

Everyone moved backed, knowing to give the dark lord some space in these types of situations.

"You know what we want" Dark Lord slowly started to circle Pettigrew "All you have to do is tell us where the Potters are"

The whimpering increased "I can't-

"CRUCIO" Loud cries immediately erupted, Narcissa cringed, she grabbed her 1 year old son and new born daughter and exited the room unable to watch the horrific scenes.

"I'm going to ask you one more time" Voldemort said, after he stopped the curse "Where are the Potters?"

The sad pathetic man looked up at the most feared wizard in the world and knew if he didn't tell him, he'll surely die today. And as a young man barely over the age of 20, blossoming out of youth and into adulthood, He wasn't ready to die.

With a heavy amount of regret on his heart, He spoke "Godric's Hollow. Their at Godric Hollow"

The Dark Lord smirked and walked towards the door

"Would you like us to accompany you Master?" Rebastian asked.

" No, This will only take a moment" And with that, the Dark Lord left.