Chapter 3-Hermione Malfoy POV

Since he's been back, this is the first time he's summoned me…personally. Usually, my father would bring me to the meetings and from the corners of my peripheral vision, I would find him staring, always staring at me. But never did he utter a word, nor could I ever interpret the emotion behind those inky, coal coloured eyes. And this made me nervous, I prided myself in being able to read people very easily, from their body movements and the emotion they displayed. But with the Dark Lo-I mean, with my God-father, I couldn't-

"Hermione" My head snapped up to find my aunty staring at me with a cold, calculating look on her face. I studied her openly, looking at her undernourished form, tangled, messy hair and the blank look that seemed to grace her face every day. Azkaban did a number on her I thought.

"Have I not taught you anything child!" she hissed and I mentally cringed but refused to show any weakness, just like she taught me. I straighten my back and stared ahead as she circled me slowly.

"You were unaware of my presence" she scolded and the hairs on the back of my neck stood and I resist the temptation to shudder in fear. Shit, she's right. I wasn't paying attention. "Constant vigilance Hermione! Always be focused and aware of your surroundings"

I nodded and apologised. She stared at me and suddenly burst out laughing, cackling loudly. My face stayed neutral, not surprised by her sudden outburst. Crazy bitch.

"Come on Hermione, you're coming with us" I stared at her in confusion

"Mother said the Dark Lord wanted to see me"

She summoned my death eater uniform and threw it at me "Put it on, I'm sure Master won't mind" She grinned, and then proceeded to skip down the corridor.

"Aunty, where are we going exactly?"

"I killed Sirius Black" She sang loudly, giggling crazily, before running out.

Azkaban seriously did a number on her.

Harry Potter POV-At The Burrow

I clutched my belly and vomited the content of my stomach into the bucket on the side of the bed. Moaning I rolled back, leaning into the wet cloth that Mrs Weasley was dapping on my forehead, relishing the feel of the icy cold sensation that soothed the fiery wildfire, burning inside of me.

"How long till the transformation is complete?" Through the blank canvas that was enshrouding my mind, the familiar voice of Mr Weasley asked the question I desperately wanted to know.

A tidal wave of agony raced through my body, and I cried out, twisting and convulsing as it every sensitive part of my body.

"He should be finished soon, I can smell the veela within him becoming more dominate" a soft voice spoke, but I couldn't recognise it through the pain

"I thought if the Veela's mate was around during the transformation, it helps sooth them" Mrs Weasley began sadly "So, that means Ginny isn't-"

A sweet, floral scent invaded my sense, making my eyes roll to the back my head in pleasure. Every ounce of muscle in my body hardened painfully, yearning to be closer to the exotic scent.

With a sudden burst of energy I sat up, breathing heavily "She's here"

Shouts and screams erupted from downstairs and everyone was on their feet, wands at the ready.

Fred burst in, looking shaken "Quick, Death Eaters are here!"

Hermione Malfoy POV

I watched as my Aunty conjured the Fiendfyre Curse and a huge swirling serpent like flame, twirled and surrounded the pathetic excuse for a house.

Excitement bubbled inside, fueling my desire to be involved. A sea of redheaded people came rushing out the house, gasping at the scene in front of them. Smiling cruelly, I raised my wand and cast the crucio curse at the nearest one, grinning when I heard them cry out in pain. Aunty Bella smiled proudly at me, she took my hand and we took off running into a huge maze like field, with Greyback and 2 other death eaters hot on our tail.

"I killed Sirius Black" She taunted loudly, turning left, and running in the other direction. I giggled and carried on running, loving the feel of the wind whipping through my hair. Shouts increased and loud thundering footsteps echoed from behind me. Something caught my eye and I slowed down. Ah, the Weasley girl has come to join the partyI grinned mischievously and quietly moved closer to the girl, loving when she whimpered in fear and moved back sensing my presence.

"Harry?" I laughed internally Aw; she's calling for her dirty half-blood lover. How sweet!

I pulled my wand out and stepped out of the bushes that had camouflaged me from her view, making sure the hood covered my face completely.

Her gasp of fear spiked my growing excitement. I'm going to have fun playing with you.

With a curse on the tip of my tongue, I was ready to kill this bitch and move on.

I never saw him, I didn't even hear him. He was as silent as the shadows of the night. He tackled me to the ground with the force of a thousand men, nearly knocking me unconscious.

"HARRY" The blood traitor cried out as we continued to tumble through the heavy foliage.

The Chosen One growled viciously, sniffing and purring struggling to keep me under him. Holding back an annoyed snarl, I focused on my training with Aunty Bella, I tried to remember everything she taught me. An idea clicked into my head and with as much force as I could muster, I kicked him hard in the balls and elbowed him in the face. Relieved when he released a loud grunt and weakened his hold on me, which gave me enough time to wiggle out from underneath him and break free. But he's was too fast and within seconds, I was back underneath him. FUCK!

"Look at me" he commanded and for the first time in my life, I finally laid eyes on the boy who managed to nearly kill my God Father.

Everything seemed to slow down. Time froze, and the natural sounds of the night, the chattering of insects, the squawking of birds collided with the loud crackling of the fire, the yells, the shrieks and the malicious laughter, becoming one numbing sound in the background, almost completely non-existed.

And during that moment, I finally realized why he was the star in every girl's fantasy. He had roughly tousled hair, which stood up in many different directions giving him a dangerous, bad boy look. Sharp, well defined cheek bones and full, generous lips that every girl dreamed of kissing which were now pulled back into a feral snarl.

And those eyes, oh wow, those gorgeous emerald eyes where enough to make me weak in the knees. He glared at me, a fierce, primal look that knocked the breath out of me.

He raised his hand and pulled the hood of my head, exposing my face. Somewhere at the back of my mind, a voiced screamed at me to go, get out as quickly as possible. But I was too captivated by the male above me to listen.

He shuddered and purred "So beautiful" he whispered before slowly leaning down "My mate"

My eyes widened at those words and everything came roaring back to life.

"Stupefy!" Harry's eyes rolled to the back of his head before he collapsed on top of me. I winced at the heavy impact of his body on mine and rolled out from underneath him. I coughed and looked up at my aunty whose faces was blank and unreadable.

"Aunt Bell-

"SILENCE!" She shrieked and I cringed, unable to stop the naturally reaction and looked down submissively, knowing it was the best thing to do in this situation. Great, now I'm in for it.

She circled Harry, kicking him hard in the stomach "Hmmm you're his Veela mate" She grinned at me while I stared back in confusion. Veela?

"Master will be very pleased with this information"