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A/N: Hehe, girls here we go again, think that you're Yuna here, OK~! So, let's start the story…

Sora, Goofy, and Donald where traveling worlds. Defeating heartlesses, and most especially, meeting new people, friends and comrades.

While they where traveling, they came to a place called "The Keyblade Graveyard"…

Sora: What a lonely place…

Donald: I'll say there's nobody here.

Goofy: Ahyuck, your wrong there Donald, look!

Goofy pointed his finger in a high-up mountain. His finger was pointing to an unknown girl with long black hair looking from afar. A small portion of her hair was tied-up in a bun while the left-over hairs flow down to her waist. She has a white polo shirt for the inside top and a black sleeveless buttoned shirt for the outside top (like a waitress top). She has a black skirt being secured by a white belt with a chain as a design. She has high-heeled boots(like boots of a pirate girl), and for the finishing touch, she has a golden heart necklace with little diamond designs. And WALA! A beautiful, cute and adorable girl for eyes to see!

Goofy: Ain't she perty, Ahyuck~!

Donald: I'll say… Wait, what did I said?

Sora: Well now that we're here and she's here, let's introduce ourselves!( Sora said with a large grin as he towards the mountain where the girl was)

Donald: HEY!

Goofy: Sora, wait up!

Sora: Hey miss, I'm Sora what's your-!

The unknown girl ran fast inside a nearby cave leaving Sora speechless…

Sora: What the hell is the matter with that girl! I'm just asking her name nicely!

Goofy: Gawsh, don't be angry Sora! She must be scared of seeing other people her.

Donald: Well, she shouldn't be! This place is where keybladers fight so she should be used to it! Why I outta-!

Sora: Looks like your more angrier than me! Let's just follow her and ask her personally.

To Be Continued…