"I can't believe it!" Red hissed, his eyes glowing like embers in his anger and his claws curling dangerously at his sides. "Does he have any idea how out of line that was? He could have killed us! Does he even realize what he did?"

"I dunno, but we could deactivate him for that,"said Purple. He clutched a plastic bucket that had been provided by a service drone to his chest. He sill felt a little sick, but not so much anymore now that he had emptied his insides into the pail, though he'd hold on to it a little longer in case he got sick again.

Technicians stood at their posts faithfully, pressing buttons and eying monitors. The system was stable now, but they needed to be sure that the ship's new power cell was safe. They couldn't be to careful after what they had just been put through. It had been the first time an Irken of the esteemed Invader status had ever done something so blatantly disobedient or dangerous. But no one could truthfully say they were surprised. It was Zim who had done it after all.

"And we should!" growled the crimson-eyed emperor. "I thought our troubles with him were through when we sent him off to Earth, but apparently that wasn't enough. If Zim can take control of the Massive all the way from over there, then we're not safe anywhere. He's just too dangerous and unpredictable to be kept alive."

Purple nodded slowly in agreement and set his bucket down on a control panel that wasn't in use. He'd still keep it close by, though, in case he needed it. "You know what I think? I think we should send him some help."

Red blinked at him, the anger in his face replaced by confusion. "You want to send a shrink to planet Earth?"

Purple laughed out loud and slapped his knee as if it were the funniest thing that had ever been said. Several of the technicians who had been listening in on their conversation chuckled as well. "Of course not, crazy head! But what if we sent an assassin over there disguised as reinforcement? Just think about it. Zim would let them in his base, and then Pow! Right when his guard is down they'll slice his head clean off with their Pak legs! What do you think? Huh? Huh?"

"That's excellent, Purple!" Shouted Red. A big toothy smile spread across his face, and his eyes narrowed with malice. "But who to send? Zim went to Hobo13 and survived. Only an elite Irken Invader could beat him, and all of them have been assigned to conquer planets already."

"Oh we could find somebody to do it. There are tons of really good assassins from planet Tonosis. I mean, they cost a bunch, but they're really, really good."

Red nodded thoughtfully and slowly stroked his chin with his silver talons. "Yeah, but Tonovians aren't Irkens. I mean, they're green and they have antennae, but the similarities end there. No one could be fooled into thinking they were sent from us."

"Zim could!" Chirped Purple, but Red ignored him.

"Plus, don't the Tonovians hate us for beating them to conquering Vort? They'll probably kill us while our backs are turned."

"Ooh, you're probably right about that..."

A small ping from the computer made both of the tallest jump.

"Sirs, a transmission from planet Evastan," one of the technicians informed politely. "Accept the call?"

"Fine," said Red.

The giant monitor flashed to life, displaying the face of an Irken woman. Her emerald skin was smooth over her neutral cheekbones and pointed chin, and it was made clear from the dark look in her indigo eyes that she was not happy.

"Invader Fuz reporting for duty, sirs."She said in a soft yet dignified voice.

Both of the tallest felt their spooches tighten.

"I called to report that I was not given a spot in Operation Impending Doom. In fact, I was not even informed of the operation until it had already started. Is there any reason I have not been kept to date, or was it an honest mistake?"

"Uhh..." Purple thought nervously for something to say. Thankfully he wasn't expected to.

"I tried not make a big deal about it, but I've just been informed of another attempt at the same operation, and I still was not invited to the Great Assigning. Tallests, have I done something wrong? Do you not trust me?"

"Oh we trust you," said Red as he took advantage of the situation. "We were just unable to contact you. It must have been a glitch in the system. We formally apologize for the inconvenience."

Fuz didn't seem convinced. She narrowed her midnight eyes at him, but didn't address the lie verbally.

"In fact, we have a mission for you, if you will accept it." continued the tallest. "A very dangerous invader has committed treason and actually attempted to kidnap us by taking control of our ship. We need someone to eliminate him before he can cause anymore damage."

Fuz's antennae perked with interest, and her eyes brightened. "And who is this outlaw?"

"Zim." Purple told her, having caught on to Red's idea. "You know about him, right"

Fuz shook her head. "I have been standing by on planet Evastan since my last mission, and I have received very little news from Irk. I was beginning to think you had forgotten me, or else put me away and pretended to forget me." As her eyes narrowed with distrust and suspicion, both tallest gave nervous chuckles as if to say the very idea was ridiculous.

"Zim is basically a defective. He keeps destroying stuff and messing stuff up." Explained the violet tallest. "He killed Tallest Miyuki, you know."

"No. Miyuki was eaten by a monster."

"Yeah. A monster that Zim created." He paused for a moment. "And it ate Spork too, but no body cares about him."

Red intervened, using is left arm to push his brother behind him. "Basically the situation is that Zim isn't really an invader, but he thinks he is. We told him that he had a secret mission on some planet really far away called Earth, but we really just want him out of the way where he can't hurt anybody. We'll tell him that we're sending you as a reinforcement. Then when he least expects it, you take him out."

Fuz nodded with a thoughtful frown. "Very well, my tallest, I accept the mission. I will avenge Tallest Miyuki."

"And Spork." Red added with a glare at his brother.

"And Spork. I shall report again when I arrive at Earth. Until then, Invader Fuz checking out."

The screen went blank and the tallest visibly relaxed, slumping forward. For a long while they just stood there staring at the monitor, their antennae lifted only slightly from their regular position.

"You know, I had actually forgotten about her." Breathed Purple.

"Yeah me too..." mumbled Red as he leaned back and rubbed his antennae nervously. "Somebody bring some more donuts!"

The tallest both laughed a little bit as they watched a table-headed service drone jump up in alarm, antennae standing on end, and scurry towards them, holding a big bowl of donuts upon his crown. Purple snatched it from him and placed it on the control panel so that he and his older brother could devour them.

"To the Irken Empire!" toasted Red. "And to Zim's destruction!"


And the tallests, tapped their donuts together above their heads and took large, sugary bites.