I got this idea entirely by accident. I was extremely bored one day and decided to start putting clips of Tangled together into just a fan-made trailer focusing on the drama and emotion rather than the comedy. Then as it went on, the original story sort of disappeared and this plot came about. I kept telling myself "this is stupid. This is a stupid idea" but it wouldn't leave me alone, so here we go.

I normally am not a big fan of this type of genre, but like I said, this idea wouldn't leave me alone. I've got an ending in mind already. If I get enough positive feedback, I might actually finish it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Tangled. All rights to Disney. I'm just a hopeless romantic who dreams of owning all the amazing Disney movies.


"You were my new dream." Eugene's words could barely be heard as his last bit of strength was draining from his body.

Rapunzel would have been beyond happy if he had said that under normal circumstances, but now as he was dying in her arms, she felt that those words would be the last thing she would ever hear him speak. She held his hand close to her cheek, heart breaking.

"And you were mine," she whispered. It seemed like the right thing to say and it was entirely true. She had hoped for a future with him. She had allowed herself to dream of what it would be like to spend the rest of their lives together. A perfect life, away from Moth-Gothel, away from all their troubles. It would have been wonderful.

But now it seemed hopeless. She felt his hand go limp in her's and she could no longer hear him breathing. He was dead.

Once again, Rapunzel did not react in the way she expected herself to. She had thought she would throw herself on top of him and cry her eyes out, begging him to come back, but instead... she just sat there. Sat there staring at his lifeless face. She was in too much shock to do anything.

She wasn't sure how long she remained frozen, staring at him like she was, but she knew it must have been a long time because the next thing she knew, the sun was setting outside. The pink and orange glow washed over her, waking her from her trance.

Why was she not crying? She had completely baffled herself. She had cried when she thought she had betrayed Mo- Gothel, she had cried when she thought they were going to drown in that cave, she had cried when she thought that Eugene had left her with the crown. Now, the only person that mattered to her anymore was dead and she had not even shed a tear. Why?

She sighed, confused and pained by her lack of emotion. She forced herself to think rationally. She couldn't stay in the tower forever, but where could she go? She suddenly remembered the discovery she had made just a few hours ago. She was the lost princess. She would have to go back to the kingdom to her real parents. Where else could she go anyway?

She looked out the window. The sun was almost completely gone now. She would have to wait until morning before making her way back. She laid her head down on Eugene's cold, unmoving chest and closed her eyes. She didn't think she would fall asleep, but what else could she do? She wanted to be with him until the last possible moment.


It was dark. More than dark, it was completely black. Never had Eugene experienced so much blackness in his life. Where was he? What had happened? Oh yeah... he had been stabbed. Did that mean he had died? It must have.

He tried to move, but he couldn't. He seemed completely bound where he was, in the middle of the blackness. It was then that he realized that he did not have a body to move. Oh... Was he doomed to remain like this for all eternity? He had always pictured heaven or hell much differently. Heaven was all white and fluffy with lots of bright light. Hell was dark and dreadful, flames surrounding everything.

Looking around, he knew it was dark and decided that it was pretty awful. All that was lacking were the flames. He must have been in hell. Yep, it had to be. Heaven was supposed to be a place of paradise, this was not paradise. Hell it was then.

He supposed he had deserved it. He had been a thief almost his entire life, he had done more than just injure someone in tavern brawls, and he could be an excessive drinker (but that could hardly count, because he had only gotten drunk once in his entire life and that had not been his fault in the least) He normally could not stand alcohol. It made him sick. Maybe one time drunk was all it took.

"Eugene Fitzherbert!" a voice called through the blackness.

Eugene didn't like the sound of the voice at all, but he made himself answer. "Here," he mumbled, timidly. How he answered, he had no idea, but he did.

A purple ball of light was suddenly shoved into the face he didn't have. Eugene couldn't see the face of who was holding it, but the hand seemed to be human enough. The hand pulled the light back and Eugene could hear the rustling of papers.

"Hmm... hmm..." the voice said in thought, "Ah here we are. Eugene Fitzherbert. Sex: Male, Age: 22, Height: 6'2", Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Died: 3 days ago."

More rustling papers. "Crimes and Sins: Guilty of excessive thieving, three murders (although, all of them seem to be from acts of self-defense), lying (not little ones either), and betrayal."

Eugene would have hung his head if he had one. Every single one of the accusations had been correct. He would not get off lightly here, he could tell.

"Good Deeds and Redemption:" the haunting voice continued, "Acted as a father figure to orphaned children until age 15, accompanied a girl on a perilous journey, gave up life for said girl, made a vow to never thieve again, fell in love..."

"I'm sorry, but what does falling in love have to do with anything?" Eugene interrupted.

"Love is the emotion of true redemption," the voice replied, "In fact, if you had not fallen in love, you probably would not be here."

But where is here? Eugene wondered, but he said nothing. There was silence for a moment.

"There's an even balance," the voice finally announced, "So you do belong here after all."

"I don't mean to be pushy, but where is here exactly?" Eugene wondered.

"You're in limbo."


"Yes. It's where people come if they have unfulfilled missions, curses, or have an even balance of good and bad deeds."

"Oh." Eugene wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

"Hmm..." the voice hummed from the darkness, "Well, it seems either you go back or you go to hell."

"Go back?"

"Back," the voice said firmly, "Back to your princess."

"Princess?" Now Eugene was completely confused. He didn't know any princesses.

"Apparently the girl whom you gave up your life for is your kingdom's lost princess."

If he were alive, Eugene probably would have fainted or something, but since he wasn't, he remained where he was. "What?" he choked out.

"You heard me," the voice spoke, "Unfortunately, I cannot reunite you with your body. That takes a power much more powerful than what I obtain. I will have to send you back some other way..."

Eugene waited patiently as whatever was holding the purple orb was thinking. He would give anything to see Rapunzel again. He did not want to leave her alone when he did, but he had no choice. It was either his life and her captivity or his death and her freedom. He of course, chose the latter and died. He was glad she was free and had discovered who she was... the princess. Yikes. He was still happy with his choice though. His only regret was that he never had a chance to kiss her.

"I have it!" the voice broke through the blackness, "It may not be the most convenient for you or your princess, but it's the best I can do. The rest will be up to you."

The purple orb began to glow brighter and brighter, then it began to turn white. Eugene was completely engulfed by the whitest light he had ever seen. "Farewell, Eugene Fitzherbert," the voice said, "Unless, you can find another way to reunite yourself with your body, you will be stuck like this forever."

With that, everything went black and Eugene could no longer feel anything at all.


Tell me if you like it. If you do, I'll continue. If not, I'll have to see if I get any other ideas for a story.

NOTE: I know Eugene is supposed to be 26, but I'm taking creative license and making him 22.