OK, sorry, sorry, sorry! This is not an update! Those of you who had this on story alert were probably like "what?" when you saw that I had updated. I repeat, THIS IS NOT AN UPDATE! I just have an announcement and a question.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The trailer that I made that led me to writing this fanfic in the first place is available on my profile if you're at all interested.

QUESTION: Would you guys like a sequel to this? I mean, I know I've sort of done that with my one shots in Just An Ordinary Day, but I mean like a full length story with all the suspense, mystery, etc. If so, just leave a review or send me a message.

(PS: Thank you guys so much for reading this and reviewing! I was looking back at some of the old reviews on this and I remembered how my life would always get so much better each time I got a review on this! Hugs all around :D)