Chapter Two – Reunion and Joining the Host Club




As Kagome had finally found her homeroom 1-A she entered. She saw someone with a baggy shirt and pants. They wore glasses and their hair was shaggy. The person had seemed somewhat familiar, but Kagome couldn't think of where she could have seen the person. It was obvious that the person was a commoner, but so was she... Kind of. She used to be until six months ago, so it could have been anyone.

As everyone drew to see where they would end up sitting Kagome ended up sitting mid way in the classroom next to the window. It was a good spot to her.

They were currently doing role call. She stared out the window trying to ignore the curious, adoration eyes of the girls staring at her. The girls that weren't looking at her were staring at a pair of twins in the back. As the teacher continued through the names on the class list a familiar name came. Haruhi Fujioka. As the person replied with a here Kagome looked at the person from before.

'That really you Haruhi? I wonder what happened to you... You changed a lot. But I guess so did I. I haven't seen you since my elementary graduation. Mom once told me that you came by the house, apparently hearing rumors that a very sickly girl is always away from school named Kagome Higurashi. Unfortunate for me I was away at the Feudal Era, so I didn't get to see her. No I shouldn't be thinking about there. It is the past...' She thought.

As class started Kagome stared out the window thinking about her childhood.

- Flashback -

Kagome was in second grade. Her best friend was Haruhi Fujioka a first year elementary student. Although there was a year of age between them, so they couldn't have classes together, they always found time before or after school to spend time together.

"Ohayo, Kagome-senpai." It was lunch and they were going to eat underneath a sakura tree.

"Ha-ru-hi- chan," Kagome said to her kouhai in a sing song tone "I told you to drop the senpai. We are friends aren't we."

"But you are my senpai." Haruhi lightly laughed at the pouty face she gave her kouhai.

"One day I will get you just to call me Kagome." They ate lunch.

The next day Haruhi hadn't arrived at school and Kagome was worried what had happen to her. Instead of going home after school she went over to Haruhi's house.

When Kagome knocked on the door Haruhi's dad Ryoji came to open it. He seemed sad. That was odd for her dad.

"Um excuse me, Haruhi wasn't in school today... so I wanted to see if she was alright."

"Come in Kagome." He allowed her into the house. "She seems to take it better than me."

"Umm, excuse me Mr. Fujioka sir. What is she 'taking better'?" Kagome was curious.

"How do I put this to you. Haruhi's mother has passed away. She is not coming back. Although she seems more concern with helping me through it that worrying with the grief herself."

"So her mom's dead." He looked at his daughter's friend. "If it is alright may I speak with her."

When he told her yes and pointed to her room Kagome went over to it and knocked before entering. "I'm coming in." As she entered Kagome saw haruhi sitting at a small desk in her room working on something.

Haruhi turned around surprised, "Kagome-senpai, what are you doing here?"

"What do you think? You weren't at school today and I was worried about you!"

"Dad said I should take the day off. I said I could go but he insisted." Kagome looked at Haruhi. She was acting different. Not much, but her smiles are only half truth. Although it may be able hard to tell she is suffering.

"Are you sure you are okay, I mean if you wan-"

"Of course senpai, I'm great!" She smiled again.

Kagome couldn't take it any longer, she went over by her and before Haruhi could ask what she was doing, Kagome pulled her into a hug.

"Kagome-senpai what are you-?" Then Haruhi felt something wet on her face. As Haruhi looked up she saw Kagome crying.

"You don't have to pretend to be okay Haruhi. It always hurts when someone dies. You don't have to keep it all held inside. If you do it shows on your face and people only worry more. Just like my mom. I know how you feel. A few months ago my otosan died." Haruhi's eyes went wide. "Of course it hurts when someone dies, you will never get to see them again. So it's okay to cry, it is okay to show you're true emotions."

Soon against her will, and what she told herself, Haruhi cried. She held onto Kagome's shirt tightly and cried along with her.

- End Flashback -

A few weeks prior to that time Kagome found out that although her father had died she was getting either a baby brother or sister. Her mom was pregnant as her father had died. Kagome then thought about her graduation.

- Flashback -

It was the closing ceremony. All of the sixth years graduated. Kagome was among them happy yet sad. She was finally going to middle school yes but something held her back. More like someone. Kagome knew that she wasn't going to see Haruhi again. If she did it wouldn't be often.

They had already planned to go to different middle schools so when Haruhi graduated the following year they still wouldn't attend the same school. There schedules would change, and their lives would change. Haruhi wanted to become a lawyer just like her mom while Kagome still had no idea what she wanted to be.

The closing ceremony was over and before the two left they met under the sakura tree they would always eat under.

"So I guess that this is good-bye. We spent a lot of time here, ne?"

"Yeah" Haruhi said with a small smile.

"Oh let me give you a hug good-bye!" Kagome took a few steps forward and gave Haruhi a great big hug. As she finished she backed up to look at her friend. "Good-bye Haruhi, good luck in the future."

"You too Kagome..."

Kagome smiled and started giggling. From the look on Haruhi's face she clearly did not understand.

"What's so funny?"

"You- you finally called me by just my name. It took several years, but you did it. Thank you Haruhi." Both with with a half sad face trying not to let it show they went their separate ways.

- End Flashback -

Kagome sighed class was over for the day. Throughout the entire day Kagome thought solely of her childhood. Oh how she wished she could run up to Haruhi and give her a hug, but she couldn't. She was acting as a guy. She wasn't allowed to tell anyone about who she truly was. How it hurt her so.

A few days later Kagome was wandering the halls. She was getting picked up at a later time. She was continuing walking down the halls until she heard a crash from the room she was passing. It was the third music room. What could have happened?

As Kagome walked in she saw Haruhi leaning over a stand reaching over. When Kagome looked to the ground there was a broken, no doubt expensive vase.

"That vase was suppose to be the feature for the upcoming school auction." Said Hikaru.

"What will we do? We were going to start the bidding at eight million yen." Kaoru said

"Eight Million yen!" Haruhi and the newcomer yelled at the same time. The attention was now on Kagome.

"That much for a stupid vase!" Kagome continued.

"Who's that?" They twins asked together.

"Kaname Higarashi, you should know that he is in your class."

"Yeah, but like Haruhi he doesn't talk much. Well at least not from what we have seen. Some of the girls have even fawn over him but he hasn't even sent them a glance back." They responded still in perfect sync.

"I-I'll pay it back" Haruhi was still very nervous.

"Can you? You can't even buy your own uniform," said Hikaru.

"What is with that lame cloth you're wearing?" Finished Kaoru.

"What should we do Tamaki? Questioned Kyoya.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you can't pay with money, you can pay with your body." Said the tall blond name Tamaki. "From today on you are the Host Club's dog."

Haruhi was having a mental breakdown as Kagome stepped in. "Why can't you leave Haruhi alone!" All attention was on her including a surprised Haruhi. "No one should have to be your stupid dog! Besides who leaves a vase that expensive out in the middle of a room where it can be broken? Only an idiot! Sorry Haruhi I can't pay for it because Shippoe and Mother would have my head."

Kyoya had an idea click. "Well if you want to help him so bad, why not join the club to help pay his debt back faster, Kaname?"

Kagome was wondering why they were referring to Haruhi as a boy. She didn't question them though. She thought that she could have some fun with it later. "Kaname-san really doesn't have to do that."

"Fine I will." As she approached the group she mumble something else that only Kyoya caught hold of. So he knows about his gender as well was the thought the Ootori.

The Host Club was now open and they had several guests.

"Kyoya Ootori right?" Kagome asked the glasses guy.

"You are correct."

"Get this straight, I will do whatever Haruhi must do. Nothing more nothing less. So you better not be plotting something. I already have one sadist I have to deal with." She quietly said the last part but Kyoya heard.

Meanwhile with Tamaki's guests, "Where will you take me in the summer Tamaki?"

"Anywhere you want."

"What is your favourite music Tamaki?"

"Whatever you favour."

"I baked a cake today would you please eat some?"

"If you feed me."

"Oh my Tamaki-kun."

Haruhi looked disturbed then glanced over to the twins.

"Hikaru that's!" Kaoru yelled to his twin.

"And he panicked and cried to me," Hikaru told his guests.

"Hikaru you are cruel... In front of everyone..."

"Kaoru... am so sorry Kaoru... You were just so cute at the time." Hikaru grasped his brothers chin and moved closer to his face.

"Hikaru.." The girls were squealing.

Kyoya walked over to a disturbed Haruhi and Kaname. "Our motto is to make use of our characteristics to answer our customer's needs. By the way Tamaki is our best."

"What? That guy is number one!" Kaname said unknowingly speaking Haruhi's thoughts.

"You two will be taking care of the chores for a while. Run away if you want... But I have excellent staff at home. Do you have a passport." Kyoya wore a smile a bit too friendly.

"You threaten Haruhi again and you might want to make sure you have a rocket." Kagome said through her gritted teeth. Haruhi was relieved yet still confused why Kaname was doing so much for her.

Tamaki came from behind the two and blew softly in their ears. As Haruhi was cowering, Kagome turned around and smacked the blond hair in the head. "Baka Hentai." She said emotionless. Tamaki went straight to his pity-me-corner and started sulking. "What's wrong with him?" Once Haruhi had explained Kagome didn't know if she should go apologize or think of him as a bigger idiot. The better side got to her and was now trying to apologize. "Tamaki," Kaname was not going to say senpai because it was weird to her. She was of course the same age as him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." The next part was really hard for her to say "You're a... great... host..."

Tamaki was instantly up. " I am aren't I! I think I will teach the two of you the way of a host." He said arms up in the air as if presenting something of grandeur.

As Tamaki started given his speech Haruhi was looking for the right word. Kaname went up to her and being about half a head taller than her bent down slightly to her ear. Haruhi didn't know why, but Kaname felt familiar, and she was comfortable around him. But she couldn't figure out why. She heard him tell her the exact word she was looking for. "Obnoxious!" She put her fist into her hand as if she was a judge in court.

The twins came over and started laughing as their so called 'King' went back into his dark depression corner.

Just then Honey and Mori entered being late because of other school activities.

"Tamaki-sama I heard about it. You took in a commoner and another who clearly has no mind for sticking up for one. The other, what's his name Kaname? He must just feel pity for him."

"I don't know much about Kaname, but I like to think of Haruhi as the piglette."

Haruhi and Kagome heard the conversation. Haruhi felt out of place while Kaname was furious about speaking about matters she has no knowledge about. Unable to contain herself she walked up to Miss Ayanakoji.

"I do not mind if you speak poorly of me, but I will not allow you to speak poorly of my friends. You know nothing so do not go around making assumptions." Kagome was serious. She didn't even wait for an answer and left back to Haruhi.

The girls aside from Ayanakoji who saw the display and had heart in their eyes as how Kaname had stood up for his friend. They were all thinking what it would be like if Kaname had done that for them and they squealed. Kyoya took notice and wrote once again in his notebook.

"What is this?" Tamaki asked taking the coffee from Haruhi.


"Is it all ready grounded?"

"No, it is an instant one."

"Instant? This is peasants coffee!" Tamaki had to show everyone it.

"What's so wrong about instant coffee?" Kagome wondered aloud.

"You've had it?" Haruhi asked the only one actually listening.

"Yep. Grew up with it. Shippoe will never drink it though. Living with Fluffy-sama all those years practically made him into a mini Fluffy-sama with a slight sense of mischievousness in the mix. I wonder if I should make him some on April Fool's day?" She wondered aloud.

The two cross-dressers were forced to make the coffee for everyone.

Next they were to try Ramen. Kaname apologized to Haruhi and went to the other side of the room. Ramen reminded her of Inuyasha and how he would always it it all on everyone.

When Kagome looked back they had transformed Haruhi. They dressed her up like a guy.

She ran towards Haruhi and glomped her. For some reason Haruhi didn't try to escape. He still felt familiar to her. "What did they do to you? Do they really want you to be a boy?" Her last sentence was unconsciously said as a whisper when she thought she only thought it. Haruhi was surprised at lease someone knew. She also had her suspicious that some of the others knew as well.

As Kagome stood over to the side her eyes showed longing. Longing to be with her dear friend. She needed someone whether she would admit it or not.

Kyoya not knowing much due to the fact all her files were erased went over to her hoping to discover something.

"Hmm, might our Kaname love Haruhi?" He said with a smirk. He saw the longing in his eyes. He just misinterpreted it.

"It is not what you think. You should just leave the matter alone." Kaname said with sadness in his voice.

The two were apparently being promoted. They would now be hosts.