So new story, while I wait for other stories to go through proofreading. I seriously wanted to do a story about Grimmjow's "sadistic/obsessive side. I love him with fluff, but we all know he's mostly a crazy man. I'll give the warnings for the whole story now, so that you know what you are getting into. I might not cross them all, but I'm warning you now if I ever do.

Warnings for story: Rape (future chapters), public masturbation, criminal acts, blood, stalking, minor OOCness, language, humiliation, minor drug use and bondage

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Chapter 01

The bloodied white sheets rustled as the naked figure shifted on the bed. He yanked at the handcuffs situated around his raw and burning wrists. His feet curled against the covers and he whimpered at the pain. He turned his head to the side, looking out into the small studio apartment. He screamed around the dirty and wet cloth in his mouth, trying to get anyone's attention. He needed help. He needed someone to hear his cries to remedy him from this.

He heard soft murmuring coming from the opposite side of the door and screamed louder. The sound echoed off the empty blank walls and back to his ears. He watched as the doorknob jiggled. The rusted gold knob turning slightly before the door slowly opened. He lifted his eyes to see cerulean eyes sparkling and glistening. His body shook as the man stepped into the room, closing the door behind him.

"What are ya doing, my little berry?" The man's deep voice caressed his skin, leaving him feeling ashamed about how it aroused him. He scooted back farther from the man that was standing, leaning against the closed dark wood door. Dulled bronze eyes frightfully watched the man pull a pack of cigarettes from his jean's pocket. "I could hear that sweet voice from down the hall. Were ya trying to call for help again?" He pulled out a cigarette and put it between his lips, slipping the pack back into his pants. He pulled a lighter from his leather jacket pocket and lit the cancer stick, sucking in the nicotine before pulling the stick from his lips.

He let the smoke fall from his lips and nose and stalked his way over to the bed. "You know that's not allowed. What would happen if someone heard ya? Our little vacation would be over and I know you don't want that." He smirked, showing off his pearly white canines and slipped onto the bed next to his captive. He took another drag from the cigarette and blew the smoke into the gorgeous face in front of him. Reaching over, he set the cancer stick onto the ashtray situated on the far end of the side table.

"Now, why don't we remove this gag? I want to hear what you have been doing since I was gone." The man started to remove the gag around his victim's lips, letting it fall to the bed. He watched as defiant brown eyes glared up at him. "I love when ya look at me like that."

"Fuck you," the voice of his captive spat back. His voice was horsed and raspy. He coughed to clear his throat. "Why the hell haven't you let me go yet?"

"Why ever would I let you go? You captured my heart, so it's only right for me t' capture you in return."

"You're fuckin' sick." The man chuckled deeply, his eyes shimmering with amusement. He leaned over the smaller male, inhaling his sweet aroma. He let his lips ghost over the milky skin, enjoying the shiver coming from the man under him.

"So true…maybe you should…heal me." He could feel the man trying to pull away from him. "Uh, uh, uhhh, you know that's not allowed." He slid his hand up the man's bare and scarred chest, loving the feel of wounded skin under his calloused fingertips.

"Please…why are you doing this to me?" The smaller male whimpered. The bigger male growled and yanked at the smaller male's chin, putting pressure on the bone.

"Don't fuckin' do that! You know what that does to me!" He hissed against the man's lips. He pulled back and stared down at the glassy brown eyes. Pushing himself off of the bed, he headed towards the opposite side of the studio. The male on the bed kept his wide eyes glued on the lunatic in the kitchen. He didn't want to cry, but he didn't know what else to do. He was scared for his life. He had never been in a situation so frightening.

He fought against thousands of bullies, but this was something totally different. If only someone had listened to him when he said something didn't feel right. If only they didn't brush it off and think he could fend for himself. He shut his eyes tight, trying to will away the panic rising in him. He didn't want to be there with his psychotic stalker.

3 months earlier

Ichigo Kurosaki, a normal college student with a normal life. He enjoyed going out with his friends every weekend, partying hard and getting drunk. He had his fair share of admirers, male and females, but he was single and enjoyed it so. He majored in Visual Design and minored in Literary Arts. He wanted to work his creative mind in the field of advertisement and come up with amazing and unique designs to push astounding products. He lived in a small flat a few miles away from the university he was attending. He had one roommate, who was his long-time friend and someone he trusted with his life. He enjoyed life and everything it had to offer, never having one complaint.

The orange haired male lay haphazardly across his bed. The sheets tangled around his long legs and showed a small glimpse of red cotton boxers hugging his lithe hips. He snored loudly, enjoying how his drunken state had provided him a peaceful sleep. Drool running down the side of his mouth and a hand slipped half way into the hem of his boxers; he didn't realize the man prowling into his bedroom.

He was dreaming about nothing exciting to a normal young man, nothing pertaining to large, jiggly breasts and womanly curves. His mind was filled with various shapes and colors. Smooth, slick images and flashing words that spoke wonders to consumers. Ah, the exciting life of an aspiring advertising designer. He didn't hear the soft chuckling next to his ear or the feel of whipped cream sticking to his hand. He felt a tickle to his nose and brushed it away. The next time he felt it, he would obliterate it with the palm of his hand. He felt the tickle once more and smashed his hand to his nose, smearing the whipped cream over his whole face.

Next thing he felt was an ice-cold sensation to his lower half, making him jump out of his unconscious state with wide eyes, a yell ripping from his throat. The culprit was on the floor, howling in delight at how he fooled his long-time friend.

"Shirosaki! I'm going to kill you!" The orange haired man's voice boomed before he launched himself on top of the white skinned male who was dying with laughter. He swung at the male who was still cackling and ducking out of the way of the flying fists.

"Ahhh! Ichi, you…so had it comin' to ya!" Shiro said in-between the fit of laughter. "You are too vulnerable when you are sleep. What…what happened to all that training your father put you through?" He snorted at the sneer on the orange haired man's face. He felt his friend's hands around his neck and continued to laugh at the desperate attempt at killing him.

"What the fuck is your problem, Shiro?" Ichigo growled. "It's not even 8AM yet and you are waking me up with pranks! I should throw you out into the sweltering heat."

"Aww King, come on. Don't be mad at me. I'll make it up to ya." Ichigo glared down at his white haired friend and raised himself off of the other male.

"And how do you propose to do that? Get me hopped up on some other kind of drug. No thank you," he said over his shoulder. He made his way over to his bed, cursing the white haired male for making his bed a mess. He pulled at the sheets, using them to wipe the cream off of his face.

"No, I'm getting you into the most exclusive club in this small rinky dink town." Ichigo looked over his shoulder and eyed his best friend with curiosity.

"Moon Fang?" Shiro smirked knowingly. The club was probably the most happening spot in Rukongai. The place had the best liquor, best music and best atmosphere (from what everyone at the university was saying).

"Moon Fang." Ichigo giggled with excitement. Shiro knew it was the one place he'd been dying to visit. The orange haired man cleared his throat and tried to keep his composure. He glared at Shiro, but the other male just continued to smirk. "I mean if you don't want to go, I can give these VIP passes to Renji and-"

"NO!" Ichigo launched himself at Shiro, making the white skinned male giggle. "I forgive you. When are we going?"

"This weekend. Renji is still going, but he can't chill in VIP like us." Ichigo frowned.

"Oh, that's so wrong of you, Shiro. He's going to flip."

"Tch, not my problem. His boyfriend works there. He can get passes whenever he wants," Shiro responded, making Ichigo hum in thought. He backed away from the taller male and made his way towards the door.

"I guess you're right. You hungry? Since you woke me up, I guess I can make breakfast." Shiro smiled wide, his inverted gold on back eyes shimmering with delight. He always enjoyed Ichigo's cooking. It was as if he had his own little Martha Stewart.

"Hell yeah! Pancake tower, Ichi!" Ichigo chuckled and made his way out towards the kitchen. Shiro watched him disappear before looking back at the mess of the bed. He should really stop messing with Ichigo so early in the morning, but he couldn't help himself. He turned his attention back towards the hallway. "Don't forget the bacon and eggs!" He yelled as he made a dash down the hall.

"Grimmjow! Move these crates to the back!" A tall blue haired man sighed as he did what his boss said. He groaned at the heat attacking him as he carried crate after crate to the back of the store. It was too damn hot to do anything. All he wanted to do was stand in front of the freezer and let the cold air hit his sweating body. His red, short-sleeved work polo clung to his chest, showing off his sleeve of tattoos and his khaki pants hung low around his hips. His all black converses squeaked across the sticky linoleum floor.

"It's too damn hot," Grimmjow whined. "Where da' fuck is Starrk when I need him?" He snorted at the idea of the narcoleptic man actually doing any work. He was surprised he still even had a job, when he would collapse at random moments and fall into a deep slumber. He groaned as he stacked the last crate against the wall, cracking his back and moaning at the relaxing feel.

He hated working at that damn job, but he guessed he really couldn't do much else. He was fresh out of jail and no one would hire an ex-con even if his or her life depended on it. It wasn't his fault that an innocent bystander got in the way of his shooting. They should have watched where they were going. He was trying to kill the person behind them. It also wasn't his fault that when they searched his house for more evidence, they found a decent amount of drugs stashed in his closet. The cops shouldn't have been going through his shit anyway.

He grumbled at the thought of what had happened 6 years ago. He was glad he had a good fucking lawyer or he would have been sent away for life, but instead he got off with a few years. He still had to do some community service, but anything was better than rotting in jail. He headed back into the store. It was empty, like always on a Monday afternoon. No one really came by unless it was those damn high school kids trying to cause trouble. If he could, he would have been kicked their asses. Always coming in and trashing the displays of magazines or leaving the adult material wide open for people to see as they walked by. They left trash in front of the store and made sure to bump into every shelf as they walked by. Stupid young punks.

"Grimmjow! Go put the shipment of new products out."

"Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm not the only one that works here!"

"Starrk is sleeping!"

"Well, wake his ass up!" He shook his head as he walked pass the front counter where Starrk was knocked it. "Such a lazy ass." He headed to the back and picked up a box of merchandise. He came back to the front of the store and dropped the box onto the counter, waking Starrk up from his sleep. "Oh, you're awake? Good! Help me with this."

Yawning, Starrk responded. "What are you doing?"

"Putting out merchandise. Put prices on these so I can set them out." Starrk just nodded and pulled the price gun out. He began to price things and Grimmjow walked around setting out and arranging the products. After working for an hour, he heard the door chime and listened as people walked in. Two guys were chuckling and walking around the store, heading towards the freezer section.

Grimmjow made his way back to the counter to see Starrk laid across the counter, snoring. He growled and raised his hand to strike him, when a delicious voice called out.

"Uh…excuse me?" He looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened a little. Holy mother of… Now Grimmjow was a rational man. He thought logically before he put his actions into play. He was a man who made sure there was an explanation for everything, but when you were locked up in jail for six years, things tend to turn out differently. Your brain doesn't know how to function when it catches sight of immense manly beauty. He was gay before going in and he was gay coming out so it didn't bother him that he thought another man was hot as fire.

What bothered him was the fact that just staring at the creature in front of him was making him painfully hard. He wanted to sink his teeth into the smooth peachy skin that was on display. Mar it with deep cuts just to lick the blood flowing from it as he pounded into that lithe body. He shivered with excitement. He tried to keep his composure as he turned around to face the shorter male. His loose khakis felt tight and all the blood in his body was flowing straight to his cock.

"Ye-yeah, what can I…do for ya?" His ears were pumping and he didn't hear anything the creature in front of him was saying. God was he beautiful. He wanted to run his long fingers through that fiery orange hair and yank it hard. He wanted to make the boy scream in pain and pleasure.

"Uh, did you hear me?" Grimmjow looked down to see the smaller male glaring up at him with big chestnut eyes, his arms crossed over his chest. Grimmjow shook himself out of his trance before speaking.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Sighing, the man responded, "I said…do you guys have any more choco-pops in stock? There weren't any in the freezer." Grimmjow had to smirk wide when he heard that. He chuckled in the man's face, making him scowl. "What the hell is so funny?"

"Is he laughing at ya' obsession for choco-pops, Ichi?" Grimmjow's amusement stopped dead when he heard the other voice coming from behind the sexy creature. He didn't realize there were two of them. An orange flavored and vanilla flavored, it must had been his lucky day. The other one was cute, but the little fruit was just his type.

"Shut it, Shiro! If you are done, go look at the porno mags." The white skinned male cackled and sauntered his way over towards the magazines. "So…do you or don't you?"

"Do I or don't I wha?"

"Have anymore choco-pops!"

"You're a fiery little thang, ain't cha?" Grimmjow rumbled and enjoyed the blush that showed across the man's face. "Anyway, let me go check for your sweet addiction." Grimmjow turned on his heel and headed to the back room.

"It's not an addiction!" Grimmjow chuckled at the desperate yell coming from the smaller man. He headed to the storage freezer and grabbed a box of the frozen chocolate dessert and made his way back out. He took a chance to glance at the orange haired male and admire him. The sleeveless, white tank top was showing off smooth skin and a nice set of muscles. Not as much as his, but enough to know that the little cutie could put up a fight.

Grimmjow's azure eyes trailed down, enjoying the way the smaller man's jeans hugged his body like a glove, showing off the most delicious booty he had ever seen. Those squeezable cheeks were so tight and plump, making his dick twitch at the thought of being between them. "Fuck," he murmured. "Calm down, Pantera." He made his way to the freezer in the front and started to open the box and drop the popsicles into the freezer.

He turned his head to see the orange haired male come up beside him and reach in to grab the treat. Grimmjow wanted to moan at the amazing aroma coming from the smaller male. He smelled so good. It was as if he was baiting him to bite. "Thank you," he heard the sweet voice say to him. "I'm guessing I have to pay you. Your co-worker seems a little…preoccupied."

"Uh, yeah, he's a lazy ass." The orange haired beauty chuckled and reached into his pocket to pull out the money for two choco-pops. "I hope you enjoy those, they were a labor of love."

"Oh really? Well I'm glad you were willing to work so hard to get them for me." The smaller male smiled up at Grimmjow, setting the money down into his hand before sauntering past him and out the automatic sliding doors, his white haired friend following behind him. It was official. That boy was going to be his.

Grimmjow's eyes stayed glued on the swaying hips as they enticed him to run his hands across them, digging his nails into the skin. He couldn't believe his luck. It had only been a week since the lithe beauty came into the small corner market. That weekend his boys had invited him out to one of the hottest clubs in town and a little while into being there, he spotted the little fruit out on the dance floor. He and his white copy were teasing the rest of the club with their suggestive movements. The blunet couldn't even finish his drink without it falling from his lips. The white form's hands wrapped around the berry's waist. Plump ass pressed against tight black leather pants. If he wasn't so turned on, he would have been pissed that someone else was touching his prey.

To have them both crying with pleasure under him, made him hiss with satisfaction, but he knew it would be too good to be true. He guessed he could pursue just one. He eyed his prey, taking in every detail while he was in the zone. The usual spiky orange hair was a shade darker and limp from sweat. The normal peachy skin was glistening as the dance lights trailed over his body. The red, deep v-neck, sleeveless top clung to his body, showing off his collarbone and a glimpse of pectorals. His long arms were up and hands running through damp silver locks of his partner. The dark blue jeans were tight and hung low on the fruit's hips, showing off smooth abs and a belly button he couldn't wait to stick his tongue into.

He moved his eyes back up to the face, which was just dying for attention. Those half-lidded lids hid those gorgeous, expressive sepia eyes. Those lips were parted just waiting for his cock to be shoved into it. The berry was just screaming, "come rape me". He could hear his friends laughing it up and hitting on people behind him, but he could care less about them. He set his drink down and made his way over to the dance floor, glad that the berry was finally alone.

He stepped up behind the orange haired man and slipped his hands around him, enjoying how he slightly leaned back into his strong chest. "You're just askin' to be whisked away," he whispered low into the berry's ear, loving the way he shivered and moaned. His prey tried to turn around, but he wasn't having it. "Uh, uhh, just enjoy the feeling."


"No buts, just…feel." He could tell the smaller man was drunk, but he took advantage of it. He didn't enjoy intoxicated partners, but he could let it slide this one time. He let the lithe body push back and grind his ass hard against his already hardening cock. He groaned in the boy's ear as he slid his hands to the edge of the jeans. He pushed them down, sliding his hands across the smooth, sweaty skin. He ground his hips forward, letting them roll to the beat of the music. "Yeah, just like that."

Grimmjow could get used to this. Though he had to admit, he would love it better if the boy was naked with his dick balls deep inside that squeezable ass. He knew in all due time the berry wouldn't be able to resist his charm. It was all about patience and striking at the right time. He could wait. He could wait for the perfect chance.

After going to the club, Grimmjow continued to see the orange haired beauty come into the store for various things. The gorgeous thing must have lived in the area and that made him even more ecstatic. He enjoyed watching the sweet, scrumptious ass sway around the store. He would chat with him occasionally and he enjoyed how the smaller man would flirt back with him. Those beautiful brown eyes glistening, the way his body pushed closer to him as if he wanted to pounce over the counter and attack him.

He knew the cutie wanted him. He enjoyed watching him from his post behind the counter. He enjoyed hearing that sweet delectable voice. It was all for him. All the subtle looks and soft touches, the way the orange haired male teased him and licked his lips. That boy Ichigo, as he had found out, was just begging to be kidnapped and fucked deep into the bed. He just had to wait for the right time. The right time when his little berry was ready.

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