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Chapter 15

Amethyst eyes gazed out of the large window that separated his warm home from the freezing cold. He could feel the tiredness in his body as he lazily leaned against the wall, sipping on the coffee in his hand. He watched the snow fall harshly, the wind howling loud enough to even hear from indoors. He hoped Ichigo was safe wherever he was. He felt something in him shatter at the thought of the orange haired man not loving him, but he knew it wouldn't be possible. The Ichigo from before had been lost the moment he had been taken. He had let seven years get away from him and now he didn't have anything in him to move on.

Ichigo had taken everything from him, his time, his energy, and more importantly, his heart. When the boy left through that door a part of Tsukishima had gone with him. It hadn't even been that much time that had passed since Ichigo said he was going, but Tsuki felt that wherever the boy was, he was somewhat happy.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He should probably tell Shiro about this before the white skinned man panicked.

Ichigo felt a calming sensation wash over him. He could feel large calloused hands softly running through his hair and a large chest behind him. He had been waiting so long to feel this way. To feel Grimmjow's body close to his again, though this time, it felt different. He couldn't feel any anger from the man. He longer felt the fear inside him when he felt Grimmjow touching him. The deep baritone voice filled him with a comforting feeling instead of one with terror. Ichigo sighed and slowly opened his eyes.

He gazed out into the empty cabin, the train stopped due to snow. Ichigo didn't seem to care where he was, as long as he could be near Grimmjow. He gazed down at his changed pair of pants, remembering just what happened only an hour ago.

He heard Grimmjow sigh before that voice penetrated his mind. "It looks like we're gonna be stuck here for a bit." Ichigo didn't care. He didn't give a damn about anything else at the moment, his mind filling with thoughts of how his new life was going to be with the blue haired man. "…Ichigo?"

"Hmm?" There was silence and Ichigo relished in the relaxed atmosphere that was surrounding them.

"Are you sure you really want to do this?" The oranget slowly turned over and leaned his head against Grimmjow's shoulder. He gazed out of the large train window, seeing the snow falling fast and the darkness surrounding. The trees shook and he could see the outline of them as they moved in the howling wind.

"Yes, why?" He watched Grimmjow slide his hand down his bare arm, finally rid of those hot jackets. The fingers ghosted over until they touched his scarred palm. The gash in the middle looked angry, but Ichigo knew it was just from the act that had made it. The puckered skin would be there for as long as he lived and long after he died, but it was one of the many memories that kept Grimmjow from being washed away.

"I don't want you to regret this. You have…that other guy. He's your boyfriend and you're leaving him." Grimmjow really didn't care about that, but he wanted to make sure Ichigo was doing this because he really wanted to. He wanted to make sure that no one would ever interfere with them ever again.

"When you left…I thought I would be happy. I thought I would be happy to be free from you, but every time I closed my eyes I'd hear those words. I saw the sadness in your eyes. I remembered not the bad, but all the good things that happened. I had come to realize that my life means nothing without you. I still don't understand if it's love or pity, but I know that when you weren't there anymore I felt out of place." Ichigo sighed, his eyes still staring at the reflective glass. "I realized that I couldn't be with anyone else but you. I couldn't be with Tsuki. I couldn't love him without my body thinking it was you. I did a horrible thing to him and I couldn't continue to live that way."

Ichigo pulled away and looked up at Grimmjow. He gazed into the sapphire eyes and smiled softly before looking down towards the man's fingers. "I…I was going to kill myself tonight if I couldn't find you. I had gone to your apartment earlier, but some new couple lives there. I didn't know where else to go so that's why I was sitting on that ledge. I-if you hadn't come I was going to let my body fall in the river."

Grimmjow frowned, gazing down at Ichigo. He didn't like hearing that his berry was going to end his life because of him. Ichigo had so much more to live for and he didn't want the orange haired man to think that life revolved around him. Seven years ago he would have loved to hear those words, but now it just made him die a little inside. He sighed and reached his hand up and gripping Ichigo by the chin. Sienna eyes gazed up and he watched the many emotions flash through them.

"You can't die for me, Ichigo. I won't allow it. If I'm not around, don't go thinkin' that you can just end your life. There is so much more to live for than just for me. I won't go anywhere, but if I do, then you have to keep living for the both of us." Ichigo gazed into serious blue eyes and opened his mouth to speak. "I don't want to hear any excuses. Promise me." Ichigo slowly closed his mouth and lowered his eyes.

"Ar-are you going to leave me alone again?" He glanced back up to see Grimmjow shrug. The blunet didn't know what would happen in the future. He had a record and one slip up could send him back to jail for good. He didn't know what his actions would be in the future. He didn't know if he could hold his anger in enough to stay out of jail, so he didn't know if he would always be by Ichigo's side.

"Doesn't matter, but you have to promise me that you won't take your life. You have to promise me that you will keep living even after I'm gone." Ichigo stared, not wanting to promise such a thing. He didn't have it in him to be alone again, to be without Grimmjow. He wondered why he would have to promise such a thing. It wasn't fair of Grimmjow to ask him such a thing. He shook his head. He didn't want to do it. "Do it for me, Ichigo."

Ichigo gulped before slowly nodding. He watched Grimmjow smile before lips descended to his and he felt the softness of the man. Ichigo knew he would regret what he just promised, but since it was Grimmjow who asked, he really couldn't refuse.

Four Months Later

Ichigo smiled as he waved goodbye to one of his new clients. It had been a little over three months since he left with Grimmjow and life was going smoothly. He could sleep again, having long restful sleeps with a large chest behind him. He was eating normally again and his body was starting to get back to how it used to be. Everything seemed to be going fine. He and Grimmjow had found a small traditional Japanese style home in some small town called Kagamino. It was about a two hour train ride from Rukongai, but Ichigo didn't seem to mind. The place was beautiful and very rural. He felt like he was living in the country, a totally different atmosphere from the city life.

He made his way down the dirt road, his flip-flops giving his feet the much-needed air. Their home wasn't too far from the small town so Ichigo always enjoyed walking. They lived down a narrow street that only held a few large one-story homes. The summer air made his body glisten with perspiration and he wanted nothing more than to get home and soak his feet in the small pond in their garden style backyard. Life was different now and Ichigo could see how much Grimmjow had changed over the years they had been apart. The man was a lot more calm than he had been before and though the man did go into a fit of rage every now and then, Ichigo no longer felt afraid. Sometimes he would find himself rising against the man's threats, baiting him. Ichigo knew that was probably the wrong thing to do but sometimes it was the only way to calm Grimmjow down.

The only times he actually worried is when Grimmjow left in a blind fury. The man wouldn't come home until morning and Ichigo always worried if Grimmjow would ever come back at all. But when he did, the orange haired man would be ecstatic, regardless if Grimmjow was drunk or not he didn't care. He was just glad to see those blue eyes again. It was hard dealing with Grimmjow, but it was even harder dealing without him.

Ichigo stopped at a small home at the end of the dead end street. He leaned against the fence that surrounded his home and smiled at the man stretched out on the hammock. He slipped into the yard, quietly closing the gate behind him and made his way up the round stoned pathway. The soft grass ghosted across his bare feet as he made his way closer to the porch. He slowly pulled his messenger bag off and quietly set it down on the wooden veranda. He slowly pulled his feet out of his sandals and made his way over to the man. He stood there for a moment, gazing down at the shirtless man only clad in a pair of white linen shorts. Ichigo let his eyes savor every part of the man and wanted nothing more than to have them right then and there.

Ichigo flinched when he felt a hand slinked up behind him and into his polo shirt. He glared down at the blue haired man who was smirking up at him. He felt himself being yanked down and he squeaked when his body collided with Grimmjow's.

"Ya' know…" Grimmjow started lazily. "Yer not very quiet."

"And you're not very gentle. That hurt." Grimmjow's smirk widened and Ichigo found himself gazing down at the still closed eyes. Ichigo knew Grimmjow would never be gentle. It just wasn't really in the man's nature. There were soft touches, but they mostly turned into the fierce grips and holds. Ichigo didn't think he could take it if the man was a gentle as some kitten. He very much enjoyed his wild cat. He enjoyed the way the man would make him cry out in pain and pleasure. It had been a normal thing in their relationship and Ichigo wouldn't have it any other way.

He blushed at his thoughts and he could feel himself getting hard just at the thought of having Grimmjow inside him. He lowered his face into the chest before turning to the side and looking out into their front yard. He felt rugged hands slide down his back and into his shorts before they started to knead at his fleshy mounds. The moans spilling from his mouth were quiet, but Grimmjow could hear them perfectly fine. He could feel the slickness of sweat from the hot breeze of the summer, the bead of sweat rolling down the cleft of Ichigo's behind. He harshly yanked at the elastic fabric and he felt Ichigo arch so that he could pull off the shorts.

The man kicked them off letting them lazily hang across Grimmjow's leg. Aquamarine eyes slowly opened and they gazed down into the mocha eyes that were looking up at him. Ichigo leaned up and pressed his lips against Grimmjow's, moaning when the man slid a long finger inside of him.

Ichigo's lips felt hot and tingly pressed against Grimmjow's. He could feel his body quivering at the feel of the man piercing through him, his body getting hot just from feeling Grimmjow anywhere near him. He gasped against the lips when a second finger was added next to the other one. They slowly penetrated into him, scissoring to prepare him for something larger. Ichigo could feel his hips grinding, his bare hard-on grinding against Grimmjow's clothed on. He pushed back, wanting the fingers to go deeper and the blunet didn't hesitate to give Ichigo what he wanted. They sunk deeper into him curling and pushing against the sensitive gland, making him whine against moist lips.

"Gri-Grimmjow," he moaned and the blunet just hummed as he continued to jab at the man's pleasure spot. Ichigo pulled away from the man's lips and let his own suck against the blunet's corded neck. Ichigo's lips descended until they wrapped around a dusky nipple and sucked. He listened to Grimmjow moan and it was the most sexiest thing Ichigo had ever heard. Grimmjow's fingers started to slowly pull away and Ichigo felt something wider push at his hole. He wondered when the man had become unclothed, but he didn't protest and pushed back, humming when the tip of Grimmjow's cock breached his walls. Hands slid against his ass and gripped the cheeks tightly, spreading them apart before Grimmjow pushed harshly inside him. He quickly buried his face in the man's neck to keep his voice at bay.

It never started off slow and Grimmjow never waited for Ichigo to get used to him before he started pounding away. He could feel the boy's blood trickling down and he knew that he hadn't probably stretched him good enough. He could hear Ichigo's pleasure screams against his neck and that made him slam harder into the boy.

This was how it was and neither of them were willing to change it. Ichigo enjoyed the cruelty of Grimmjow's actions and the blunet continued to give Ichigo what he wanted. His blunt nails dug into the man's buttock and Ichigo hissed when Grimmjow started to drag his nails across the skin. He quickly pulled up and gazed down into yearning cerulean eyes and could see the animalistic want and desire to possess him. Ichigo felt his hips jerk and he slam down when Grimmjow pushed upwards. They created a rough pace, quickly trying to bring themselves both to climax.

Ichigo's hands slid up the man's neck until they touched the strong cheeks and he leaned over, letting his lip ghost over Grimmjow's. Eyes locked and Grimmjow mumbled the three words that Ichigo knew were true. Even after so long, Ichigo didn't know if he could say them back. He knew in his heart what he felt, but there was still a inch of doubt keeping him from actually saying it.

"S-sorry," he mumbled, but Grimmjow just shook his head and Ichigo could still see the sadness in his eyes. He pressed his lips against the blunet's and he could feel himself getting closer. The pleasure was spreading out throughout his whole entire body and his muscles felt like they would turn to jelly. His toes curled and he clenched around Grimmjow as his cock started to shoot his orgasm out between them. He whined still feeling Grimmjow thrust into him before the man pushed deeper and let loose inside, grunting Ichigo's name.

They laid there panting and Ichigo found himself slowly drifting off to sleep in the man's strong arms. He knew one day he would be able to say those words to Grimmjow and he hoped when that time came that it wouldn't be too late.

Two Years Later - Summer

Shiro sighed as he and Tsukishima laid out on the couch. It had been a long day of too much food and enjoying the summer weather. It felt weird that Ichigo wasn't there with them, but they knew they couldn't do much about it. Shiro had been upset when he found out that Tsuki had let Ichigo go, but eventually he got over it and tried to ignore the fact that Ichigo had chosen his kidnapper over them. He knew even though Ichigo hadn't been in his right mind that he would never do something unless he was sure it would be for the best. He knew wherever his best friend was that he was happy and that's all that Shiro had cared about.

Tsukishima had asked Shiro to move in with him a little after Ichigo left and he felt that it would be better for them to be together, to go through whatever happened together. It wasn't so much as them dating, but it was more like they were comforting each other. Shiro didn't know how Tsukishima really felt, but he knew that there was still a part of him that loved Ichigo dearly. It didn't bother Shiro too much because he loved Ichigo too, even if it was in a totally different way. So for almost two and a half years they comforted each other, in anyway possible.

There hadn't been one letter or phone call from Ichigo and they hoped that he was somewhere safe and happy enough that they were completely forgotten. Shiro didn't need to relay some horrible news to Isshin about Ichigo not contacting them because he was gone from this world.

He sighed again, sipping on the cold beer in his hand. He gazed out of the window, feeling Tsukishima's chest behind him. He could feel the soft breathing and guessed the man was sleeping. He heard the doorbell ring and slowly slid off of the couch, setting his beer down on the coffee table. Looking over his shoulder, he could see the dark haired man still sound asleep and chuckled. Making his way over to the door, he opened it and frowned at the person standing there.

"Jinta? …What are ya doing here?" Shiro gazed at the red haired cop who had a confused but saddened look on his face.

"May I come in?" Shiro nodded and moved to the side to let the cop inside. He slowly closed the door and watched Jinta walk towards the couch and sit down. Violet eyes gazed into small brown eyes and Tsukishima frowned.

"...Hanakari-san? What brings you here?"

"Last night, I received a call from a small town, Kagamino, some miles from here. Since they don't have much crime in the area most of the serious calls come to us. There had been a call about domestic disturbance and I was one of the people that had been called to look into it. Now I usually don't drive four hours for such a small thing, but they said that it was more serious than it sounded. The other officers already on the scene had said it looked a little different from a normal domestic disturbance." Jinta sighed and pulled his hat off of his head to run his fingers through his short red hair.

"When I arrived at the scene nothing seemed to be out of place at first…that is, until I walked into the home. There seemed to be a sign of struggle and the place was a mess. The more I walked around the more I started noticing the blood. Anyway, I started to search the home and when I went into the bedroom I found…Ichigo-san."

Shiro's eyes went wide at the information and he could see Tsukishima's eyes doing the same. "Is he okay?" Shiro asked.

Jinta nodded before sighing. "He's fine, but the person he was with wasn't. I found him sitting on the bed with Grimmjow-san. T-there was blood everywhere, even staining the bed. I tried to ask Ichigo-san what happened, but he seemed to be in shock. His eyes were unseeing and he wouldn't stop rocking back and forth. After a while, Grimmjow was taken away by the ambulance and I was able to talk to Ichigo at the hospital. He had finally calmed down enough to tell me what happened." Jinta frowned as he remembered what Ichigo had said.

"Grimmjow-san and he had some money stashed in the house, a fairly good amount. Ichigo-san told me that Grimmjow-san and he had gone out earlier that night and became inebriated when Grimmjow-san proceeded to talk quite loudly about the money. Ichigo-san tried to calm him down, but he guessed someone overheard them. Someone snuck into their house late last night while they were sleep and Grimmjow-san awoke to find the person searching the place. There was a struggle before Grimmjow-san was…stabbed repeatedly and the robber left quickly afterwards, not even taking the money."

"Is Grimmjow okay?" Tsuki glanced over when Shiro asked that question. He didn't care if Grimmjow was okay or not, but he knew if he said anything Shiro would probably scold him. He knew how much Ichigo was in love with the ex-con and it was probably breaking his heart if something had happened to the blue haired man.

"He's in ICU now and Ichigo-san is there with him. They don't know if he's going to make it though. He lost a lot of blood. The reason I came by was because I wanted to know if you guys were going to go down there and see him now that you know where he is."

Shiro frowned and glanced over to look at the dark haired man. He didn't think it was such a good idea for them to go down there. He knew if Tsukishima saw Ichigo or Grimmjow he wouldn't be able to contain himself. The white skinned man shook his head. "No, I think it would be best if we stayed away."

Jinta frowned, but nodded anyway. He guessed he could understand what they were thinking. He slowly rose from the chair and slipped his hat back on. "Well I better get going. I have to fill out the paper work for this as well as look at Ichigo-san's statement again. He was able to identify the burglar so we will be searching for him."

Shiro led the cop back to the door and opened it for him. "Uh, Jinta…" Golden eyes watch the cop turn around. "Can you let us know what happens with them?" Jinta nodded and he made his way down the stairs and towards his car. Shiro slowly closed the door, a frown still adorning his lips. He worried about Ichigo and his state of mind. He hoped he would be okay, no matter what happened.

Ichigo stared down at the pale Grimmjow, watching the man's chest rise and fall. He could hear the beeping of the heart monitor behind him and he prayed to Kami that the machine never stopped beeping. He needed Grimmjow to stay there with him. He gripped the large hand tightly, laying his face on the bed next to the man's arm. It had been hours since Grimmjow was brought to the hospital and the doctors were able to patch him up, but he hadn't regained consciousness yet. The doctor's said that he had lost so much blood and that only time would tell if he lived. It was now Grimmjow's fight and he hoped for the sake of both of them that Grimmjow fought death hard.

Ichigo refused to leave the man's side. He didn't care how he looked, he didn't want Grimmjow to wake up and not see him. Days turned into weeks and Ichigo wondered if the blunet would ever wake up. After a while, the doctors made Ichigo leave. They told him that he needed to go home and relax. Ichigo didn't want to go back to that place and he didn't want to relax. He just wanted Grimmjow to be okay.

He did what he was told though, going home and trying to clean up the mess there. There wasn't much mess, but days seemed to drag on as he cleaned the remnants of what happened that night. The blood was the hardest to clean and Ichigo found himself having to take a break in order not to break down in tears. Grimmjow's blood was everywhere and Ichigo didn't know how much he could handle. The thought of not seeing Grimmjow anymore broke him to pieces and he knew he wouldn't be able to last anymore.

A week away from seeing Grimmjow passed and Ichigo couldn't take it any more. He had gone back down to the hospital and into Grimmjow's room to see the man still laying there. He quickly made his way over and he stared down at the blue hair. He could see the man's skin had gotten a little darker and he seemed to be getting healthy again.

"Grimmjow…" Ichigo mumbled, slipping his hand into the others. "You can't die. I won't allow it. I won't allow you to leave me after you made me promise. You said you wouldn't go anywhere, so you better wake up soon." Ichigo leaned over and pressed his lips against the man's slightly opened ones, tears slowly rolling down his face. Pulling away, he gazed down at the still closed eyes. "It's not fair; you can't leave me like this. I-I…" Ichigo sniffled, hoping Grimmjow would open his eyes. "I love you and you can't just leave me here alone. You made me promise, so be true to your own words, damn it."

He lowered his face into the man's chest and sobbed, his hand gripping tighter to the larger one. He didn't want to live in that world without Grimmjow. Even though he promised Grimmjow he wouldn't take his life, he didn't think he would be able to go on if the blunet didn't come back. He turned his head to the side and slowly opened his blurry sepia eyes. He stared at Grimmjow, hoping that the man woke up soon. He closed his eyes again and he felt himself falling sleep, his head still laying on Grimmjow's chest.

A few hours passed and he sighed at the feeling of strong hands running through his orange locks. He didn't know what was going on, but he felt the calming feeling washing over him. Was he dreaming? If Grimmjow was there, then he never wanted to wake up. He moaned and his eyes started to flutter open. The haziness before them started to even out and he could see a wide smirk in front of him. He looked up and saw sparkling blue eyes looking down at him.

"Grimmjow?" He quickly raised his head and gazed at the man. "You're okay!"

"Tch, of course I am. Did you think that bastard was going to kill me?" Ichigo frowned at the confident tone in the man's voice. "Didn't I tell you I wasn't going anywhere?" Ichigo's face was pulled closer and he felt lips press against his. Ichigo could feel he wasn't dreaming. Even in his dreams, Grimmjow never felt so real. He had never felt so alive and he felt himself pushing closer and wrapping his arms around the man's neck. He needed to feel Grimmjow, to taste him completely. He slowly pulled away and gazed into those piercing eyes.

"Promise me, Grimmjow. Promise me that you'll never leave me. Wherever you go, you'll take me with you. I can't even think about life if it's not by your side, so you have to promise me."

Grimmjow smirked, pulling Ichigo onto the bed beside him. "Do you love me?" Ichigo's lips slowly turned up and he nodded. "Tell me."

"I-I love you."

"Then I promise. Besides what kind of captor would I be if I left my captive alone?" Ichigo's smile widened before he chuckled.

"…Not a very good one." And Grimmjow couldn't agree more.

The End

Author's Note: So yes, it's a happy ending. It wasn't going to be one at first. The way I was writing this chapter, the ending was going to be different and Ichigo was going to be left again. I was going to kill off Grimmjow and then eventually Ichigo was going to kill himself, but I just felt that Ichigo had had enough heartache and problems. I couldn't bare to do that. I guess it's not really happy if you think about what Ichigo left behind and that he's still so dependent on Grimmjow, but they got to be together so happy for that.

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