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Chapter 1

Bela made her way through the smoke filled bar; heading straight toward the bartender to try and get a free drink. Seating herself on one of the tattered leather stools, Bela ushered for a drink and began surveying the roadhouse for men willing to buy her alcohol. There were mainly biker men with their women hanging off of their arms; Bela knew she wouldn't get a drink off of one of those men. She wouldn't normally resort to men buying her drinks, however Bela was in the mood for something different, and this was definitely different for her.

Just as she was ready to give up, Bela noticed a familiar figure at the end of the bar, drinking his troubles away. Not able to resist, Bela took a sip of her glass of wine, smirked and stalked over toward the man. Thinking she was unnoticed by him, Bela moved closer and opened her mouth to make a sly remark about his drinking habits when she was cut off.

"Go away Bela. I'm not in the mood." He grumbled, taking another swig of his beer. Bela frowned and sat down next to him, feeling annoyed at his weird "ninja sensors" that were able to detect her.

"Dean, wish I could say it was a pleasure to see you." Bela smiled, trying to cause another argument. She wasn't trying to be nasty; she just loved his reactions when she pushed the right buttons. Instead of answering with some witty comeback, Dean just grunted and continued drinking his beer.
"Seriously Dean, I thought you would be trying to catch up on your sleep instead of getting drunk. You are tired." Bela turned to him, not bothering to cover up the concern on her face.

Dean hadn't slept since he had to deal with that man who wanted to kill him in his sleep, and that was two days ago. Dean and Sam had decided to stay in town for a few more nights until a new case came up. Bobby was planning on staying as well, however he had another case he had to deal with for a friend, so he left soon after the "dream case" was solved. Bela also would have normally left soon after the case was solved, but she had a buyer in the town that she needed to meet up with, and so she stayed behind. She hadn't spoken to the Winchester's since the case was over, actually seeing Dean in the bar was the first she had seen of either of the brothers since the last dilemma was sorted out.

It wasn't a shock for her to see Dean in the state that he was in; Bela knew that Dean was the type to dwell over an issue for a number of days, and who knew what he had to face in his head. Dean had large dark bags under his bloodshot eyes, and his speech was beginning to slur. Evidently, living entirely off caffeine and beer for a few days wasn't the best decisions for his health; but he didn't care. Seeing Dean in this state raised a question; "where was Sam?". Probably had another argument and now they are both cooling off, Bela thought to herself.

"What do you care about my sleeping habits?" Dean asked half-jokingly, he wasn't in the mood for talking; especially with her. Bela's eyebrows shot up to her hairline and quickly looked away, feeling embarrassed.

"No, I don't care about your sleeping habits at all. You are just giving off such a depressing aura that it is making it hard to breathe in here." Bela extended her arm for his beer bottle, which was still relatively untouched; expecting to be growled at, but instead found him just handing it to her as if it were nothing. Not wanting to annoy him any further, by not drinking the drink he had given her; Bela took a small sip of the drink and fought back the urge to cough because it was stronger than she had anticipated. Nonetheless she couldn't help herself, and made a small cough making Dean have a deep laugh at her. Bela put the drink down in front of her and tried to act as cool as she could, under the embarrassing circumstances. To make herself forget her momentary lapse in control, Bela began running her pampered fingers along the scarred surface of the wooden bar, not wanting to make it known that she knew that Dean was staring at her curiously.

Bored, Dean let out a sigh and began to leave for the nearby motel, leaving Bela to watch him leave. He was feeling quite happy with himself, leaving her behind, but he felt a small twitch in his eyebrow when he realised that she had gotten off the barstool and was now walking close behind him. He kept walking all the way to his car in the parking lot without paying any attention to her, hoping that by ignoring her that she would somehow disappear. Once he got to his car, Dean spun around and frowned at the woman following him; he noticed she was a lot closer than he had thought she was. Their close proximity made Dean stumble for words, the awkwardness of the situation making the air tense. Bela just stared up at Dean with her big green eyes, as if it was so obvious why she was following him, and that it was such an ordinary proximity between them.

Finally Dean found the words he was looking for and he let out a small laugh, "Okay sweetheart, that's far enough. There is no way I am letting you sit in my car." Bela just continued to stare up at Dean and swallowed hard.

"Dean can you give me lift back to the motel?" She asked, completely ignoring what he had just told her. "I can pay you if that will make you feel better." She added, when she saw him look at her in disbelief. He could hardly believe what he was hearing, was she deaf?

"Where is your car?" Dean asked, feeling annoyed like he usually did when Bela was around. Bela just looked awkwardly to the other side of the parking lot toward a silver car.

"The car that I hired broke down. Why else do you think I ended up here, I wouldn't be in this hellhole unless I had to be." Bela looked up at Dean again, looking for an answer. Contemplating leaving her standing here, Dean looked toward his beloved car and let out an exasperated sigh. He grabbed the upper of her arm and pulled her to the right side of the Impala. He grabbed the handle of the car and yanked the door open, almost throwing Bela in the passenger side and slamming the door shut behind her. Bela just sat in the passenger seat quietly, not daring to make a sound knowing that it would only annoy her only ride back to the motel.

The leather seats in the car were cold from the steadily dropping temperature, and it sent chills up Bela's spine, making goose bumps all over her body. When Dean got into the car Bela could feel the vehicle sink to one side and when he slammed his door shut Bela could feel the pulsation through the rest of the car.

The ride back to the motel was a quiet one, neither one of them spoke; Dean's music wasn't even on. The only sound was the soothing hum of the car's motor, and the whoosh of the other cars that they past at what seemed like a million miles per hour. Almost nearing the motel made the tension ease; both of them knowing that they wouldn't have to be together for much longer.

Just as Dean's mood was improving, Bela had to open her mouth and in her prim British accent, asked, "Have you eaten?"

Bela stared at Dean again, making him feel uncomfortable, "of course I have eaten."

The conversation ended there, neither could think of anything else to say. Not that they wanted to say anything to one another, but even if they wanted to, they couldn't think of anything to say.

Swiftly Dean threw the car into park and jumped out of the car. Bela, who had drifted off in her thought, didn't even realise that they had made it back to the motel. Blinking hard, to bring her back to reality, Bela got out of the car and saw Dean standing on the driver's side watching her.

"Took you long enough; thought you'd never get out of my car." Dean scoffed and began walking to his room, pulling out the key from his jacket pocket. "No need to thank me, just go away."

Feeling her frustration rise almost to boiling point, Bela let out an irritated growl and stormed off to her own room. "Goodnight Dean!" Bela all but hissed at Dean across from the opposite side of the hotel parking lot, outside of her room; before slamming the door behind her at his goofy chuckling.

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