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Chapter 20

"Congratulations bro." Suddenly he noticed something and his eyebrows shot up into his hairline and he held back a laugh, "What's with the scratch on your cheek Dean?"

Dean's eyes shot open and he slapped a hand over his cheek to feel for the mark. He fingered around for it and winced when he did. "Son of a bitch."

Sam watched as his brother ripped his hand away from his cheek and checked for any blood amused. It was a funny sight watching usually stoic brother now fussing over a small scratch on his cheek. The brothers stood outside the room Bela and the new baby were both in. Sam waited for his brother to calm down. "How is she?" He asked.

Dean looked up from his hand again, "Huh?"

Sam smiled and tried again. "How is she?" Dean's eyes flicked over to the left as he thought and he turned back to Sam with a nod.

"She's fine." Dean looked at Sam and realised he wanted more information. "She was a bit annoyed when the nurse told her to stop yelling, you know how she is. Didn't think I'd make it out of there in one piece; it was scary."

Sam chuckled placed his hand on his brothers shoulder as they turned to go into the room. Dean reached for the handle when they heard a throat clear behind them. Both brothers turned to see all eyes on them in the waiting room. Dean looked at them suspiciously and turned to Sam who looked confused. Sam noticed the annoying woman was sitting in a corner somewhere with mild interest while the others in the waiting room were smiling at the brothers. The man who spoke to Sam before rose from his seat and strode over to the brothers. Next thing the brothers knew, they were both receiving congratulatory slaps on their backs and the atmosphere in the room shifted to excitement. Dean looked at Sam for reassurance and silently asked who the man was before Sam smiled and thanked the man. Dean turned to the man as well, forced a smile and thanked him as well.

"Well? Are'ya gonna leave'es all in suspense son?" The man laughed, hitting Dean on the shoulder again. Dean replied with a confused expression and a small woman in the room shuffled over to the man.

She looked at Dean with an excited spark in her eyes and a smile, "Was it a boy or a girl?"

Everyone turned to Dean and his smile crawled up his face. He turned his body around to face them with his goofy smile plastered onto his face, straightening his stance and with proud exhale he replied, "It's a boy."

The room was filled with excited murmurs and laughter and the man hit Dean on the shoulder again before turning to the woman to talk about this exciting news and reminisce. The two brothers watched the excited people in the room with a smile and Sam turned to Dean. The two brothers smiled at one another for a moment before Dean placed a hand on Sam's shoulder. "C'mon, there's someone I want you to meet." Sam gulped but followed at Dean guided him into the room.

When he stepped into the softly lit room he quickly scanned with his eyes to assess what was happening. The nurse in the corner of the room was packing up some items in a disposable bag on a hospital mobile tray while the doctor was removing his gloves and throwing them in the bin. For a moment Sam thought he smelt the scent of blood but he pushed that aside as it is only natural that there was a smell like that after what just transpired. He turned his attention back to his brother who was still leading him by the arm to where his new nephew was. He followed Dean's bright gaze over to the only bed in the room, the head propped against the main white wall. With a few more paces to go until he reached the bed, Dean released Sam's arm and closed the distance between his self and the bed with a grin. Sam stopped walking and watched his brother move quickly over to the bed. That was where he finally saw him. Underneath one of the soft down-lights in the room was Bela, cradling his new baby nephew in her arms. Sam could not help but allow a smile run up his face at the sight of Bela gently stroked the baby's small exposed cheek as he rested on her bare chest. He lay warmly swaddled in a blue blanket covering his tiny frame; he wasn't crying anymore which Sam was grateful for. Sam was mesmerised by his tiny nephew laying quietly, occasionally making small newborn babbling noises.
Sam felt so overjoyed with emotions that it didn't register in his mind that his body was still moving toward the bed until he was so close to the baby that he could touch him. He snapped out of his trance when the baby made a loud whine and he watched as Bela gently tapped the baby's hide. The baby quieted down closed his eyes contently again. Sam looked up at Bela who was staring lovingly to her new son's face. Sam turned his head to his brother standing beside him and watched the love and joy in Dean's eyes as he himself took in the sight of his family before him.

"Sam?" Sam blinked his eyes.

"Sam?" The voice was louder, bringing Sam out of another of his trances. He turned to the source of the voice and saw Bela's green eyes peering up at him. Noticing his attention was now on her, Bela continued. "Sam would you mind taking a photo?"
Sam retrieved Bela's phone from the stand next to the bed she was pointing to and turned around and waited for Dean to lean in ready for the photo with Bela and the baby.

Sam opened the camera setting on the phone and aimed it at the new family and nodded. He signalled for the two that he was ready to take the photo and they both smiled; Dean's left arm draped over the pillow behind Bela, his right hand resting over Bela's hand on the baby's bottom. The two smiled proudly while the baby slept, and Sam took the picture.

"Got it." Sam breathed, still a bit shocked. He heard Dean sigh happily and Bela cooing over the baby again. In a daze Sam opened the gallery on the phone and stared at the photo he just took of the happy family. It brought a smile to his face.
Curious, Sam used his index finger to flick through the other photos on the iPhone and he discovered a series of photos from the delivery that Dean must have taken. Most were of Bela while a few captured the doctor and nurse in the room as well. Sam paused and laughed when he stumbled upon a picture of Bela mid-labour glaring at the person holding the camera who Sam presumed was Dean. A blue vein was bulging from her red and sweaty forehead while her mouth was set in a hard and unamused line, from the photo Sam could also see her white knuckles as she gripped the bed rails. Sam closed the gallery and turned off the phone. Gently he placed it onto the table again, still with a smile on his face.

Again he turned to the happy family and watched. Bela was still admiring her son, whereas Dean was now- still standing over Bela and the baby with his arm around them- talking to the doctor. Sam tuned in to a minor part of the conversation, "thank-you" "not a problem, sir. Congratulations." Etc.

Pretty soon the doctor was out of the room so Dean turned to Sam. Sam took that moment to speak, "Hey Dean?"

Dean stood up all the way and looked at Sam, "Yeah?"

Sam moved around the bed and towards the door. "I'll be back. I just have something I have to do."

Dean's eyebrows narrowed suspiciously, "Wait where are you going?"

Sam moved to the door and turned the handle. With a tug he opened the door ajar slightly. "Don't worry. It's just something important that I have to do." Sam pulled the door open more and stepped out into the waiting area, shutting the door behind him. There was something extremely important. And it was only Sam that could do it.

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