Return of the Wolverines

By Silver Eagle

Bonus Coverage-

I know I tend to write pretty slowly, so before the next part of the Prologue comes out, here's some information on modern-day Wolverine organization and society, as it stands right before the Clan Invasion.

Clan Wolverine: Out of the Shadows, Into the Future

Khans of Clan Wolverine:

Sarah McEvedy (2810-2845)

Kieran Winthrop (2845-2853)

Frances Marion "Fox" McEvedy (2853-2909)

Joel Walker (2909-2939)

Kazuhiro Taniguchi (2939-2949)

Michaela Sutherland (2949-2962)

Matthew McKenna (2962-2993)

Charles Liu (2993-3010)

Drew McCorkell-Cooper (3010-3029)

Dane Suarez (3030-3048)

Edele Hallis (3049- )

Blood Houses:

Several of these Blood Houses are not descended from the original 800 Bloodnamed, but rather from second-line and lower caste houses that became warriors during the Wolverines' Third Exodus.

[ED NOTE: * denotes Raven bloodlines that have risen to prominence on their own, independent of mixing with a Wolverine Blood House. # denotes Combine Blood Houses recruited into the Clan in 2825.]

















































Major Enclaves (as of 3049):

[ED NOTE: Population count does not include warriors, except for the Planetary Militias on Sarah's Hope, Marketplace, Rubicon, New Jamaica and Halcyon.]

Solaris VII (FedCom/Lyran)

Population- 2,461,310

Location- Montenegro, Black Hills

Objective(s)- 'Mech production, warrior training

Galatea (FedCom/Lyran)

Population- 1,843,592

Location- Boynton, Rossmoor City

Objective(s)- Recruitment, unit organization, refit and repair

Goshen (FedCom/Davion)

Population- 1,559,216

Location- Drexel, War College of Goshen

Objective(s)- Warrior education/training, recruitment, unit organization

Terra (ComStar)

Population- 5,133,820

Location- Seattle, Geneva, Hong Kong

Objective(s)- Increasing Clan funds, political influence, material production, spying on ComStar

Paradise (Free Worlds League)

Population- 226,674

Location- Calatrava Valley

Objective(s)- Unit rest and refit, medical research, auxiliary Genetic Repository #2

Luxen (Magistracy of Canopus)

Population- 3,381,532

Location- Pleasant Hill, Mt. Thetis

Objective(s)- Intelligence training, scientific/technical research, auxiliary Genetic Repository #1

Quatre Belle (Outworlds Alliance)

Population- 25,675,198

Location- Tarasole, Lone Pine

Objective(s)- Warrior education/training (Aerospace only), technical research/material production (Aerospace only) [ED NOTE: Site of the first Wolverine settlement outside of the Kerensky Cluster.]

The Homeworlds:

Sarah's Hope (Rimward of the Taurian Concordat)

Population- 55,834,377

Capital City- Port Frances

Objective(s)- Homeworld of Clan Wolverine, main scientific/medical/technical research laboratories, auxiliary material production, main Genetic Repository, Wolverine naval shipyards

Rubicon (Rimward of the Taurian Concordat)

Population- 17,178,406

Capital City- Monte Cassino

Objective(s)- Main BattleMech/Aerospace/Armor production factories, agricultural supplies, training grounds for Regular Army and Independent Military Forces

Halcyon (Rimward of the Taurian Concordat)

Population- 21,230,439

Capital City- Mar del Plata

Objective(s)- Agricultural supplies, terraforming research, unit rest and refit, main campus of Gina Rogers Institute of Medicine (GRIM)

New Jamaica (Rimward of the Taurian Concordat)

Population- 18,322,419

Capital City- King's Cross

Objective(s)- Entertainment, agricultural supplies, central HPG broadcasting tower for the Clan News Network, and site of the Matsuda Academy of the Arts

Marketplace (Rimward of the New Colony Region, Anti-spinward of Sarah's Hope)

Population- 23,563,219

Capital City- Rothschild Heights

Objective(s)- Divert attention from Sarah's Hope and the Deep Periphery enclaves, intelligence on Deep Periphery, economic meeting place for travelers between Magistracy and Concordat

Vigilance (Coreward of the Free Rasalhague Republic)

Population- Variable (depends on the current assigned unit; anywhere from 250 to 15,000)

Capital City- Fort Hallis

Objective(s)- Forward observation post, reconnaissance of Deep Periphery, possible future anti-Clan staging area


McEvedy College of War- Sarah's Hope

Gina Rogers Institute of Medicine- Halcyon

Applegate Technical University- Rubicon

Drew McCorkell-Cooper Flight Academy- Quatre Belle

CID Training Facility (AKA "Spook School")- Luxen

Matsuda Academy of the Arts- New Jamaica

Sociological Study Excerpts

Compiled by Dr. Patrice Calder, Clan Wolverine Central Intelligence Department


As a Clan of individuals spread out over more than 250 worlds, the Wolverines do not truly have a single government over their people. Most civilian Wolverines simply abide by the laws of the Successor State they live in, while the laws of their particular unit govern warriors, be it Successor State or mercenary. The Homeworlds do have a form of government, however, namely the House of Parliament, composed of a wide spectrum of representatives from areas of all five Homeworlds, with the Khan acting as a quasi-Prime Minister.

Parliament tends to control local and planet-wide civilian affairs, while the Khan busies himself or herself with military matters large and small, including logistics and membership in the Regular Army and Independent Forces, as well as the administration of institutions of higher education. Notwithstanding this separation of powers, the Khan's opinion is usually solicited when the matter Parliament is discussing would affect all members of the Clan, such as changes in the Iron Womb Program or Blood House administration.

Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected to three-year terms by local districts on their particular homeworld, with limits of two consecutive terms and four total terms unless the MP wins a referendum within their district. Every year, the full complement of MPs from an individual world will elect a Speaker to better represent the issues affecting their world as a whole. Together, the five Speakers (from Sarah's Hope, Halcyon, Rubicon, New Jamaica, and Marketplace) form the High Council, with the Khan as its moderator and administrator, debating the most sensitive and important issues on the Clan's overall direction.

This history of representative democracy has permeated Wolverine life and society to such an extreme that most Wolverines have never known anything else, and feel uncomfortable when in Successor States that do not use it, such as the Draconis Combine or Capellan Confederation. Some also feel ambivalent about the Federated Commonwealth, because of the heavy feudal influence in that state's government. The closest system to Wolverine government is probably that of the Free Worlds League, as the Clan's Parliament is loosely based on that of the League, and indeed many individual Wolverines have chosen to live in the League between trips to the Homeworlds.

Daily Life and Culture:

Basic Overview

The Wolverines' odd origins have made them a hybrid of societies from all over the Inner Sphere. From the Draconis Combine, they absorbed the code of bushido and the concept of honor. The Outworlds Alliance taught them the value of getting back to one's roots, and occasionally eschewing technology for something you made with your own hands. The Magistracy of Canopus gave them a lesson in enjoying life to the fullest, while the Free Worlds League reminded Wolverine Khans that two heads are sometimes (but not always) better than one. In the Lyran Commonwealth, Wolverine merchants experienced the joys of making an honest C-Bill, while the Federated Suns reinforced the glory of fighting to defend your nation.

The Importance of Family

Having spent so much of their beginning on the run, the Wolverines are heavily family-oriented, to the point where many "fringe" Clan members (i.e. those with mothers who married outside the Clan) feel compelled to introduce themselves with both their full name and that of their Blood House. For instance, a man named Thomas Hesketh whose mother was from House Aiken, will introduce himself as "Thomas Hesketh; my mother is an Aiken."

Family is important to Wolverines for other reasons as well. Foremost among them is the simple fact that there is nobody better to share secrets and information with than your own family. Particularly when it comes to marriage outside of the Clan, Wolverines often consult their parents, siblings and other close relations as to the trustworthiness of their potential mate. While this is mostly concerned with preserving the secrecy of the Clan, it also stems from the realization that life as a Wolverine is inherently difficult, because of the Mission, security demands, and the constant vigilance against Kerensky's Clans.

Wolverines and Children

The Clan-wide respect for family also manifests itself in another fashion, one that sets it well apart from the Children of Kerensky. Wolverines are inordinately fond of children. It would not be unusual to see a grizzled warrior, who only moments ago had been fighting a merciless battle, stop on the street, converse with a toddler and pat it on the head. In fact, one of the main reasons the merchant class managed to become so wealthy was because they cornered the toy market in four of the six Successor States.

Similar to the controversial "orphan soldier" program Wolf's Dragoons employed after the Fourth Succession War, the Wolverines have been running orphanages all over the Inner Sphere for centuries, covertly alerting childless Homeworld families, and then sending young volunteers back to the Homeworlds to become full-fledged members of the Clan. Less willing orphans are given to Inner Sphere families to adopt, but many wind up returning to the Clan in a support capacity later in life.

Childless Wolverine families also have another option, the ubiquitous Iron Womb Program (IWP). Families with reproductive problems can get help with having a child, on a single, simple condition- they must also raise another child formed in the same batch from genes in one or both parents' Blood Houses. This particular condition of IWP is the main method of integrating the stolen Snow Raven genetic legacies into the Wolverine gene pool. IWP offers financial incentives to all of its clients, including a substantial monetary stipend for families who consent to having more than the basic two children in the same batch. Most families decline the stipend, however, because they do not want to feel like they are being paid to raise their children, and they refuse to stigmatize the child as a source of income.

Lest it be thought that they are only concerned with cranking out offspring, it should be noted that Clan Wolverine has some of the most stringent laws regarding families and childrearing in the known universe. Anyone who wants to become a parent must attend a series of courses developed by the Ministry of Medicine (MoM). At the end of the course, a rigorous test is given which includes everything from multiple-choice questions to role-playing with other potential parents. Only those who pass muster are allowed a Parental License. There is obviously no limit on how many children a person may have, save that for every child past the first, both parents (or just one, if a single parent) must take a follow-up test that also helps to screen them for signs of potential child abuse or, in the case of a mother, post-partum depression/psychosis. Failure subjects them to intense scrutiny from the MoM, and potentially a revocation of their Parental License.

The Wolverines do not place any importance on a potential parent's sexual orientation, no matter whether the potential child is naturally born, an IWP child, or an Inner Sphere adoptee. Such a classification would be an inherent violation of the Way of the Wolverine, and is not contemplated.

Speech, Morals and Social Taboos

Wolverines are an odd dichotomy; even in the Inner Sphere, they tend to be very blunt and are not shy about expressing their beliefs. But at the same time, if a Wolverine can conceal a bit of information from a Spheroid, she will. The secrecy of the Clan's existence is an imperative drilled into each young Wolverine from birth, often as something to aspire to and be proud of, rather than a skeleton in the closet.

That same Wolverine pride in being part of the "true SLDF" tends to lead to a certain irreverence and lack of respect when dealing with Successor State authority figures. This is why most of the Clan's Inner Sphere-based warriors are traditionally part of mercenary units and not House units.

The Wolverines have long since discarded most of the Kerensky-era conventions on speech, including the ban on contractions. Perhaps in a backlash against the culture that expelled them, they also tend to eschew most Clan traditions, save to read the Remembrance occasionally to their children, and to adhere to the Way of the Wolverine.

The Way of the Wolverine is quite similar to the honor road of the Kerensky Clans, if a little less strict. Wolverines are expected to be honest, forthright, and uphold the principles of justice, courage, honor and loyalty. To commit a crime against a fellow Clan member is looked on with scorn, and to harm a Spheroid, other than on the battlefield or in the boardroom, can stigmatize the offender's Blood House for decades at a time.

As for social mores, the Clan's self-proclaimed "true SLDF" status has made them incurable romantics, almost the polar opposite of the Kerensky Clans. In addition to their love of children, many Wolverines (though they would never admit it to their Inner Sphere neighbors) enjoy a good drama or tragedy. Epic tales of bravery, honor, romance and friendship strike a chord with them. Soap operas, however, do not; most Wolverines consider them anathema and a waste of valuable holovid airtime.

[ED NOTE: A story that has escaped most Clan historians is the apocryphal tale of the motivation behind the Deep Raid of 3026, during which the mercenary unit Haldane's Hurricanes, working for the Federated Suns, struck deep into Combine territory to attack several targets, the world of Minakuchi being the last. After disabling the planetary militia, several companies detoured into the capital city of Cho and, after forcibly evacuating the building, blasted the headquarters of Spreading the Glories, Incorporated to smithereens. A later quote on the odd incident, attributed to General Cassandra Haldane, the Hurricanes' commanding officer, supposedly declared, "making someone watch those horrible exported musicals of theirs is a crime against humanity."]

The most famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) export of the Wolverine Ministry of Entertainment, in fact, is the Immortal Warrior holovid series, a thinly disguised rehashing of certain sections of the Wolverine Remembrance! Of course, when confronted with Inner Sphere Immortal Warrior fans, most Wolverines cannot help bursting into laughter, because they know just how exaggerated the series really is.