The battle. The fight. Where did it go? Where am I? What happened? I remember Bellatrix. I recall her laughing that high shrieking laugh before I fell. How I hated her. Hated that laugh. And I remember seeing my godson Harry. Seeing his face before I fell. Wait a minute. Harry. Where is he? I don't see him anywhere. Or is that him? It looks just like him.

No. It's not Harry It's someone else. And, yet, it couldn't be him either. He is dead. So is she. That lovely red-headed women standing next to the tall man with untidy black hair. The man whom Harry looked so much alike. They smile at me. James and Lily. Harry's parents. That must mean I'm-

I can't be. I refuse to believe it. Harry needs me. Lupin needs me. They need me and I need them. Harry will be devastated. James is reaching his hand out. I turn away. I can't abandon Harry. Not like they did. He has lost too much.

"Sirius." A soft voice speaks. It is Lily. "Sirius. Come on. You can't be with Harry anymore."

I howl in anguish, very much like my Animagi form of the great black dog. I look back at Lily. As much as I hate it I Have to accept my fate. I am dead. I was murdered. Murdered in cold blood by my cousin. I reach forward and take James hand and, as I do, my worries melt away. I am happy. Content. I feel like I am floating. For the first time since I can remember I am peaceful.