A/N: Yeah I know it's early in the year, but after watching O Little Town (4x10) I just felt it was missing... something. So this is my attempt at fixing up the ending! It's a Jo/Zane christmas fic! With slight Allison/Jack! Hope you all like!

Spoliers: Season four general spoliers and O Little Town 4x10

"Merry Christmas Allison," Carter leant forward and kissed his partner on the lips, behind him, the musical trio from Taggart's can of Christmas cheer breaking into yet another song.

Laughing, the group all toasted one another, a few eyes straying to the couple, deep in a kiss. Pretending to gag, Kevin looked away, and found his eyes on Zoe, who smiled at him.

Spinning her around, Zane smiled at Jo, that infamous smirk of his that made her go weak at the knees. "Merry Christmas JoJo," he leant down and kissed her across the lips, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

For Jo, same as the previous kiss, when their lips met in a passionate kiss, it was like it was before, and she forgot where she was, who they were. But seconds later she pulled back, glaring at him.

Chuckling, he bent down towards her, whispering in her ear, "I was right. There was no way that was a first kiss!"

Pulling away, she turned to walk across the other side of the room. She received a knowing look from both Carter and Allison. Zoe had been entertaining Kevin, and looked up to see Jo walking towards her, having missed the kiss between the two for which Jo was grateful. It was Christmas, and she didn't want to ruin it for the younger girl.

Zoe grabbed her arm and dragged her across the room, to show her something, and soon the room was filled with people breaking off into smaller groups talking, sharing gifts.

Looking up and across the room, Jo caught Zane, talking to some of the younger female techs form G.D and felt a tinge of jealousy but when he looked up and caught her eye, she saw something in it. He smirked at her, but there was something else behind it, almost like he didn't have eyes for anyone else in the room.

Maybe it was her imagination but he seemed to be turning into the Zane that she knew and loved – slowly but he was changing. And it was making her fall for him all over again.

"Whoa, hey, what's this?" Carter's voice broke her thoughts and she turned her attention back to her old boss, who was staring at not one, but two boxes sitting on the tables. She'd only planted one. Who could the other present be for?

"This is for you Jo," he handed her across the small box, before ripping open his own. Carefully eyeing the box, and weariful of the all the eyes on her she un-did the wrapping paper. It brought back memories of the last time, some ten odd years ago when she had last opened a Christmas present.

Opening the box she found a jewellery box. Looking up she saw that Carter had finished un-wrapping his present and had loved it, as expected but now that meant that all eyes were on her. Popping open the box, she saw the one thing she never expected.

Tears springing to her eyes, she closed the box as Zoe and others tried to peak at what it was. Catching his eye across the room, she couldn't stop the tears from falling. Zane had been behind the gift. He had given her back, his grandmother's ring.

Walking towards him, pushing her way through the crowd, she found her way into his arms, wrapping them tightly around him as she let herself fall into his embrace, the box clenched tightly in her hand.

"I figured since he couldn't be here, and you looked so down I…" he trailed off pulling back. She looked deep into his eyes and nodded once, understanding.

"Merry Christmas Zane!"

"Merry Christmas Jo!"

Perhaps this years Christmas wouldn't be so bad after all!