Author's note:
Don't expect too much of these drabbles, please... they're just random things that come up in my mind.
Diamond referres to Pink Floyd's song Shine on you crazy diamond.
Rock and Roll King is my version of The subways- Rock and Roll Queen.
Songs belong to their rightful owners and characters belong to Square Enix.

Axel and Roxas were standing in Roxas' room, facing each other, a flaw smile on their faces, a bright sparkle in their eyes. Roxas sighed deep and closed his eyes for a second, memorizing this moment in time. When he opened them again, he noticed Axel staring at him with a slight amused look on his face.

'What?' Roxas asked, a little confused at the signals the other was giving him.

'Absolutely nothing. Besides that I once again realised that you're so perfect.' Hearing this always got the same reaction, a deep red blush spread itself across Roxas' cheeks and he couldn't help but look down, not wanting the other to see his response. But, knowing Axel, he knew which reaction he would get and would pretend that he didn't notice.

Roxas grabbed Axel's hands in his own, noticing how much bigger they were compared to his own small ones. "The hands of a drummer", Axel once said and Roxas, looking at them now, still couldn't figure out what that meant exactly. All he knew was that Axel's hands fit perfectly in his, the spaces between his fingers seemed meant to be filled with his. Maybe the gaps were an excuse for them to hold hands, or maybe they weren't. They didn't need an excuse to do that, never needed it and never would.

Then Roxas felt something that made him smile, he felt Axel's heartbeat underneath his fingers, a steady and calm pulse. Focussing on his own heartbeat, Roxas noticed that his was slightly faster, but after taking a few deep breaths and trying to calm down his heart, he felt that his own heartbeat matched Axel's.

Looking up, Roxas saw a loving look in Axel's eyes and when Axel's look went down to their hands a smile lit up his face, Roxas knew Axel was feeling their heartbeats as well, noticing the symphony they were composing: a soft and gentle lullaby. Adjusting his eyes, Axel looked back at Roxas, noticing the blush was still there and leaned in for a sweet, short kiss, sealing the perfect moment.

'I love you, my diamond.' Axel spoke softly, taking Roxas into his arms and holding him close.

'And I love you, my Rock and Roll King.' Roxas replied.

Later in time, perhaps years from this moment, Roxas thought of it again, as he was going through his mental photobook of beautiful moments they had shared and he had memorized.

It was one out of many, each telling their own story, each with their own memories and feelings.