Author's note:
Just another short something that came up... I know the title makes no sense, but I liked it haha.
Characters belong to Square Enix.

Roxas sighed deep while he stared at his laptop screen. It felt as though he and Axel were already together, and they knew everything about the other half of their relationship. He realised that was near to impossible, but it felt so anyway. It felt as though their Heart of Hearts swelled, then melted into one big heart, beating steadily, never skipping beats. It seemed as natural as the sun rising and setting every day, it came as natural to him as breathing, or blinking his eyes. This was something unique, of that he was sure. Nothing had ever felt this right before.

While watching Axel's face, he once again realised how much he loved him. He had found his way to his heart so easily. Without any effort, a small candle had settled itself within his heart. A small candle with the name "Axel" on a card on the side.

At first the candle had hardly spread any light, it stood in a corner, a bit alone and unnoticed by the world. Soon, however, the candle spread a brighter light and grew, spreading its light until every single dark corner of Roxas' heart was filled with light. The light was a soft, warm one, not once wavering, not once nearly gone. It was a constant warm glow, a warm glow that soon spread itself throughout his whole body. With this candle spreading a warm glow, the world started to notice changes.

Sora had noticed first, he had felt the happiness radiating off of his best friend, the happiness in his voice when he called Roxas. The happy squeals Roxas made a lot more than usual, the loving smile on his face, the bright sparkle in his eyes. He hadn't seen Roxas in forever (or at least, it seemed forever), but he had noticed the changes and knew his friend well enough to know that smile and know that sparkle.

Demyx noticed second, as he saw Roxas pretty much every day. He noticed that often, while working out, or while studying, Roxas' look would wander off and a faint smile would appear on his face. Often, he wondered what those smiles were about, but knew that Roxas would tell him when he thought the time would be right. Soon, Roxas let him in on the secret and once he knew, Demyx noticed that Roxas would smile more often, apperantly for no reason at all. Now, while working out, Roxas would openly smile at the walls, the ceiling, or whatever he looked at. He would chuckle from time to time, sometimes burst out laughing. Demyx wasn't sure what it was, but it seemed to be making Roxas very happy.

Of course, Roxas had to tell them one day, which he soon did after admitting to himself that what he felt for Axel was more than friendship. It was a lot like love, but he wasn't sure yet. Not wanting to admit that he fell for a guy in Twilight Town, not wanting to admit to himself just how much he meant to him.

When the day had come he admitted it to himself, then to Axel, he felt the happiest person alive. The same day, he told Sora, who was happy for him. The day after, he told Demyx, who laughed at him and told him he already knew.

Roxas couldn't think of much moments in his life when he had been happier. The love for this one guy filled him with so much happiness, he couldn't even put it to words, which was strange, as he was a writer, he could put anything into words.

This happiness warmed him to the core of his being and made his impatience to meet Axel even worse. But it was a positive impatience, one he could live with.

For now, staring at his screen, which showed her the boy he loved, would have to do.

He knew they would meet some day, and that that someday would come soon. He knew that that day would seal their love, seal their hearts.

Finally, he thought of words to describe his feelings: it was a romance like candle light.