"I have the official COD!" Scully proclaimed as she entered the office. Mulder quickly picked his feet up off the desk and planted them on the floor as he leaned forward in his chair and listened. "Officer Leo Jackson and his girlfriend Renee McArthur both died of fright."

Mulder didn't say anything for a moment. "Really?"

"Really. Both of them died of massive cardiac trauma. There's no telling what was going on in their heads that was bad enough to scare them to death, but that's not even interesting compared to everything else."

"Everything else?" Mulder asked as he stood and walked around the desk to look at the contents of the folder she was carrying.

She hadn't seen him this happy since before the summer. He was practically bouncing on his heels. This little camping trip had done more for his emotional recovery, she thought, than anything else. "We ran the chips you recovered under the microscope. They don't match anything we've got in our records. That includes the X-files, Mulder. This computer technology design…it's not just 'advanced'. It's inconceivably advanced. You remember when we stuck my chip under the microscope."

Mulder nodded excitedly. "The tech said it was decades ahead of our technology."

"With these little chips, try centuries." She watched as his eyes lit up. "And that's not even all. Renee McArthur's medical records show that she was diabetic. When we examined Joel, we found—"

"That puncture wound on his arm, yeah," Mulder said, anticipating the next finding.

"Well, we found the same puncture wound on Renee McArthur's arm."

"You know what this means, Scully," Mulder declared excitedly, and practically ran around the desk to the file cabinet. He pulled out three files, and spun his laptop on his desk for her to see. "You see this?" he pointed to the screen. "This is what's called a 'cigar-shaped' UFO. It's the closest thing I can find in any database that tracks UFO encounters, that even remotely matches what we saw. The last encounter with a glowing cigar-shaped UFO was in Ventura, California, in January 2008. It was red, and it was definitely four or five times the size of our UFO. The last encounter with telepathic aliens or aliens with healing abilities was in September 2009 in Colorado, but there are no witnesses. These," he threw down folder after folder, "are all case files that fall short of the amount of evidence, put together, that we gathered on this one case."

"It's a big accomplishment," Scully agreed.

"It's bigger than a big accomplishment," he said. "This is…this is legitimate evidence of an entirely new species of alien, one that likely hasn't been to Earth before, or haven't revealed themselves to humans in the past. Every single encounter with a cigar-shaped UFO is substantially different than ours, and only one includes telepathic aliens, and its evidence is greatly lacking. You said it yourself—that chip is centuries ahead of our technology."

"And it's made of materials that are entirely unknown to the computer engineering industry," Scully added, fully aware that she was feeding into Mulder's near-orgasmic state.

"This is spectacular!" He exclaimed, and she grinned at his excitement. "Now I've got a theory, Scully," he said, moving to stand behind his desk. "We've got four witnesses who said they heard the same message, which included a female voice saying, 'We mean you no harm, go in peace.' Both Matt and I can vouch for the fact that I definitely had a gunshot wound before, and don't have one now. My clothes even healed. And ballistics showed that the gunshot wound to Officer Jackson's torso was almost definitely self-inflicted, because the .380 slug matches his barrel. But, the deformation of the bullet was so extensive that it's likely it bounced off of the craft, like mine did, and he caught the ricochet."

"Okay," Scully said, following him so far.

"So imagine this. Leo and Renee are out hiking, having a great time. Suddenly, this glowing ship appears out of nowhere and Renee walks right into it. Scared out of his mind, Leo fires on the ship when it takes off. The ship releases Renee after a moment, but they're both scared by the entire incident to the point where they go into cardiac arrest and die. The aliens take off, not knowing what else to do. Their second encounter with humans was extremely similar, except they tried communications when they saw that I did the same thing Leo did. And they healed my wound. Scully, I think that encounter they had with Leo and Renee was their first encounter with humans."

"Assuming you're right, if they're so advanced, Mulder, why wouldn't they attempt communication first?" Scully asked, humoring his 'alien' explanation at least for now.

"Because it's not their culture," he explained easily. "So they're collecting diabetics' blood samples. Why would they do that? Why would they go out of their way to expose themselves to us and then leave behind witnesses who can 'out' their plan to the rest of the world?"

Scully shook her head, and waited for him to continue.

"Because they know we have no evidence but each other's word, and they know they need those blood samples. I think, Scully, that these aliens are on our side."

"Wait, how'd you get there?" Scully asked, the skeptical eyebrow ascending to its usual position.

"What other reason would they have for their behavior? They healed me, their only communication was a peaceful greeting, they let us go, they let us keep our memories—"

"They were tracking Leo and Renee. Why would they tag them and not Joel and the rest of you?"

Mulder shook his head. "I'm not sure yet. But…what I am sure of, is that these aliens are doing research on the human race for our benefit. They're benevolent, Scully. You know what I think?"

"I'm starting to have trouble predicting," Scully said with a wry smile.

Mulder ignored her. "I think we just found ourselves an ally against colonization."