Online Love and Romantic School Days!

Chapter one: Online game with the Star!

Ever since momentous dance, Erza Scarlett and Jellal Fernandez were seen together around the town, tighter than glue. Moreover, everyone had seen evidence of discomfort, not only on Jellal's face, but on Erza's as well, whenever they were apart. Something beyond the control of either of them would always pull them together. Also seen around Magnolia was a certain bookworm and her beloved scary "psychotic killer" driving around the city, the former yowling in delight, urging her significant half to drive his motorbike faster or the 'walking magnet target' patiently tottering around with Levi heavy-set hardcovers that seems heavy enough to press someone to death, the girl actually adding more to the pile as she happily chattering about the last book she read and him actually knowing what she was talking about.

Wonders never ceased in Magnolia.

But not all were hunky-Dory happy. Lucy Heartphilia, the happy-go-lucky member of Cheerleader squad, vice president of Book Club and member of Gymnastic club were snapping at everyone, dark auras seem to surround her as she stalked the halls. Simon Castle meanwhile was actually seen moping around in the Library, scaring away his fan girls (he ranked 10th hottest boys in Fiore High.) And vice-president of the Student Council was actually rumored to have being seen contracting some vicious gangs to, err; ruffle someone (However it was not proven!)

Thursday, 25TH November 2010

Lucy stretched her cramped muscles in delight, rubbing her eyes. She had spent the last hour gaming online with the gang, finishing up another A- level mission. A chat box suddenly appeared on screen.

Queen of the Deeper Sea: Ano, umm, I just noticed it's rather late and I'm supposed to have a date with Gray-sama.

BadassIcebox: Fuck dammit! I fricking forgot! Lluvia, your house in ten?

Queen of the Deeper Sea: sure! Nights! See you guys tomorrow!

BadassIcebox and Queen of the Deeper Sea had logged off.

Stellar Princess Heart: Awww… I wish we could play longer.

Jellal the Super Awesome Mage: But we can't take another mission with them.

Titania: he's right. What's the point if we don't have all the characters together?

Stellar-Heart-Princess: *pout

Jellal the Super Awesome Mage: Erza-kins, don't forget your homework again.

Titania: Don't call me THAT. Or I hack your account and change everything again...

Jellal the Super Awesome Mage: * snort. As if you will. Plus, you don't know how to.

Titania: it's not that hard.

Jellal the Super Awesome Mage has just changed his display name to JELLALO-FISH

Titania: see?


JELLALO-FISH has just changed his display name to Jellal the Super Awesome Mage

Jellal the Super Awesome Mage: You lucky I loved you that much… Night ladies, homework and physics awaits…

Jellal the Super Awesome Mage had logged off.

Titania: Idiot. What you going to do, Lucy? Log off 2?

Stellar-Heart-Princess: Nah, I'm going to level up a little longer.

Titania: you sure? I could stay.

Stellar-Heart-Princess: Nah, I'll be fine. And didn't "lover-boy" say anything about homework?

Titania: *pout. Fine. Call me when you offline.

Stellar-Heart-Princess: Night Erza.

Titania had logged off.

Lucy sighed, suddenly feeling lonely. Ever since the Halloween Dance, Jellal and Lluvia had joined their group while Natsu chose to partner up with another mage, The Painted Lady. No brainer who that was. Gazille and Levi weren't online tonight because they were having one of their 'dates' again. She shuddered, unwilling to even imagine the petite bookworm with the scary gang-banger staring at each-other all lovey-dovey. Lucy sighed again and stared back at the game.

Time to get down to business.

The nymph may have been beautiful if its face hadn't been twisted into a menacing snarl and its hair wasn't dirty and tangled. The humanoid leapt at her, shrieking. Lucy lashed out her whip, and the nymph's bloodshot, crazed eyes widened and stared blankly into space as she vanished.

Lucy sighed and leaned against the tree. She'd leveled up quite a bit, and at this point, the monsters' levels were too low for her to gain much experience for killing them. She decided it was time to walk back to the guild at which her comrades would reappear next time they logged on.

She heard something behind her, and she shrugged mentally. One more battle wouldn't change much.

A blur of color and a flash of steel later she found herself parrying one blade with her silver key, Scutum, the Shield as another blade hovered a mere inch from her throat. Light reflected off the metal and glinted in the golden eyes gazing quite intensely into hers.

She stared back at him, mesmerized once again by the color of his eyes. For an online game, all the features had seemed so realistic. She wondered if the mysterious boy's eyes were this gorgeous in real life.

Both were frozen in place, but no tension hung in the air. Their eyes were locked, but they were assessing and measuring. Wondering and questioning.

This was a good place to make a new friend, Lucy thought. By looking one another in the eyes.

Lucy recovered first. She glanced down at the blade hovering above her skin and cleared her throat.

The mage blinked a few times as though he was bringing himself back to the virtual world. His eyes lit up with understanding, and the mage muttered an almost inaudible, "Sorry." He retreated a few steps and sheathed his blades.

"No… it's okay. I sort of attacked you too."

Lucy and the mage looked in opposite directions, an awkward silence filling the space between them. By the sound of it, Lucy thought that he was shuffling his feet and kicking at the ground. A pebble flew into her peripheral vision and confirmed her suspicion.

"So…," she started lamely. She seized the first thought in her head. "You're new? I never seen you before and I thought I knew everyone in Fairy tail."

"Oh, I'm from Blue Pegasus. Hibiki." He shakes Lucy's hand smiling shyly.

"Oh, no wonder I never saw you before. I'm Lucy."

When Lucy logged off two hours later, she was grinning goofily. Her new friend was a charming mage with a unique magi, a magic called 'Archive', a magic that can analyze any kind of magic in split second, retrieve and download any new data and even communicate with others as far as 1000 km. not only that, he was well-read and interested in history and was actually a history major in one of the college. They had logged off the game after trading their phone numbers, promising to call one another. Overall, Hibiki seemed to be a nice guy. Lucy went to sleep that night smiling, first ever since the dance.

Author Rant: Sorry for the long silence. My computer had died on me the same night I had posted the last chapter of Online Dates and Halloween Dance. Moreover, I had spend my entire December working my ass off as a sales assistant in one of Brunei's prominent bookstore, which of course killing off more time on writing. Alack, I had spent that month worthlessly as turns out my employer weren't going to pay me. All those hard work! Fucking bastard! He even threatened to sue me if I pursued the case. I busted my ass off, working 12 hours a day, no fricking day-off, blowing all my 'dates' with, err, someone, endure all the pointless yelling he gave me (the boss called us idiots and bastards in front of the customers), and only have a fricking orangey shirt to show by the end of the month. I now currently am working half-day at one of the international school as a kindergarten assistant teacher. Fricking adorable kids. *grin

2nd chapter: Lit Class and Strawberry Shortcakes

Why is Lucy smiling? Who's Lucille Hart? Why is the school covered with mistletoes? Why is Loki cornering Lucy near the empty stairway? And why is Lluvia moping inside the art room?

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