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Chapter 4: Detention and quarrels.

"This is a disgrace! We had the cafeteria painted and you think it's funny to plaster it with food?" Mr. Higurashi hollered at the smirking pinket, who was standing at the middle of the room, completely covered in all kind of food.

The vice-president glared at the boy, "A week of after school detention will be sufficient. And please, refrain from doing such a thing in the future. Get yourself cleaned up, you're a disgrace to the school."

Natsu shuffled away, smirking, carefully dripping excess food onto the pristine floor. He however, stopped when the vice principal continued,

"You're lucky, Mr. Dragneel, that your friends are willing to help to give up their free period to help you clean up the mess you caused. I suggest you thank them properly and with decorum."

Natsu frowned, as the exits the room. And shrugged. It must be Lisana. Maybe he should buy her some chocolate….

"Natsu!" Lisanna, who was waiting for him outside Vice-principal's office ran up to hug him but stopped the very last minute.

"Eww, Natsu!" the white-haired girl wrinkled her nose, "You better change your clothes."

"Haha," Natsu blushed, "I must've smelling like garbage." The salmon-haired boy suddenly stooped down and kisses the girl on the cheek. "Thanks for cleaning up the cafeteria for me."

Lisanna blinked, absently wiping her cheek. "Wha do you mean, Natsu? I've being waiting for you here this whole time."

The boy froze. "Wait. If it isn't you, then who?"


Natsu froze in front of the door, his hand holding the doorknob as soft laughs drifts outside the empty cafeteria. And judging from the sound from the room, there was more than one person inside it. The pink haired Yankee felt a bit nostalgic as he heard the soft, bell-like laugh again. It wasn't until Lisanna, impatient, nudged him that he entered inside.

Natsu shakes his head before opening the door, staring in surprise as Gray was teasing Juvia with a wet cloth, Lucy and the others laughed in delight at their antics. The cafeteria looked almost good as new, the weak smell of bleach and tomato sauce was left as evidences of the food fight.

Lucy, hearing the door opens, spun around, laughing brightly. "Did you find the air freshener, Er-" the blonde froze when she noticed the wrong couple walked in. she quickly turned back as Gray moved forward.

"Oi, droopy eyes! You're late! We did all the clean-up, no thanks to you, flame breath."

"Huh? Did I asked you for help, squinty eyes?"

"You wanna go for another round, pinkie?" As the two bickered, Natsu couldn't help but realize something was missing.

Then it hit him.

He missed Lucy.

Last Period, History.

Lucy was taking out her notebook, when she sensed some malevolent glaring heading her way.

"Hello, Loki. Your fan girls are glaring at me again." The girl said without looking up. As true to her prediction, Loki Lion was indeed sitting on the seat in front of her, grinning one of his usual smirks.

"Hear you got into a food fight this afternoon, Lucy." The well-renowned playboy smiled at his fangirls, whom swooned in delight around them. "Rumors has it you guys managed to plastered the new walls."

"We managed to trash the cafeteria you mean." She point out.

"Details, details. Anyway, as a friend that is in the center of the gossiping industry," Loki leaned against the table, grinning at the blonde, "I just happened to hear this awesome rumor and I would like to verify it."

Lucy stared back at the self-acclaimed playboy, wondering what rumors that he heard this time.

"Do you, by any chance, have a room to rent?"


"It's my friend." Loki explained after a few minutes of gaping and blinking from Lucy. "She just moved from Oricon Seis Academy and looking for a room. I would have gladly let her stay with me but you know with my fans…" Loki trailed off, still remembering the mayhem and chaos his fan club caused when a harmless rumor paired him up with Erza. Damn, that girl sure didn't punch like a girl. "And since I heard you're in need of a new roommate…"

"Well, I have to ask Michelle first," the blonde named her cousin, who was currently studying abroad, "Since it's her room we're talking about. But I think its ok." The blonde literature major glared at him suspiciously, "is there something I should know about your friend, Loki? She's not, you know, having a bad habit like drinking like Cana or disrespect of privacy like Na-Erza, right?"

"Ah, no." Loki shakes his head, laughing. "She's nothing like that. Aries is a sweet girl. She's good with housework and a bit shy. Doesn't talk much and always apologizing every minute. An introvert I supposed. Cute though." Loki added, a soft smile unlike his usual suave grin on his face. Ah, Aries, a balm for my sore, sore heart.

"Then why's she being friends with you?"

"Must be my charms or something."

"Hah!" Lucy snorted.

That afternoon.

"Hey, Luce." Surprised, the writer looked up from her draft to find a certain salmon-haired boy staring at her.

"Uh, Natsu. Hi." Lucy looked back to her unwritten chapter. Why is he here? He's not doing something stupid like getting the two of them kicked out of the library again, is he?

"I was wondering if you wanna grab some ramen with me?" her head shot up in surprise, gaping at pink-haired Yankee.

"Wha?" Lucy coughed. "Umm, why should I?"

The boy suddenly grinned. "Because we haven't hang out for soo long, Luce!"

Lucy couldn't help but stared at the pink-haired idiot in front of her. "And whose fault do you think that was?"

"It's your fault, Luce!" Natsu whined, "You never come around to my house anymore. And you wouldn't even let me copy your homework."

Lucy froze, struggling to find the right words. "So, you're saying this is MY FAULT?" The blonde ignored the disapproved stares she was getting. "Unlike you Natsu, I DO respect people's privacy and know when I'm not needed. And don't YOU DARE SAY THIS IS MY FAULT." The girl slammed her book, gathered her stuffs and marched out of the library, her eyes stinging with tears.

"Huh?" Natsu stared confused, "What did I do this time?" he stomped away angrily, muttering about idiot blondes.

Unknown to the two ex-friends, Levy and Gazille had heard the entire conversation. Levy, after a soft peek on Gazille's cheek, quickly ran out to chase Lucy while Gazille speed-dials a number.

Perhaps it's time for them to stage an intervention.


Chapter 5: Friend's supports and confrontation.