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Chapter 5: Friend's supports and confrontation

Avoiding the heavy torrent of rain, Happy and Charle ran into a small café, the white haired beauty grumbled as she wrings water from her hair.

"Tell me again why I'm here again?" the French socialite complained as the blue haired boy led her toward a tableful of teens chattering. The white-haired girl wasted no time and sat beside her sister, who came with Lily while Happy grabs a chair from a neighboring table and sat between Erza and Gray.

"Order, order." Happy tapped the table with a plastic spoon, where the group merely laughed as Gray tossed shredded tissues at the blue haired boy. "Hey, seriously, we have a situation here."

Nodding at the waiter that was arrived with their drinks (and her strawberry cheesecake) Erza spoke, "I supposed everyone's aware about the Natsu/ Lucy problem?"

"You mean the part where things got really awkward when Lucy and flame-brain in the same room, or the part where Lucy moped a lot, or even when the pink idiot kept ignoring our call to hang out?" Gray murmured, "Oh, yea, we noticed."

"As what Gray had aptly put," Erza absentmindedly slapped Jellal's hand from her cake, "I think we should do something about it. Levy told me what happened in the library today, and frankly, I think it's time we have a talk with Natsu." People who knew about the library incident nodded while others were brought up to speed by their friends.

"Gray, you and the boys will be talking to Natsu, while we," Erza indicated herself, Juvia and Levy , "are going to spend the night with Lucy in hope we can get her out of her funk."

"Can't we come too?" Happy whined, "I haven't hang out with Luce for so long and her apartment has the best sound system ever."

Erza glared at the blue-haired boy, who suddenly decided that it was better just to go with Gray other than to argue with the red-headed demoness.

Natsu yelped as two people grabbed him out of nowhere and pushed him against the wall. "Oi, what's the big deal?!" the pink haired boy yelled. His heated glare turned into confused stare as he found he was surrounded by his male friends. "Hey guys, what's up?"

" You apparently." Gazille growled as he pulled out metal pipe out of his bag. "What?!" the senior yelled as everyone stared at him weirdly, "You people were the one said to beat him up!"

"No," Loki rubbed his forehead tiredly as others murmured around him, "We said we're going to talk to him, not lynch him."

"Teehee, sounds like the same thing to me."

"Gazille, how on earth did you never being caught by the police before?"

"I got rid of the body."

Someone muttered, " I don't think I want to know what he meant by that."

"Guys, focus. The Natsu problem, not the whole Gazille's a sneaky murderer problem."

"Anyway, we're here to talk you about Lucy. Not sure if you can understand that, pea-brain."

"What did you say, ice-pick?! What's wrong with Luce anyway? She's acting all weird lately."

Gray twitched, "And you guys call me dense. Can someone explain to him before I strangled someone?" he murmured.

"You see, Natsu, there are times where we can hurt a girl's heart, accidentally or not-"

"Goddamn it, Loki, Cliff notes, Cliff notes!"

"- basically you being ignoring Princess for some time now and then had the nerves to blame it on her, which is very wrong."

"But she's the one who wouldn't lend me her homework and go out with dinner with me. Should she be the one be talking with?"

Sound of palms meeting face resonated in the alley, as several boys face-palmed over the sheer stupidity Natsu was showing. Gajeel meanwhile, hefted the metal pipe again.

"Time we beat the shit out of him, gihi."

"Gajeel, no!"

"You know, you guys don't have to be here." Lucy said softly as Levy passed a bowl of rocky-road ice-cream whilst Erza and Lluvia tries to set up the Blu-ray player so they can watch some movie Cana (some chick-flick) bought. The girls (including Evergreen, big surprise there!) had appeared outside her doorstep and force their way in, saying something about having a girl night. "I'm fine, really." The blonde couldn't help but feeling touched of her friends sacrificing their Friday night just to spend some time with her rather than having fun with their significant other.

The petite girl snorted as she dig into a bowl of chocolate-chip and mint ice-cream, "Nonsense Lu-chan, we girls should stick together."

"Levy's right, Lucy." Erza sat beside the blonde, munching on some brownies. "You would have done the same thing for me, right?"

Evergreen snorted and murmured softly, "more like trying to calm her down after murdering Fernandez rather than consoling her."

Levy and Lluvia could only giggle at the idea of Erza chasing Fernandez all around town at the mere hint of infidelity from him.

Three movies and a sinkful of dirty plates, most of the girls fell asleep, leaving Lucy alone as she watched the final scene of Perks of being a Wallflower. Putting her comforter over Erza, (who sprawled on her couch) the doe-eyed girl eased her way out of the living room and to the balcony, dialing a number. The girl smiled when a bubbly voice answered the call.

"Lucy nee-san! Ohayou! How are you?"

"Konbanwa Michelle. I'm fine, thank you. So," Lucy forced herself to sound cheerful, "how's school? Being dating someone currently?"

"The classes are fine! My history professor was actually one of the students of Professor Seigrain and actually lends me his book on Chronology of Mildea. There are some exciting facts in them, supporting Will Neville's theory of Clockwork Magic. So, how are you, nee-san? Any progress with Natsu san?"

Lucy sighed, even her cousin was considered with the whole Natsu/Lucy problem.

"I-its ok, Michelle. I think it's time on give up on him." "Look, I have to go, I'll call you again next time, ok?"

"Ok," Lucy can hear her cousin sighed in defeat, "Good night Lucy nee-san."

Ending the call, Lucy looked up and absently traced the constellations with her eyes. Maybe it is time to take that advice.


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