I'm surprised there aren't more stories for this series. Here's just something I wrote on a whim just now. I haven't written in awhile but well, I just felt this. Reviews appreciated

He is very bright. Shining so bright that my eyes squint and my heart starts to squeeze tighter. That light attracts everyone around him, he's the center. How wonderfully bright.

My gaze will always fall on that person. When next to me, I found a mole on his left collarbone. In front of me, there's the bone on the back of his neck. Facing me and fixing his hair, I see his forehead. Is it embarrassing to notice such things on the person I respect so much?

I respect him well. I admire him so, that brightness. I always wish to learn more about him, to see more of that person. That person has given me many firsts; first I've never dreamed would come true. First that I've never felt …

There are many things I don't understand, so I will misunderstand and I will cause others to misunderstand. He didn't misunderstand, and let me make myself clear. That first was more than enough to fill my heart with happiness. There are many firsts that I can't explain, because I don't know the words to it.

There is much anxiousness over something I can't name. Excitement when learning something new. And simply the feeling of being happy, so very happy. What is normal to many people, makes be too happy to bear, because they're precious firsts. It is because he's so kind and bright, that all these first started.

There's another first, I think, this sadness. Sadness is not a first to me, nor is loneliness. But this kind kind…feels different.

She is bright. So pretty, kind, and friendly. Their brightness is beautiful and together, how much lovelier would it shine? I will root for them, to their happiness. I would do anything for my friends' happiness but somehow-

When I look up and see them, walking so lovely together-I can't. A sad feeling comes to me. It feels different than 'sad' but is there another word to call it? And when that bright person smiles, there's not just happiness but another kind of 'happy' and a different kind of 'sad'. Together they make this happy hurt, how confusing.

There are many first that person has given me. This new happy sad hurting first is just another. This is a first I do not understand, this is a first I do not want. That in itself is a first.