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"Ow, ow," Tsuna winced, trying to squirm away.

"Stay still," Hibari ordered. The brunet fearfully whimpered and did as ordered, but started fidgeting again when the jet-haired male moved.

Growling slightly, Hibari held the other boy down and completed his task quickly but efficiently. Letting go of his boss, the Cloud Guardian gathered the cotton swabs and threw them away, packing up the first-aid kit as well. Watching him work, Tsuna admired the way Hibari seemed to do everything so gracefully.

Finished with his task, the older teen turned around and raised an eyebrow at Tsuna. Caught staring, the petite youth blushed and hastily stammered, "U-uh, thank you Hibari-san."

His thanks were met with narrowed eyes and a disgusted snort from the skylark. "A clumsy herbivore like you is my boss," Hibari scoffed. Tsuna flushed, and opened his mouth to vehemently object.

He never got the chance to. The skylark pressed their lips together and slipped his tongue inside the vulnerable cavern, coaxing Tsuna to respond. When Hibari pulled away, the brunet's lips were glistening and half-lidded eyes stared back at him.

Smirking, Hibari commented, "Falling down and scraping your knees is an absolutely herbivorous trait. I suppose you need more training to cure that."

Tsuna's eyes immediately widened in horror. "N-no! I don't! Really!"

"Rest assured, my methods are... different from the infant's," pinning him against the sofa, Hibari huskily whispered into Tsuna's ear.

The Disciplinary Committee were under strict orders to keep the corridor leading to the Reception Room clear, and nobody understood why they heard suspicious noises from there. But when Tsuna turned up at school the next day, limping horribly, they figured out that it was probably Hibari-san dishing out punishment as usual. For the rest of that week, the student body steered clear of the menacing prefect and stayed on their best behaviour.