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The fox and the weasel!

The night was quiet as a small figure hid in between two trash cans. The small child was shivering, but not due to the cold weather but for something much more sinister, a group of men. As the group passed, the child had to clamp her sweaty palm over her mouth to limit her breathing so that the soft gasping sounds did not travel into the night.

She was trembling, she was so scared all alone in the night with a feeling of being hunted. This feeling however was nothing new as she was the villages personal jinjuriki, Naru. She was a short figure of only five years with roughly cut spiky blond hair, curtsey of the matron at her home, the orphanage. Her face was a round heart shape with hauntingly blue eyes. She seemed much to slight for a child her age but that was due to the care she was given, or rather a lack of it. Her current predicament was a result of her status, as the people of the village loved to cause her trouble.

Why tonight. Why did they have to come? I haven't done anything wrong. Why, WHY WONT THEY LEAVE ME ALONE!

The small child blinked her eyes hard to try rid herself of the accumulating tears. Usually she was left pretty much alone, ignored mostly. But tonight her small world had come crumbling in on her. After returning to the orphanage she found that they would no longer home her, or the exact turn of events...

Flash back...

The small blond child was navigating her way through the crows rushing to get home in time. She had spent the whole day near the school academy where she could watch all the kids there do amazing tricks. She was fascinated by them and wished with all her tiny heart that she could be that cool and graceful. They did flips and aerobatics, spins and jumps. Some also did things akin to magic tricks, creating doubles and moving to other places immediately. This is where she spent most of her time during the day, hidden up high in the tree over looking the training field.

She would get there super early, when she was kicked out, and sit up there and wait sometimes for hours before they started arriving. She would sit there all day so that no one would see her and find her hiding space, for she was sure that if they knew of it she would no longer be welcome. Not that she was anyway, but that was beside the point. It sometimes got uncomfortable and boring so occasionally she occupied herself by playing with the rope that was tied around the branch, attached to an old wooden swing.

On this particular day she was held up as one of the academy teachers, the one that had hair like a pineapple and a scar across his nose, stayed behind to talk to a student. She couldn't hear what was being said but it looked unimportant due to the bored looking face on the boy. He was one of the kids she liked to watch most because of his grace .She also felt sympathetic for him as she could tell the other children seemed to avoid him, something she undrestood.

However she knew that she had to leave soon, the matron had said that they had to be there before five, or else she would leave them to sleep on the streets for the night. Naru knew she meant what she said due to many nights spent on the cold concrete. It wasn't pleasant to say the least, but for some reason she was the only one this rule applied too, everyone else only got a warning. So for that reason she decided she should take the risk and try to leave quietly.

Sneaking down a tree quietly was very hard she found out when one had dead legs, and froze with a start when she caused a big branch to fall making a large noise against the ground. Glancing wearily to the duo she locked eyes with the black haired boy, he looked at her curiously, wondering how he didn't hear her go up in the tree earlier. Studying her wide eyes he assumed that she didn't want to be caught.

Narus eyes left the boys and turned to the teacher who was starting to turn around to see what caught the attention of his top student. His progression was stopped by the pressure on his shirt.

"I understand sensi Iruka, it will be done to the best of my abilities."

Iruka soon lost intrest in turning around and focused once more on his student.

"That is all I ask Itatchi, well done in class today. You put everyone else to shame As usual, keep up the good work. Have a good night now and see you tomorrow."

" thank you sensi."

Once itachi was sure Iruka was on his way he returned his focus once more to the child still clung to the tree shooting him a thankful glance. Curious he started to walk over only to stop short as the girl quickly shouted a thank-you and dashed off into the rush hour crowds, her small figure being eaten up in the multitude of people.

She is different. I like her voice... were his only thoughts as he turned around to return home.

He is pretty thought Naru as she slowly ambled her way through the crowd, lost in her daydreaming. That was until she caught sight of the time in the window of a shop.

CRAP! I'm soooo late... it was already five past and she new what waited for her on her return.

The matron, a stern older woman with greying hair and a beak like nose, stood in the entrance way to her dwelling, tapping her foot on the step. She was waiting for the piece of slime she housed to turn up. She had some wonderful news for it. She looked impatiently at her watch narrowing her eyes in disgust. It was late. She looked up then to see a blur race around the corner of a building to come to a stop right in front of her.

"I'm sorry, really I am. I didn't mean to be late, honest! I ran all the way here, please let me in..." little naru begged looking up towards the tall lady that towered over her. She was really scary and some times hurt her if she tried to make friends or eat something with the others. She said that she didn't have the right to socalize with them as she was responsible for them being here. Not that Naru had any idea what she meant. She even broke her arm once when she tried to get an extra blanket during the winter. When the old man in the white robes came to check up on her sometimes saw it, the lady said she fell over. Naru was too scared to say otherwise.

Her Eyes were currently glazed over in an attempt to not cry, the lady hated it when she cried, her face was also a bright red from her running. She looked up pleasantly surprised to find a pleased look on her face.

"HA! You want me to let you in you disgusting thing, I cant even bare the sight of you." Naru was loosing her battle at keeping her tears back. Some spilling down her cheeks.

" Now leave and don't ever come back. I don't ever want to see your face again." she sneered.

"why... IM SORRY! Please, please don't leave me out there! I'm sorry! I'm scared and its cold!"

"Like I care you monster! GO NOW!" At this point they were attracting stares but no one came to help her.

"But I have no where else to g..."

" I SAID LEAVE!" the matrons eyes flared as she struck Naru's soft cheek, causing her to stumble to the ground. People were gathering around her now, not making a noise or helping. Just glaring at her and observing. Naru's eyes darted around feeling closed in. her eyes as wide as they could go freely flowing with tears.

"wh what abo about my things? Can I have them please." asked Naru politely, resigned to the fact of leaving.


the crowd around her started laughing as the matron looked pleased at the reception she had.

" no, of course not. Everything you once owned belonged to me. I'm sure an animal like you can make do with scavenging. Like a rat, HAHAH!" Naru was standing there in a stupor. She now officially had nothing. Not that she had much in the first place. She then noticed the matron returning inside slamming the door behind her. Looking around she saw the crowd leering at her and closing in. Doing the only thing that came natural, she ran, pushing past the crowd as some tried to grab her. One even grabbed her hand in a tight grip. Panicking and wishing desperately to just get out of there, she bit the hand till it released her. Wiping the blood off her mouth she continued to run, away from the crowd till their noise became just a soft buzzing noise. Breathing heavily she rushed into an alleyway and threw herself in between two dirty, overflowing rubbish bins. Too hysterical to smell the filth, she grabbed a close by newspaper and threw it over herself as a form of cover. She settled down and tried to focus on calming her breathing, her mind still going haywire trying to process what had just occurred.

She sat there dazed for hours scared and uncertain of what to do. She was all alone and homeless.

It was soon getting dark and with it the temperature started to decline. She grabbed the newspaper tight to her chest and suddenly froze. Everything seemed so much scarier at night and for a five year old child, the sound of many foot steps headed for her direction was ominous indeed.

End Flashback!