The fox and the weasel!

Chapter 15

The two companions didn't get much sleep that night, there was too much to think about and to plan for the evenings events. Somehow they had to fake Naru's death and murder the whole compound. It wasn't going to be easy by any means.

Most of the day was spent inside her apartment, going over strategies, arranging the weapons they would take and who their individual targets were. Itachi had chosen to end the lives of his own parents, no matter what Naru tried to do to convince him otherwise.

It was well into the night when they first started to get nervous, having put off the feeling throughout the day by idle chatter. The atmosphere was tense and talking had stopped.

"i'm going to miss you." Said Naru, strapping her blade on her back, not looking at him. It was a gift from Tachi when she gained entry into the Anbu. It was completely black, even the blade. The only different colour that could be found on was located on the hilt. It was a dark grey pattern of intricate vines, barely indistinguishable from the black background. Itachi thought it to be the perfect weapon for her as it was stealthy and slender so she could easily wield it. Though it was longer then the average blade, it was much thinner and lighter to accommodate the petite figure and flexible movements. Ever since then, Naru never went on a mission without it.

Itachi was also securing his blade to his back. It was shorter then Naru's, but just as deadly. Itachi looked at his companion sadly as she moved around the room with complete ease. Most found his company rather intimidating or boring. They had spent a large portion of their lives together, ever since he picked up her broken form at the hands of ignorant villagers. Parting from her was going to break him and he was sure, her too. But they would have to succeed and he would have to leave, there was no other option. It was the order given by the hokage of the village he served so he could not disobey it. No matter how much he wanted to.

"I know." was all he said and Naru stopped moving around and walked over to him where he stood stationary. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she leaned her head on his chest and sighed deeply. She was so short he thought off handedly, barely reaching his chin.

"we can still keep in contact though." he reasoned causing her to huff.

"It's not the same though, I wont be able to see you, feel you. Its not the same as being with you." He laughed lightly at her pouting.

"I know darlin'. But our summons are the only possibility we have of keeping in contact. There's no way you could just sneak out of the village whenever you want."

She glared at him sourly.

"I cant even use mine Tachi. If people see a couple of my foxes running around they will know I didn't die as Kyoko." Itachi sighed.

"Well if you didn't flaunt them off so much perhaps you could have. We will just have to rely on my ravens, not many would be suspicious of a bird."

"shut up." said Naru annoyed at his taunting.

"But I suppose some contact is better then none." she agreed. There was another silent pause.

"are you ready?" asked Naru quietly. Itachi stiffened in her hold.

"not in the least." he said and she looked at him with solid determination.

"Lets go then. Remember, if you run into any trouble to call me." he nodded.

"likewise." and with that they released their grip on one another to grab the last of their gear. Not a moment later, they were shooting out the door for the last time. It saddened Naru to leave but there was no way she could come back to the place after the nights events had occurred. She would have to reside in her Uzumaki apartment and once again become Naruto permanently.

The horror.

He gazed blankly at the body that slid off his sword. It was an elder woman who had previously lived down the road from himself. He knew her in life though, she along with her husband who lived behind a mask of deception. On the outside they were peaceful elders who had greeted him every morning with a cheerful wave, but underneath they were one of the main conspirators of the take over. He watched as her eyes glazed over and her frail body slumped to the floor, she gripped her heart that had been punctured in pain. She looked at him desperately as if asking him why, why he would betray them. He was almost sick.

With this last couple, her husband already dead, he was almost done. Only his parents remained. He flicked out his sword to rid it of the blood that coated it then sheathed it, moving on to his own home. The house was dark as he entered it carefully, his red eyes glowing in the dark like a beacon signalling danger. He moved to his fathers study where both his mother and father sat. Without thinking he moved behind his mother and slid his cool blade against her neck without hesitation.

The skin parted so easily and blood came bursting out, covering his own fingers. Mikoto didn't even make a noise as she slumped over, blood quickly creating a pool around her form. It happened so fast that Fugaku didn't even have a chance to move before his wife had died at the hands of his son.

Itachi looked at her dead form passively, he wouldn't think about any of this yet for if he did he would fail his mission. And he couldn't fail for the sake of his brother. There was one more person and then he was done. And that person was sat in front of him, a look of horror and shock covering his face.

"A ninja shouldn't show emotion, Father." Itachi said the last part scathingly, as if mocking the word. Fugaku was about to respond, anger colouring his face a shade of purple, when Itachi interrupted.

"At least That's what you always told me." He continued blandly. His father couldn't even form a response he noted dully. He was sputtering staring at his wife's form. As the man bent over her body crying into her chest, Itachi slid his sword across the neck of his own father.


He thought silently, his duty done. He once more cleaned his blade of blood before sheathing it, bowing his head in grief as he did so.


Itachi whirled around to see the face of his younger brother standing in the door way, eyes the size of baseballs.

SHIT! No, no, no, no, no! He wasn't supposed to be here.

Itachi thought frantically, his heart beating ferociously at the thought of how his brother must see him. Stained in the blood of his own family.

His face however remained impassive.

"Little brother." he greeted calmly whilst on the inside he was almost ready to fall apart.

Sasuke stared at his brothers form in horror. He was drenched in blood with the bodies of his parents behind him, hugging one another. It didn't take much to figure out what had happened.

"Brother why!" he said bawling. He had to raise his arms to wipe away the tears and mucus away from his face. He felt scared, in fact he was terrified of the man in front of him. It wasn't his brother, it couldn't be. Itachi would never do this, he wouldn't stare at him so coldly. Itachi stared at him with apathy, While on the inside the teenager was panicking. Sasuke wasn't supposed to be here, not tonight, not to see this. He didn't know how to respond to him, he couldn't tell him the truth.

"I wanted to test myself." he said, watching his brother gasp.

"No but... everyone, everyone is..." said Sasuke disbelievingly.

"Dead?" finished Itachi, watching as his brother shivered at the picture he made. He was like a demon, blood splattering his pale features and crimson eyes glowing in the dark.

"No, I don't believe you." said Sasuke looking at the ground, the shadows shading his eyes from view.

"Mother and father were the last little brother." Informed Itachi, inwardly crying as he watched his brothers tears stain the wooden boards of the floor.

"I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" he shouted staring his brother in the eye, gasping at the new shape of it. Itachi was falling apart, he couldn't handle this, he was lost. He needed to get rid of the blood, though it would permanently stain his hands red.

With guilt ridden thoughts he turned his gaze upon Sasuke, the shuriken shape spinning as Sasuke's world turned red and black. Moments later the small boy was screaming in agony making Itachi cringe. Seeing the Massacre of his clan again and again, seeing his own brother murder his parents. He was left a quivering mess on the floor, drool leaking out his mouth, his eyes flickering as he chanted one word.

"No, no, no, no, no." Itachi stared at his brother in self hatred.

"Hate me." he said softly and his brother met his gaze with red and puffy eyes.

"Despise me and get stronger." Sasuke glared at his brothers form with such venom it could have been deadly. His brothers emotionless face was the last thing he saw before he felt something hard collide with the back of his neck, shrouding his world in darkness.

Naru Stared at Sasuke's small form after she had knocked him out. She had arrived on the scene to see Itachi use his mangekyo sharingan on the poor boy. She only needed to look at Itachi to know he was suffering, he hadn't even registered her presence yet.

Stepping around the boys small from she reached up to grab Itachi's forearm, he didn't look at her but kept staring at Sasuke.

"We need to get out of here, now." She said, recieving no answer.

She sighed before they left the scene behind in a swirl of leaves, instantly reappearing in her Uzumaki residence. She released her grip on him and he slumped to the ground, his hair all over the place due to his lost tie. He was on his hands and knees gasping for air as his body shook. Naru knelt next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder to try and comfort him. She lifted his hair out of his face as he retched on the floor.

"Shhhh, Tachi. It's done." Was all she said and he started sobbing harder. Naru felt the tell tale signs of tears emerge from her eyes, it broke her to see him defeated like this.

"What have I done." he gasped, having trouble talking due to his loss of breath.

"We itachi. What have we done. it was me too remember. i killed them too" she replied, lifting up his chin to look in his eyes. Once more the colour of coal. He stared into her glossy blue eyes and felt tired.

"Come on, lets get out of these clothes. Their filthy." she said solemnly gesturing at their bloody garments. When Tachi didn't move, she pulled him up to his feet and towards her small dirty bathroom. She sat him on top of the toilet seat as she removed his amour and shirts, throwing them on the floor in a corner. He didn't comment nor raise his glance from floor level. She then removed his pants and weapon holsters, not really caring about the amount of skin on show. To be honest she was too tried, this mission had taken it out of her, emotionally. She was killing her only family too, even if she had only known them for five years, they had welcomed her in gladly.

She left Itachi in his boxers as she also stripped down to her underwear. She lifted Itachi once more and made her way into the tight cubicle. She hugged him round his small waist as the hot water soothed her muscles. She felt him lean on her and start shaking.

"he wasn't supposed to be there Naru, I messed up. I had to convince him it was all for power, I showed him what I did. All the blood! He is going to hate me Naru!" he said. Screwing his eyes up. She made shushing noises to comfort him.

"No Tachi, you did good. We completed our mission, we did it." he didn't reply for a while.

"I'm scared Naru." he whispered, pulling her closer to him.

"I am to, let me leave with you." she pleaded, already knowing the answer.

"No, promise me you will stay. Promise me you will protect Sasuke." he said gravely looking her in the eye with desperation. She could do nothing but nod her head, hating him looking so defeated.

"Anything for you Tachi, I love you, and Sasuke is like my own little brother so I have to look out for him anyway." he nodded his head.

"I love you." he said suddenly and she gave him a small smile. He didn't return it but stared at her desperately, a look of determination on his features. He leaned down, one hand tilting her chin upwards and the other winding round her waist. He looked at her before slowly lowering his mouth to connect with hers. Naru's eyes fluttered shut and opened her mouth as Itachi's tongue traced her lips, inviting him in. They kissed deeply before Itachi released her, resting his forehead against hers and sighing.

"Please be with me, just for tonight darlin. I need you." was all he said, his eyes closed.

"I am yours Tachi, just as you are mine. I will do anything for you." she said turning round to turn the tap off. They both stood there awkwardly after that, the water glistening on their bodies.

"The bedroom?" Asked Itachi, Lifting a hand behind his head in a nervous gesture. Naru nodded, her long dyed black hair dripping water over the floor.

They spent there last night together completely, giving their bodies to one another as they worked out all their frustrations and grief. Once their exertions were done, they simply clung to one another, afraid to let go.

When morning arrived, neither talked as Itachi grabbed a small backpack that was previously prepared. Naru stood in the door way to her room clad only in her bed sheet staring at him forlornly. His saddened gaze met hers and they stared at each other, silently communicating their feelings of loss. When Itachi saw a tear spill down her cheek he engulfed her in a tight hug, kissing her on the forehead. He left abruptly after that and Naru stared at the space where he once stood, Tears pouring down her face as she sobbed brokenly.

Tachi, why did you have to go. I am all alone again. I hate being alone...

A month had passed Since the eradication of the once famous Uchiha clan. It had been a huge shock to the village that one of their own, the famous prodigy, Itachi Uchiha had slaughtered them all single handedly. All for the sake of power and testing himself.

It was a huge hit to those in the Anbu and those in the shinobi ranks who knew him. They Had in one night, lost two of their most talented and respected members. The sharingan duo. Kyoko and Itachi Uchiha.

Kakashi, A former member of the Anbu was sat against the memorial statue in the sun. He often came to the place to mourn those who he had considered precious and who had died. There was one topic in particular on his mind.

I don't get him.

Kakashi prided himself on his observant nature, being much more perceptive then most gave him credit for.

It doesn't make sense, why would he do that, for power? It doesn't add up with his personality. From what I could tell the was a passive man, he never killed if it wasn't necessary.

He thought frowning. Something about the whole incident didn't add up to him. He had spent plenty of time with Itachi and Kyoko when they first entered the unit, a mentor of sorts. Even though they didn't show it, he could tell they were close, very close. The way they would glance at one another when they thought they were alone, or the way they seemed to move together like one being.

How could he kill her of all people.

He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He always seemed to get to this point, thinking of her, Kyoko. Though she was young and fairly distant, he had held a soft spot for her. She had even started to open up to him a bit and he found that she wasn't a boring emotionless robot like many thought. She was funny, strong and good company. Not to mention she was hot, yes he liked her more then he should have. Every now and then he would watch her, not in a creepy stalkerish way he assured himself, only to be given a death glare by her companion. Even though he was unsure about the events and Itachi's reasoning, one thing was for sure.

I wont forgive you Itachi.

Naru sat in the chair, laying her head against the desk. It had been a month since Itachi had left and the massacre had occurred, things were slowly turning back to normal. She glanced around the room solemnly and sighed, they were all so innocent, still kids. Even thought she was the same age as them, she was different. Her body was mature, and she had experiences the kids in the classroom would only see in their worst nightmares.

The class was especially lively today due to the sudden reappearance of the Uchiha survivor. Ever since the massacre he had disappeared, no one knew where he went. He seemed to have vanished. She eyed the boy that was so precious to her lover. His hair was dull and his skin pale. He had huge bags under his eyes from lack of sleep and seemed to ignore the world around him. The major difference however was in his eyes, the innocence she once knew, was gone. Replaced by a burning hatred for his brother, the last thought made her sigh sadly.

She continued to watch him as two of his most obsessed fan girls started fighting over him, feeling sorry for him. She decided it was time for her to act her part, that of the loud boorish idiot. She had only had the seal on her wrist activated for one month, but it hurt and made her movements sloppy and ungraceful. Like her body was squeezed into a small box. It helped with her act though, no matter how much she hated it. She had to be weak, the village wouldn't fear her if she appeared weak.

"Sakura channnnnn! Why fight over that moody teme when you can have me!" she shouted loudly, distracting the pinkettes attention away from the last known loyal Uchiha. Said Uchiha looked relieved and was shocked when Naru nodded as if understanding. The boy blinked his eyes and when he opened them again Naru's attention was once again focused on sakura.

Must have been a trick of the light, idiot loves sakura anyway.

However the boy was still a little troubled. Something wasn't quite right about Naruto Uzumaki.