The fox and the weasel!

Chapter 16

Two years. It had been two years since she had been left alone. Ever since her Tachi had gone her life seemed to take a turn for the worse. The villagers wouldn't relent, abusing her with their words and occasionally their actions. She couldn't even defend herself, she had to sit their and take whatever they threw at her or suffer the consequences.

Her living quarters were now a shambles from previous break ins, she no longer had hot water and the landlord refused to fix it. Despite all her suffering she did not stop, nor did she give up. She still played the part she had created of the happy go lucky fool and no one even suspected a thing. She had suffered through the years but her whole class and the teachers thought nothing more of her then a useless nuisance, a pest. It was here that she found herself now, standing in front of the class.

"Now because of you Naruto, surprise test. Henge jutsu." the class groaned at her as Iruka let go of her collar and told her to stand in line.

"Why do we always have to pay for your mistakes." said Ino in a snotty tone, not noticing Naru's dead look. No one ever did. Every now and then she couldn't find the will power to do it, to continue with her mask. It was infuriatingly difficult, she was a genius, a prodigy. She was in the Anbu for gods sake yet she had to suffer through the classes ridicule and act like a fool. Sometimes she would slip and space out, her true feelings and loneliness on display. Or she would be quiet or say something intelligent and she would compensate by being extra obnoxious or annoying. No one ever gave it a second thought after that.

The rest of the class was grumbling standing in a line, but one boy was still sat in his desk, seemingly asleep. He had brown bushy hair tied up in a pineapple style ponytail and a lazy easy going nature. He watched the scene in interest. Naruto always managed to confuse him, one moment he would think to have figured him out then he would do something out of character. What surprised the boy most was at how little he knew about the small blond, he doubted any one knew much about him despite how loud he was. Occasionally he would see the blond just freeze in the middle of doing something, a dead look come into his eyes. He didn't know what to make of it. Being an intelligent child, despite what others thought, he knew that others hated him, thought he knew not the reason. This led Shikamaru to the conclusion that Naruto was much more then he let anyone know.

He noticed the look had once again returned to his eyes and watched as the blue orbs flickered the the Uchiha with interest.

Naruto, just what do you think about. Who are you?

"SHIKAMARU!" yelled an irate Iruka, breaking up the young boys thoughts.

"Stop sleeping and get down here this instant." he continued as the class snickered, he sighed. Naruto was laughing the loudest, the previous expression wiped from his face, a large fake looking grin replacing it.

"Troublesome." He sighed.

Naru shot up suddenly, eyes wide and panting hard as sweat pooled down her face. She looked over to the clock on her bedside, trying to catch her breath.

"Oh for the love of god." she sighed, noting her late wake up call, she would be late for class. Still, even with the sleep in, she didn't get more then a few hours sleep, her past plaguing her dreams.

She shoved the holey blanket off herself and padded to the bathroom to prepare for the day, She was getting put on a team. Having just passed the exam, she graduated bottom of the class, all according to her plans. With Sasuke as the top student she was sure to be placed on a team with him.

When she reached the cracked mirror she sighed sadly, reaching up to brush her scarred cheeks. Her dream had been particularly brutal, a retelling of the night she got the scars. Not pleasant at all. She missed having her mask on to cover them, but it couldn't be helped.

She reached into the cupboard and grabbed a roll of bandages, throwing her top on the floor as she wound the material around her bust to flatten the slight bumps. Next she grabbed a smaller roll and wound it round her left arm, the leaf insignia from her Anbu days being covered. She grabbed a pair of wrist bands and secured them to her wrists, covering the seal located there.

In only her undies and the bandages she turned around to look at the small fan located on her hip and her eyes furrowed in displeasure.

I'm like a friggen painted lady.

She thought, thinking of how if any of said markings were to be revealed, her secrets would be found out.

The fan, She was an Uchiha.

Leaf tattoo, she was an Anbu agent.

The seal on her wrist, She was older then she looked.

The seal on her stomach, she was the Jinjuriki.

And lastly the bindings on her bust preventing anyone from finding out her true gender. It was a long list to say the least and it infuriated her that the marks couldn't be hidden by any other means then physical barriers.

She pulled a fresh tee shirt on and then her jacket. She was happy that it was so big and baggy, no one could see how skinny and slim she was. Finally dressed she looked at the mirror again, taking a look at her appearance.

I look ridiculous.

She sighed sadly, tugging on her short hair that was spiked up in all directions like a mop. She missed her long flowing locks, not that she was vain, she just liked the look and the feeling of her fingers running through them, like Tachi's. The colour also irritated her to no end, it always had. Itachi had always laughed at her whenever she had to re-dye it, saying the colour was lovely. She just scoffed at him saying how her blond hair would look when it was stained red with her blood from not being able to disguise herself. He shut up after that.

Taking a last look of the clownish figure in the mirror she headed back into her bedroom, grabbing her headband. She went to place it round her arm in its usual spot, but froze.

No, not there.

Instead she removed the green goggles atop her head and replaced it with the her headband.

"Tch." she said with a frown taking a last look at herself before slamming the door shut. A forced grin appeared on her face as she walked to the academy, possibly for the last time.

Naru entered the room grinning. Spying the free desk next to Sasuke she plopped down. Ignoring all the comments and whispering by the other students of how she managed to pass.

Tch, stupid immature jerks.

"Hey Sasuke teme!" she yelled, enjoying the boys flinch at the loud noise.

Said boy didn't even glance at her.

"Hn." Their non-existent conversation was cut short by the sound of stampeding. Naru looked to the door and almost let out a groan of displeasure at the arrival of the harpies.

"I win Ino pig!" yelled Sakura. Ino glared at her highly affronted.

"Like hell you did, I clearly beat you, my toe crossed the line first." the two continued for what seemed like forever before pushing their way over to Sasuke's desk, and consequently closer to Naru herself. Naru was inwardly crying.

"SAKURA-CHANNNNN!" she yelled, the pinkettes gaze turning from love struck to annoyance.

"Naruto, get out of the way, I wanna sit next to Sasuke kun!" she yelled.

"Why would you wanna sit next to him." Naru huffed. Jumping on the table to get a closer look at the boy in question. Sasuke glared at the blonds face in front of him, chin resting on his folded hands.

"What's so special bout this guy" she asked turning back to the girls who were gaping in shock.

"Dobe." Said Sasuke, glaring. Suddenly Naru was pushed forward and her lips made contact with a wide eyed Sasuke's. There was silence before the girls surrounding the pair started screaming, something about a first kiss.

Sasuke quickly pushed her off of him glaring and beet red.

"What the fuck dobe..." he said trailing off at the look in Naru's eyes. She was staring at Sasuke, but seeing someone else completely.


She thought solemnly.

I miss you. Why did I have to stay here? I hate it.

She of course knew the reason and he was sat in front of her, still blushing and looking at her some what strangely. She smiled softly before she was grabbed off the table and sent sprawling down the stairs. Sighing now all attention was off of her she walked to the closest empty seat and sat down, resting her head in the arms.

"What's wrong." asked a sleepy voice next to her. Head still resting in her arms she turned to see the lazy Nara looking at her, mimicking her pose.

"Nothing." she said softly. not bothering with the loud hyperactive tone, she was tired and the close up encounter with her Tachi's brother reminded her of how alone she was. She was relieved when the Nara didn't comment on her lack of enthusiasm, regarding her with sleep lidded eyes.

"you look sad." was all he said and Shikamaru's eyes widened at the softness off her smile, nothing like the normal ones she showed everyone.

"Sasuke just reminded me of someone, someone who is gone now." she said and a look of understanding came over the Nara's face.

"You knew the Uchiha?" he asked knowing that Naruto would understand. She laughed lightly at his intelligence.

"You could say that." she replied, further piquing Shikamaru's interest. He stared at her face noting how it seemed to be very defined and angular, almost feminine. How had he not noticed it before, it was plain as day to him now that he actually was looking at the boy. Maybe he just didn't give the blond any thought, like everyone else. They didn't pay any attention to him so he was just there, a part of the scenery. No matter the pranks that were pulled, or how loud he was no one so much as gave him a backwards glance. The new information caused Shikamaru to frown, it was a horrible thought.

"You are troublesome." He said closing his eyes. Naru laughed at him.

"you have no idea." she said and he looked at her wearily, still not bothering to lift up his head. For some reason, Naru liked Shikamaru, she seemed to let down her guard around him and he didn't question it. She could tell he was extremely intelligent and was itching to challenge him to a game of shogi. But that would be too out of character, sighing she turned from his piercing gaze to the door.

"Hey Shika, might want to get up now. Teach is coming." She said trying to distract him from looking to closely at her, she could feel Iruka's chakra signature. It worked as said boy faced the door one eyebrow arched. She didn't see the very rare shocked look appear on his face as the teacher opened the door to walk in.

How did you know that?

"What the fuck dobe..." Sasuke yelled pushing Naruto off of him and gagging to the side. He turned to glare at Naruto but was surprised to see large blue eyes staring at him intently. They seemed a much darker and clearer blue then he imagined and were filled with loneliness. He could tell because they were the same eyes he saw in the mirror every night. He was slightly weirded out by the intense emotions, they didn't look right on the constantly happy boys face. Sasuke felt as if the blond was staring right through him, his eyes glazed over and the face seemed much older.

What the hell...

Suddenly the blond blinked and seemed to focus on Sasuke again, smiling softly. That just freaked him out more, Naruto suddenly looked more girlish. That's the only way he could describe it.

But those eyes, they look familiar.

He thought before sighing. Next thing he knew Naruto was scrambled out on the floor at the front of the classroom and he was surrounded by screaming fan girls.

I hope to god I don't get fan girls on my team.

He thought pouting cutely on the inside.

"Ok class, settle down now." Said Iruka entering the room. He stared at the strange scene in front of him. Shikamaru, who was usually asleep, was staring at him in shock. Naruto for once was and sitting down quietly and most strangely of all he could have sworn he saw a cute pout on the ever stoic Uchiha's face.


He thought unsurely, continuing to the centre of the room. Everyone was sitting quietly in anticipation as Iruka started to list names of the first teams along with their sensei . Finally he reached Team seven's.

"team seven. Naruto Uzumaki." at this Naru perked up.

" Haruno Sakura." Sakura frowned banging her head on the desk while Ino laughed.

"YAY! TRUE LOVE PREVAILS!" yelled Naru jumping up waving her hands around in the air dramatically. Sakura started banging her head on the desk harder.

Naru sat back down heavily sighing. Shikamaru looked at her with a questioning glance.

"What?" she asked pouting, sticking out her bottom lip.

"What's with that reaction?" he continued.

"which one?" she asked smiling cheekily and he snorted.


"And their final member." continued Iruka unperturbed.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

Sakura shrieked excitedly.

"Hhahahah! Suck that Ino pig! True love prevails." While Ino grumbled Sasuke's face didn't change, inside however his world had just fallen apart.


And to everyone's shock Naru didn't even make a response.

Shikamaru looked at her suspiciously before his eyes widened in surprise at the small smirk on her face. Naruto knew this would happen, he expected it and maybe even planned it from the start. For some reason the blond had a connection with the Uchiha and was much more intelligent then he let on, it was a scary thought. The boy would have to be incredibly smart to fool a village full of ninja. Shika had a new found respect for Naruto.

"Your team sensei is Hatake Kakashi." Naru let out a loud groan.

WHY Him! He's a chronically late pervert. And one of the most observant people I know. This sucks. And I think he had a crush on me.!

The class turned to Naruto in shock and Iruka sputtered.

"You know him Naruto?" he asked and Naru freaked out before putting her acting skills to the test. Placing her hand behind her head in a nervous gesture she laughed.

"Nah, hahaha. He just sounds like a pervert." she grinned causing the class to groan and Iruka to turn red.

You don't know just how right you are... Thought the timid teacher.

Shikamaru turned to Naru.

"Liar." he said. Naru looked at him cheekily.

"No he really is a pervert." she said calmly. He looked confused for a bit. But she said that she didn't know him?

"But then why did you... You know what. Never mind." The lazy Nara finished. Naru smiled.

"I win." Shikamaru let out a small smile.

"you know Naruto, you are nothing like I imagined." he looked at her seriously.

"Why do you act like you do?" he asked, surprised at the solemn expression that crossed the blonds face.

"It is necessary." he frowned at her.

"I don't understand." she smiled at him sadly.

"you weren't supposed to Shika. I am already to relaxed around you." He stared at her deeply.


"THIS SUCKS! I get fatty and lazy bones. Where's the justice!" wailed Ino suddenly. Shikamaru looked to the source of the noise and felt a small hand clap him on the back.

"Hard luck Shika." Naru said smiling at him, not looking the least bit sorry.

"What a drag." was his response as he once more slumped down on his desk.

Time passed till only team seven were left waiting in the room, Iruka also having fled the room claiming he had work to do and couldn't hang around. Naru sat at the table rythmiaclly tapping the desk with her fingers, it was the only sound in the quiet room. It was amusing for her to see the look of irritation on the Uchiha's face. Every now and then his eye would twitch, she was just waiting for him to break.

She started tapping faster, but then a hand slammed on the desk in front of her, she looked up sheepishly into the eyes of one Sakura Haruno.

"Could you at least try not to be so annoying Naruto?" she asked glaring at him, wishing for her message to sink in.

"But I'm booorrrreeeddd Sakura chan!" she wailed, being loud and childish. Sasuke looked over to them with a glare.

"Tch." was all he said to have Sakura swooning with a blushed face.

Sooooo cool!

"Why cant you be more like Sasuke." she huffed, folding her arms across her chest and sitting down next to Sasuke.

Naru didn't answer as she sensed a familiar chakra signature make its way down the hallway.

Sighing to herself, she forced her legs to move over to the door. Grabbing a chalk duster she skillfully placed it above the door, waiting for her unsuspecting victim to walk through it.

"What are you doing Naruto!" shrieked Sakura, tone laced with disapproval.

Shut up stupid pinkette.

Naru thought inwardly while on the outside was grinning mischievously.

"Come on Sakura chan! It'll be funny." Sasuke looked at Naru with an unamused face.

"He's a jonin, I doubt he will fall for it." No sooner then the words were out of his mouth before a silver haired man walked in the door and there was a cloud of dust in the room.

He fell for it?

Were Sasuke's and Sakura's thoughts, for once thinking the same thing.

Naru pouted.

He knew it was there, stupid Kashi.

"First impressions, your all idiots. Meet me on the roof." Sasuke and Sakura glared at Naru who shrugged it off, she got worse looks then that daily.

Once assembled on the roof, Naru got her first proper look at Kakashi for the first time in two years. He hadn't changed at all. His hair was still an unruly mop defying gravity. His mask covered the bottom half of his face, much like hers had, and his headband was tilted to the side to cover one eye. Even though so much of him was covered it was easy to see he was attractive, but he didn't hold a candle to her Tachi were her thoughts. He was a nice guy all in all and she felt sorry for lying to him and let him think she were dead but it couldn't be helped.

"Well lets all introduce ourselves." he said, his eye seeming to smile.

"what do you mean sensei?" asked Sakura. Naru snorted to herself, and this was the smarted kunoichi in the class, pitiful?
"What do you think he means, its pretty obvious." she said quietly under her breath. Obviously not quiet enough as Sasuke shot her a strange look.


"Why don't you go first!" shouted Naru, cursing to herself, causing Kakashi to look at her wearily.

"Well, I am Hatake Kakashi, my likes... my dislikes... my hobbies? You aren't old enough to know and my dreams for the future, well I haven't really thought about it." he concluded smiling. Everyone else sweat dropped.

"He didn't say anything other then his name." said Sakura.

Smart. don't give any personal details to someone who is a potential enemy.

Naru surmised.

"You next pinky." Sakura huffed at at the nickname but continued regardless.

"Well I like..." she blushed and looked over to Sasuke. "My hobbies.." again she looked over to Sasuke. "My dreams for the future..." this time she squealed and giggled a bit.

"And what do you hate?" asked Kakashi, a little worried about the girls mental health.

"Naruto." she said in a flat tone, Kakashi eyed the blond boy at the girls response. He was still grinning and looked as if he didn't care.

Sigh, is this team even going to work?

The man thought to himself. As far as he could tell there was a fan girl, and idiot and an avenger. Not the best combination.

"Okay, you next blondie."

Naru internally grimaced,really missing her black hair. She thought carefully before answering. Best not to give away any information.

"I like ramen, I don't like how long it takes to cook. My hobbies are to try different types of ramen. And my dream is..." She paused, a frown marring her face. Kakashi was looking at her suspiciously, she didn't really give away any important information. Did the blond do that intentionally or did he just really like ramen?

"My dream is to protect someone." Naru finished. Sakura scoffed.

"Who the hell do you have to protect idiot, aren't you an orphan?" she asked cluelessly. Naru's eyes darkened as she got lost in the past thinking bout Tachi.

I hate that girl...

She thought darkly. Kakashi looked at Naruto in concern, his file said that the boy should have responded to a taunt like that but he just sat there, seemingly lost in thought.

His glance turned to Sakura, a disapproving look in his one visible eye.

"Sak..." he started but was interrupted.

"Shut up." Sasuke growled, glaring at the pinkette. She looked taken aback and was almost crying.

"You have no idea what it's like to be alone. Your annoying." He said and Sakura blushed, not looking at anyone. There was an awkward silence.

"Well, you next Sasuke." said the silver haired man.

"I like nothing, hate nothing and my dream for the future, no my ambition, is to kill a certain someone." he finished solemnly. Sakura, seemingly getting over Sasuke's harsh words, started swooning again at his cool and mysterious aura.

Naru frowned displeased.

As if I would ever let that happen.

Kakashi looked over his new students, he wasn't sure what to think or if they would even make it as a team. But that was for the future to decide.

"Well, before we go on I suppose there is something I need to tell you guys." the three teens looked at his grinning face wearily.

"You are not gennin yet." he said revelling in the outraged faces of his little charges. "But Kakashi sensei!" all three yelled out at once.

"Ma maa. Calm down." he said raising one hand up in a calming gesture.

Naru sighed at all his dramatics, wising for this day to be over.

"I havent finished yet. Tomorrow meet me at training ground seven, Survival training." he said smiling and giving a peace sign. The gennin and one secret Anbu ninja sweat dropped.

Why did we get the crazy sensei. My life sucks.

Thought Sasuke in an emoish way, sighing loudly.

"Here are the details." he said handing out three identical slips of paper.

"Ohh and don't eat breakfast, you'll just throw it back up. Well, Ja ne." Said Kakashi before making a speedy get away.

"Sasuke kun! Did you want to go get something to eat with me?" asked Sakura.

"No." Was Sasuke's response before he turned around and started to walk away. The pink haired girl sighed disappointedly before she turned in the opposite direction, heading home.

Sasuke heard the sound of footsteps head in his direction and was dismayed to see the class clown.

"What do you want dobe." Naru eyes him carefully.

"Thanks, for sticking up for me." was all she said before walking away leaving the boy standing in the street, staring at her retreating form. Sasuke brushed his hand through his hair in an irritated gesture.

"I didn't do it for you, dobe." he said quietly to himself before making his way to his clans training grounds.

The sun had set and the night chill was settling in. Heavy panting and harsh huffs could be heard form a deserted section of the Uchiha compound as a lone figure kept repeatedly hitting a training post with his bare fists. Sasuke felt a chill run up his spine as he unconsciously felt as if he were being watched. Shaking it off he resumed hitting the post with renewed vigour.

"You really shouldn't hit that hard, you may fracture your knuckles." Sasuke spun around fast and focused on a dark figure leaning against the wall watching him.

"How long have you been there?" he spat, glaring at the figure angrily.

"For a while." continued the person nonchalantly. Sasuke relaxed slightly as he recognised the feminine voice.

"Kitsune?" he asked taking a step forward, the fox shaped mask coming into view and the black pig tails framed against the white backdrop of the wall.

The newly identified Kitsune didn't answer but instead threw a bottle of water at Sasuke, who caught it and took a swig. They sat down in a comfortable silence as Sasuke contemplated Kitsune's presence in his life.

She had first approached him not long after the massacre, offering support and companionship. He had only accepted her presence as she seemed to understand him and what he was feeling. She didn't ask questions nor pester him about trivial details. Most of the time they spent together was like now, in silence. It comforted the boy to know someone was always looking out for him with out any alterer motives, it made him feel cared for.

It was many of the small things she did without asking for anything in return. Like leaving meals for him when he had been training hard, bandaging his wounds, offering small titbits of advice when he was lost. The one thing that irked him to no end however was that she refused to tell him her name, nor remove her mask.

"So, how did your team placements go?" asked Kitsune, who was in fact Naru. The black haired child huffed.

"Terrible, I got the fan girl and the class idiot. They will do nothing but hold me back." Said the child, glaring angrily at nothing in particular.

Kitsune tilted her head to the side as she contemplated a response.

"Sasuke, what are one of the key things to becoming a ninja?" she asked. Sasuke's response was automatic.


"Wrong, its teamwork. Get to know your team mates Sasuke. You will regret it if you don't." Tilting his chin arrogantly at being corrected he scoffed.

"I don't see how." She sighed at his childishness.

"Ninja work in teams for a reason Sasuke. Even the most powerful ones. You can never hope to achieve power without anyone to help you get there. Besides, you might find there are more to your team mates then there seems."

"Che." was all he said before getting up and started punching the wooden post again.

"Why are you working so hard tonight?" asked the seated ninja, watching as her young charge took out his frustrations on the post.

"Survival training tomorrow, depends if I officially become a gennin. Stupid Kakashi sensei" he panted between hits.

"Kakashi?" Asked Naru with feigned surprise causing Sasuke to look at her.

"You know him?"

"Yeah I suppose. Be careful tomorrow Sasuke and always look under the underneath with that man. He is very tricky and conniving. There was a reason he was an Anbu captain." The boy looked at her disbelievingly.

"He was that strong?" Kitsune nodded and stood up, brushing the dust off her rear.

Seeing as she was about to leave Sasuke returned to his task.

"Sasuke, are you lonely?" Naru asked him and saw the boys shoulders tense before relaxing. She asked him this every time she left and the answer was always the same."

"Not at the moment." Naru sighed as she flickered out of view.

Good. But I am Tachi. I miss you...