The ship was custom-made. It was built by Jin Treeda, their Trandoshan engineer. The main body was shaped like a flattened shovel-head, with three 7-foot vertical cylinders slotted into it. It was built for speed and interception, but contained a fair amount of weaponry, too. It was the perfect ship for piracy.

In the three cylinders would sit the main crew of the ship, in the first was their leader, Dans Monday, a bearded, scarred human with a hard look in his eye. The first cylinder also contained the ships controls and computers, which Monday controlled.

In the second cylinder was Kalc Commerse, a Sullustan, controlling all the bombs and charges the ship contained. And in the third cylinder, controlling the blasters and weapons of his ship, sat Treeda himself.

Two Star Destroyers, the Hangman and the Rancor were en route to Tatooine, flanked by a squadron of TIE fighters, for the delivery of troops and equipment; they were approaching the east of the planet, their landing point being on the west, when one of the TIE fighters exploded and the pirates' ship burst through the flames. Moving impossibly fast, the pirate ship glided across the surface of the Hangman, Commerse letting their entire stock of bombs dot the hard metal ship. Explosions scrolled across, leaving a trail of fire behind them. Inside the Rancor, Commander Ves watched their sister ship under attack, before a bumbling new recruit raced to the bridge to tell him what he already knew.

"The Hangman is under attack, Sir." The cadet panted.

"Rebels?" Ves asked simply, his flat, emotionless voice striking fear into his inferior's heart.

"I- I don't know" The boy stammered.

Of course not, Ves thought, I honestly don't know how I keep getting these idiots, Ves pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, and he had already made his decision as soon as the attack began, but he needed a moment of peace.

"Destroy The Hangman. Take out their thrusters." Ves laid out. The cadet actually took a step back.

"Sir, are you-"

"Yes, I'm sure, Cadet! We cannot allow that ship or its contents to be taken! Now destroy it!"

Monday knew exactly how Ves would react, his cold heart was legendary. The captain programmed in the coordinates for the ship just as the green blasts cracked through the dark space and took half of the Hangman's thrusters off. Monday didn't even flinch as he pulled the lever on the wall of his pod and it detached from the main body. His associates followed suit, just as the main body of the ship cascaded into the communications tower for the Star Destroyer, breaking the equipment within. The pods clanged on the body of the Hangman, and Commerse pressed a button inside his pod, as per the plan. Three circles of light and heat hummed to life on the bas of his pod, as he, within it, pulled a flamethrower off the wall. When the timer Treeda had set up for him reached zero, Commerse kicked the floor of his cylinder, hard.

The floor beneath him and the ceiling of the corridor below that broke loose and clattered to the floor, while Commerce held onto the inside of his pod. From the hallway below, he could hear footsteps, Stormtrooper armour on the polished floors, he was sure. Commerse positioned the flamethrower awkwardly, so that it was now pointed below him, just as he heard the Stormtroopers footsteps got a little too close. Suddenly, before the two soldiers very eyes, the hallway flooded with fire spewed from the mouth of opening on the ceiling, their armour proved useless and they were boiled alive.

Commerse dropped into the sanitized corridor and lifted one of the Stormtrooper's weapons. As he crouched there, awaiting an attack, molten circles of the ceiling crashed to the ground, not long before his associates followed them. Monday observed his work and his preservation of the Stormtrooper armour, and commended him on it. Treeda took the second Stormtroopers weapon, but left the pistol in its holster as Monday dragged the corpse away, and into a small closet. When he remerged, he was wearing the deceased Stormtrooper's armour, but not his helmet. He looked at his two friends, and suddenly became all business.

"Okay guys, do you know what's next?" He barked.

"Yes, Captain Monday." They chorused back, a light hint of mockery in their voices.

Monday picked up on it, and a smirk played on his lips for a split-second, before disappearing without a trace.

"Alright. Jin, how long do we have before we crash?"

Treeda took his Holoprojector out of his pocket and turned it on, a clock counted down worryingly quickly.

"Seven minutes." Treeda hissed in his reptilian voice.

"Got your Holoprojector, Kalc?" Monday quizzed Commerse.

"Yep!" Commerse exclaimed with a confidence he didn't have until he patted his pocket without Monday noticing.

"Good," Monday said, his voice gradually building in energy, "Follow the maps to the bay, don't let anyone escape, but leave one of the ships for me."

"Gotcha!" Treeda growled, not with any malice, it was just how he talked.

Monday pulled the suffocating helmet over his head and ran down a parallel corridor, while Treeda and Commerse headed down the one they were already on.

After a minute or two of jogging, they came to the elevator that would lead to the hangar. Two Imperial agents were waiting for the same elevator, probably for the same purpose. Commerse fired on one of them, killing him instantly, but Treeda, always the sadist, closed the distance between him and the remaining trooper before it had even registered in the officer's head that his partner had been shot. The trooper raised his weapon to fire, but Treeda flipped his over in his hand and batted the officer's hand away, then shot towards the space between his armour plates, his exposed neck. He bit hard, and the trooper's blood shot into the air. Treeda kneed the Stormtrooper in the stomach and he keeled over, clutching at his bleeding neck. The Stormtrooper gripped for his fallen blaster, but before he could muster the strength to lift it, he succumbed to his injuries and collapsed. There was an electronic beep and the elevator beside Treeda opened. Inside were two Imperial troops, black helmets covering the back of their heads, but not the front. Treeda made note of this as he kicked a fallen blaster into his hand and threw it forward like a spear. His alien strength broke the nose of the trooper facing him, while the second raised his blaster to kill the reptilian monster. Before he could fire, a red bolt buried itself into his chest, and he collapsed in agony. Treeda growled in surprise, until Commerse appeared at his side.

"You know," the Sullustan stated matter-of-factly, "Not everyone is dinner."

Treeda moved like a lizard, darting around until he faced his accomplice, his bloody face only inches from his folded one.

"If you ever steal my kill again, Kalc, you will be." The Trandoshan threatened. A low click rang out in his alien ears, but was too faint to alert Commerse. Jin spun before the soldier with the broken nose fired, and sent a kick that moved so fast it blurred into his ribs, caving them in on his heart. The trooper sagged, his weapon clanging on the ground as his arm dropped. Treeda and Commerse stepped into the elevator with the two corpses, and Treeda bent down to pick up his blaster. He stood back up with it in his hands, and roughly shot his forearm across his bloody snout. Then stood, facing outwards.

"You missed a spot." Commerse smiled.

While Treeda and Commerse descended, Monday raced across the ship to reach the bridge. The blast doors opened in front of him, and the sight the beheld within made his scarred face curl up in a smile. Fires burned and copses la strewn wantonly across the red-streaked floor, two or three people, including the lean, young Commander Hawdett, were attempting to hold order, shouting into microphones and pulling levers back.

"What's going on?" Monday feigned ignorance.

"The whole ship's going crazy!" Hawdett screamed frantically, "Communications are down, thrusters are at 20% capacity and people are evacuating despite my orders!" His head darted to the loudspeaker microphone then. "Get back here, you traitors, The Emperor will have your heads!"

"Can you control the point of impact?" Monday inquired, calm despite the urgency of the situation.

"Yes, but what good would that do us, you dolt?" Hawdett snapped, before a blast from Monday's blaster made him crumble to the floor. Monday gripped the controls fiercely and tapped on the keyboard, one by one, the podiums on which the survivors were controlling the ship shut down, until only Monday could direct the falling behemoth.

"Sorry, friends, but this is piracy!" Monday grinned, jerking the control stick to one side fiercely. Aiming for the western most point on Tatooine.

Monday never had anything against the Empire, but someone he did have something against was Hydrodeemus Drax. Drax and Monday were drinking in a little Cantina just outside of Mos Espa one day, and Drax had a little too much to drink and threw Monday over the bar. When Monday stood, Drax broke a bottle of Yavin whiskey over his face. The skin of his face receded into the cuts, scarring him instantly, and the high-alcohol content turned his left eye pure white. Monday knew little about Drax, but from what he did know, Drax moved to the West side of Tatooine, because there was more moisture out there to farm. He also knew that Drax was off-planet right now, and that his wife and young son were watching over the family business. Monday figured a Nuclear reaction, such as the core of a Star Destroyer blowing up, would dry out the land for miles around and kill Drax's family instantly, making him live the rest f his life with scars even deeper than the one's Monday was forced to live with.

Treeda and Commerse raced into the hangar bay just as a group of survivors were boarding a transport. Treeda threw a Thermal Detonator onto the ship just as the blast doors closed, and Commerse took out a Stormtrooper boarding his TIE fighter. Again, Treeda used the more violent method of waiting by the fighter Commerse took from the dead guard for a second guard to appear, whom he then gripped by the throat, tore the helmet and life support pack off of and threw out of the ship, into the endless vacuum of space. Commerse and Treeda both donned the TIE pilots helmets and boarded the TIE fighters, before flying out of the hangar, turning in mid air and destroying all other transports in the bay, save one TIE fighter. At that exact moment, Monday, in his Stormtrooper armour, but with his helmet thrown away, ran into the hangar and frantically boarded the remaining TIE fighter, picking a new helmet up off the floor, to keep him alive in space. The TIE fighter screeched to life as he left the hangar and the Hangman to its doom.

A month later, Hydrodeemus Drax was still off-planet in grief, and the empire was in a rage over simple pirates hijacking one of their ships. A golden ship with green windows circled down to the surface, glimmering in the Tatooine sunlight. When it landed, a Bounty Hunter in red and gold battle-armour stepped out. The sunlight shone brightly in her green visor, so she removed her helmet, and walked into the Mos Eisley Cantina.

All heads turned to see the beautiful blonde in the deadly armour as she sauntered in, pulled up a bar stool and ordered a glass of Endorian wine. And somewhere in the dank, dark back booths, a scarred human sank in his seat. This Bounty Hunter is here for me.