Boba Fett raised both his hands in surrender.

Samus Aran, a heavily armoured Bounty Hunter who had, up till now, been losing this competition, now held the upper hand, as she had Fett at gunpoint, and Jin Treeda, the Trandoshan terrorist, unconscious on a gurney.

"I see you've gift-wrapped him for me. Thanks very much." Samus smiled beneath her helmet.

"Oh, he may be wrapped, sister," Fett's harsh, gravelly voice sounded through his helmet filters, "but he's no gift."

Samus fired, an instinctive reaction to a line like that, but missed as Fett jumped onto the gurney and pressed the controls on his wrist. The stretcher shot up into the air, leaving Samus behind to curse under her breath.

Samus leapt against a wall of the alley, seeing all to well the familiarity of the situation, as she, yet again, built up momentum and power in her jetpack. As Boba Fett began racing across the rooftops of Coruscant, Aran backflipped in front of him, and held out her armoured boot. Treeda's stretcher crashed to a halt, but Fett had already sparked up his own jetpack, launching himself into Samus.

As the two of them rolled across the cold concrete, Fett drove hit after hit into Samus' guarded face, doing little damage, but ringing her brain like a bell. Growing weary, Samus kicked him off her, and aimed her arm-mounted cannon at him again. Fett had landed on his feet, and had his rifle already in his hands, prepared to fire just as soon as she did.

The two stared each other down for the longest time, neither one willing to fire first, for fear that the others blast could be more damaging. As beads of stifling sweat began to form on their armoured foreheads, Jin Treeda groaned loudly. Both Samus and Boba turned their heads to look, but only Samus had sprung into action, her robotic Varia suit carrying her across the rooftop to her prey.

The very second Samus laid a hand on the stretcher however, it shot off at top speed, carrying her with it. Using its Anti-Gravity technology, the gurney shot down the sheer face of the Coruscant building, Samus having nothing to hold onto as automatic seatbelts locked Treeda into place. But before they impacted on the bustling, crowded metropolis below, the stretcher beeped, and began climbing the building, again, at breakneck speeds.

Samus was flipped over the bed, and only managed to hold on by one of the seatbelts, which she caught just in time. As they approached the rooftop again, Samus let go, and her enhanced, robotic fingers dug into the hard concrete wall, holding her in place. As the stretcher went up and over the edge, she could see the figure of Boba Fett, taking his hand off the gurney controls and chuckling icily as he believed his competition's corpse was now being gawked at by the shocked spectators below.

As he turned, the gurney automatically following him, Samus' boots found purchase in the wall and she leapt up. She fired a yellow-coloured grapple beam at Fett, catching him by his jetpack before she pulled him off of the building and onto another one, opposite, away from their shared prey.

Now it was Samus who was in control. She whipped Boba into the harsh rooftop, and it showed him to mercy. She then landed beside him, and kicked him hard as he tried to stand. Boba skidded across the rooftop, and landed with a groan. Samus gripped her emerald cannon, and changed the setting to an altogether deadlier blast.

As she took aim, Fett rolled out of the way of the blast, and moved to his knees, two Thermal Detonators already in his hands. He threw them both at Samus, and the Varia armour's quick reflexes allowed her to grab one in mid-air, but the second stuck to her armour and exploded, sending her back to the opposite side of the rooftop.

She rolled as she fell, and was up again in a flash. Fett, too, stood, and regarded her with something akin to fascination. Both coming to the same conclusion, they both fired up their jetpacks at exactly the same time, closing the distance between each other in seconds. Samus moved first, her armour lending to her speed, as she lashed out a powerful kick to Fett's shoulder. The same shoulder that Monday had stabbed, repeatedly, earlier that night.

Boba was driven back a half-step, but brought his weapon hand up despite his pain. He fired, and, with a lot of luck, his shot made contact, and Samus was also put on the defensive. Boba put all his weight into a punch to follow his shot, but Samus was able to block it with her bulky hand-cannon. Her patience waning, she gripped him by the scruff with her free hand and lifted him high into the air, planning to throw him into the rooftop again. But before she could, her oxygen was cut off by his grappling-rope around her neck.

Samus let go of him, but Fett wasn't as relenting, he pulled harder and harder until her Varia armour was able to compensate, the area around her neck becoming thicker and more spacious, allowing her to breathe. She drove an elbow into Fett's ribcage, and he staggered back. She advanced on him, but a small dart-blaster on his knee-pad fired, and shattered the servos in her own knee, causing her armour to freeze up to stop her from falling.

Fett was practically panting as he pressed a button on his gauntlet, and the gurney shot across the Coruscant night and into Samus' stalled form. She was tossed onto the roof, and before she could stand again, Boba had his blaster on her.

"Don't stand again. It won't do you any good."

Samus Aran was a lot of things, but very few have called her pliable. She fired up her jetpack at the same time her grapple-blast gripped Treeda's unconscious body, and she pulled him from the gurney before disappearing off the side of the building silently.

Fett stood there for a second, dazed. It took him a moment to realize exactly what had happened, but he'd guessed it, even before Samus' ship rose up, the golden plating catching the purple-red lights of Coruscant so well. Samus was standing on the hull, loading Treeda into the cockpit, a pair of manacles already fastened onto his huge hands, and a plate of steel fitted over his reptilian jaws. Samus gave one last look to the Mandalorian, before her ship rose steadily higher, and disappeared out of Coruscant before Fett could summon the Slave I, or anything with the stopping power to hold her here any longer.

Treeda was not too heavy a sleeper to have stayed unconscious after being yanked through mid-air like that, so his Trandoshan eyes were fully open and glaring at Samus Aran as she sat in her chair, which rotated to face him, crouched in the back of a cramped cockpit. She reached out with one brass finger, and touched the steel muzzle that held his mouth shut, before bringing that hand to her own face, and removing her red helmet. Underneath, Treeda was surprised to see, was no hardened scoundrel of the Outer Rim, but a pretty little blonde, who looked just good enough to eat.

Treeda snarled as his jaws shot towards her rosy flesh, but gagged as they met nothing but metal. Samus Aran's forearm was in between his now cracked teeth, as she held him at bay without even breaking a sweat.

"Now, Jin." Samus cooed, "I went through a lot of trouble to get you here, and we are going to have a nice, civil talk about your friend, Kalc Commerse, and what he's been doing with himself lately."

Jin Treeda whimpered.

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