Puck sat in Rachel's room on her bed, waiting for her to get out of the shower. It was funny. He had only been there twice in the past week, but he felt really comfortable there. He even falls asleep on her bed a few times, because he feels so nice there. Well, that's not really saying much. He can fall asleep practically anywhere... But, really. He could get used to being in Berry's room. And in a totally non-sexual way too. Huh. Weird.

Rachel came out of her bathroom, fully clothed. She had already made that mistake and wasn't gonna make it again. It didn't matter though, that one mental image of Rachel in nothing but a towel could stay with him forever.

"So, Noah." Rachel began. "While I am perfectly at ease with our talent in our performance, Mercedes and Artie really brought it to the table. I feel like we need to practice even more to make sure our duet is absolutely nothing short of utter perfection."

Puck rolled his eyes. "Babe, we got this."

"But I feel that we should just-"

He put a finger to her lips. "Babe, we got this."

"Nonetheless, we really need too-"

He full out covered her mouth with his hand this time. "Babe, we got this."

Rachel huffed, pouting, crossing her arms across her chest. If she were standing and not lying on the bed next to him, Puck was sure she would've stomped her foot, which for some reason he found incredibly cute. Rachel sighed heavily. While her temper tantrums have worked on many, she had a feeling Puck wouldn't buy it. He as he would put it "didn't fall for her bullshit." He saw right through her self-confident, over-bearing, look-at-me facade to see the deep insecurities she held within. Similarly, she saw through his I'm-a-badass-and-nothing-more mask to see that he really had a good heart.

"Fine, Noah, what should we do then?" Before Puck could even respond she added on. "And don't say what I know you're going to, because the answer is no!"

Puck grinned lasciviously. "Damn, B, you know me well. Fine, uh... Oh! I know! Truth or Dare?"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Noah Elijah Puckerman, if you in any way think that I will play truth or dare with you, then you are definitely crazy, and that's coming from me."

"I won't make you do anything sexual! And if there's something you really really really don't want to do, then you don't have to. I'm not a douche, I won't force you. But you can't pick truth every time!"

Rachel hesitated. "I don't know, Noah..."

Puck looked her straight in her eyes. "Come on, Berry. Haven't you ever wanted to live a little... dangerously?"

Rachel looked him back in the eyes and than burst out laughing.

(and was it weird that Puck thought her laughter was the best music he had ever heard?)

"I c-can't believe you w-watched Life With D-derek!" She said between giggles.

Puck grinned sheepishly. "Dude has a leather jacket. Chick's hot. Not such a bad show really."

Rachel continued to giggle for a few minutes and then finally calmed down. "Fine, I'll play. But only because you looked up Dasey after I said it."

Puck rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to deny it but Rachel gave him a knowing look so he just said "Fine, truth or dare?"

That went on for a while both asking each other small questions like first kisses (Finn for her, Santana for him), what they wanted to be when they grow up (She was very surprised when he said he wanted to be a police officer), and so on. Puck dared her to prank call Sue Sylvester which she did reluctantly. ("Now listen here you little Jewish freak show. I know who you are. I know where you live. I know that right now you're sitting on your little twin sized bed with that big lunk with hair almost as bad as your little Glee director. The only reason I'm not taking you out is because that would destroy the glee club and that's just too easy. Sue Sylvester deserves a challenge.") It continued as such until finally they got to here.

"Truth or dare?" Puck asked.

"Dare." Rachel said. She trusted him. Besides, he hadn't made her do anything bad before, why would he now?

"Kiss me." He said bluntly. Not taking the dare would be a form of losing and Rachel Berry does not lose. So, she leaned forward to press her lips to his.

And in her head? s

The instant their lips touched it was like a fire ignited all the way through her body. She clutched her arms around her neck and he pulled her in tight. His tongue swiped across her lips and they parted, granting access. Their tongues battled for dominance for a few minutes until finally they parted, desperate for air. Rachel's chest was heaving, her hair was all over the place, and her eyes were almost black with lust. And Puck, well he did what he tends to do best.

He bolted.


The next day at school, Puck was avoiding her. Well, that's what it seemed like anyway. She wasn't stupid. He was Noah Puckerman, Sex God of McKinley. She knew the kiss didn't mean anything to him. Despite the fact it meant so much to her, she was gonna let him off the hook and let him know that she wasn't expecting anything from him.

She marched into Glee determinedly and went straight up to where he was sitting. His eyes widened dramatically and he looked around desperately, searching for an escape route. She saw this, sighed, and sat next to him.

"Noah, it's okay." She said in a soothing tone.

"Huh?" he asked her confusedly.

"It's okay." She repeated. "I know you're avoiding me because you're worried I'll think that kiss last night meant something. Don't worry. It was just a dare, Noah. It didn't mean anything."

He looked at her in confusion. That's not what he felt at all. He bolted because in that kiss he had felt something, more than just that similar below the belt feeling. Something in his, for fuck's sake... his heart. He could envision kissing her for the rest of his life and being okay with it, even if it was just that. And that thought? Well, it scared the shit out of him.

But apparently, she didn't feel the same way.

He shot her a cocky grin and said "Thanks, B. I was worried."

She beamed at him and sat with him the rest of Glee. No one volunteered to go and Rachel wanted to be last so she definitely did not. Mr. Schue sighed and decided to let them off the hook, but that next time he expected two groups to perform.

Rachel noticed that the whole class Puck was slumped down in his seat, in what she assumed was immense relief.

But no, he wasn't relieved at all.

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