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Rachel marched into the choir room and took her seat next to Puck. He smiled at her and then turned back to where he was talking to Santana on his other side. Rachel grinned and then releaxed into her seat. Things had been easy with Puck ever since she had told him she felt nothing in the kiss. I mean, sure, she couldn't stop thinking about it. During breakfast, during lunch, during dinner, when she was tossing and turning because she couldn't fall asleep... a lot. She thought about it a lot. But, she knew that any feelings she had for him had to be locked up in a tiny box inside of her, because Noah was the best friend she had, and she didn't want to lose him.

"Alright, guys!" Mr. Schuester said excitedly as he walked into the room. "Who is up today?" He looked around the room and saw no volunteers, and he sighed heavily. "Alright, you guys leave me no choice, I'll have to choose."

Rachel slid down in her seat so as to make herself less noticeable, and she tugged Puck down next to her. She ignored the little spark she felt when she made skin to skin contact. Touching, she would have to avoid any touching.

Mr. Schue scanned the room with his eyes once, twice, and then one more time. He smiled when he saw Finn trying to do what Rachel was doing, but failing because he was a teen gaint. "Finn, Lauren, you're up."

Finn rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "Uh, yeah, Mr. Schue... Lauren and I... we're not gonna be performing. Ever."

"Why?" Mr. Schue asked.

"Well, since she thinks show choir is stupid-"

"It is stupid!" Lauren shouted.

"Nothing we did really sounded... good." Finn finished lamely.

Mr. Schuester shrugged his shoulders. "Well, alright. If you guys aren't gonna perform, then you're not gonna perform. I will admit, I'm a bit dissapointed in you guys."

He began scanning the crowd again looking for somone else. His eyes settled on Mike and he smiled.

"Okay, Mike, Tina, you're up!" He said enthusiastically.

Mike's eyes widened comically and he began shaking his head with fervor, until Tina took his hand.

"Baby, you're gonna do great. I promise." She said with a grin. He slumped his shoulders and nodded, letting her drag him up to the floor.

"So, we picked a song that we feel reflects both of our voices' best qualities." She turned to look at Rachel. "Rachel, I think you're gonna like it." Rachel tilted her head to the side in confusion, and then, when Brad began to play the music, she squealed.

She squealed.

Puck turned to look at her incredulously, but all he saw was her bouncing enthusiastically in her seat, so he just turned back to watch as Mike began to really sing for the very first time.

What'd You Forget?
Got A Light?

I Know You? - You're -
You're Shivering

It's Nothing
They Turned Off My Heat
And I'm Just A Little
Weak On My Feet
Would You Light My Candle?
What Are You Staring At?

Your Hair In The Moonlight
You Look Familiar
Can You Make It?

Just Haven't Eaten Much Today
At Least The Room Stopped Spinning
Anyway, What?

Your Smile Reminded Me Of-

I Always Remind People Of - Who Is She?

She Died. Her Name Was April

Everyone's jaws dropped, shocked. Mike was actually... good. I mean, he wasn't Finn or Puck. But, he wasn't bad. Not at all! And singing as Roger was kind of perfect for him. He was great at capturing the older, wiser, almost geeky essence in his voice.

It's Out Again
Sorry About Your Friend
Would You Light My Candle?


Yeah. Ow

Oh, The Wax - It's

Dripping! I Like It - Between My -

Fingers. I Figured...
Oh, Well. Goodnight.

Tina began to walk away from Mike but then she turned back towards him, and Brad placed three quick raps of his knuckles on the piano.

It Blew Out Again?

No-I Think That I Dropped My Stash

I Know I've Seen You Out And About
When I Used To Go Out
Your Candle's Out

I'm Illin' -
I Had It When I Walked In The Door
It Was Pure -
Is It On The Floor?

The Floor?

They Say I Have The Best Ass Below
14TH Street
Is It True?

Everyone hooted and hollered as Tina turned around and shook her butt for the crowd a little. Puck turned to look at Rachel to see wht she thought of the performance, but her eyes stayed on Tina and Mike, enraptured.


You're Staring Again

On No
I Mean You Do-Have A Nice-
I Mean-You Look Familiar

Like Your Dead Girlfriend?

Only When You Smile
But I'm Sure I've Seen You Somewhere

Do You Go To The Cat Scratch Club
That's Where I Work - I Dance

They Used To Tie You Up-

It's A Living
Tina waved her hand in the air almost as if she was saying "It's nothing." It made the duet that much more amazing because they weren't just singing the lyrics, they were acting too.

I Didn't Recognize You
Without The Handcuffs

We Could Light The Candle
Oh Won't You Light The Candle

Why Don't You Forget That Stuff
You Look Like You're Sixteen

I'm Nineteen - But I'm Old For My Age
I'm Just Born To Be Bad

I Once Was Born To Be Bad
I Used To Shiver Like That

I Have No Heat - I Told You

I Used To Sweat

I Got A Cold

Uh Huh
I Used To Be A Junkie

But Now And Then I Like To -

Uh Huh

Feel Good

Here It - Um -

What's That?

Candy Bar Wrapper

We Could Light The Candle
What'd You Do With My Candle?

That Was My Last Match

Our Eyes Will Adjust. Thank God For
The Moon

Maybe It's Not The Moon At All
I Hear Spike Lee's Shooting Down
The Street

Bah Humbug ... Bah Humbug

They joined hands.

Cold Hands

Yours Too
Big. Like My Father's
You Wanna Dance?

With You?

No - With My Father
Tina put her hands around Mike's neck and he placed his hands on her waist, and they swayed back and forth.

I'm Roger

They Call Me
They Call Me Mimi

There was a moment of silence after the last note faded out and then the room erupted into applause, more so than both of the previous duets. After people were finally done clapping, Rachel's hand shot into the air.

Mike and Tina bristled, waiting for her to critique them harshly, which seemed to be what everyone in the room thought, as they groaned. Except for Puck though, he knew better.

"I'd just like to say..." Rachel began. Then, she paused, and Puck grinned knowing she was going for dramatic effect. "That was absolutely superb! Really, I am amazed. Mike-" She said looking towards him. "I don't know why you never sing. That was amazing! I was not expecting it and you really surpassed my expectations. And as for you, Tina. Have you ever considered a future in Broadway?" Everyone (but Puck)'s jaws dropped for a second time that day. Not only did Rachel not critique them once, but she just suggested that someone else besides her should be on Broadway! That was unheard of!

"N-no, not r-really." Tina stammered out. Her stutter coming back; she was so shocked.

"Well, you really should." Rachel said with a final smile.

Tina quietly muttered her thanks and then dragged Mike back to their seats, both of them wearing bright smiles on their faces.

In light of the compliments from Rachel, Quinn bounded up to the center of the room, pulling Sam with her.

"We too, have chosen something from RENT." Quinn said with a smile.

Then, they sang "I"ll Cover You".

It was good.

But that's it.

It was good. It wasn't really anything special. It wasn't necessarily any worse than their last duet, but the whole cutesy-coupely Ken and Barbie thing had worn off. They were old news now and they couldn't win a competition soley based on they're couple chemistry.

At the end of the song, Quinn paused expectantly, as if she were waiting for some compliments from Rachel, however none came. There was only polite applause. She pouted, and dragged Sam back to their seats.

"Well, I am very proud of all of you. Next time we meet, Rachel, Puck, it will be you're turn." Mr. Schue said. Rachel beamed and nodded glad they were going last.

"Well, you're dismissed!"

Puck waited paitiently as Rachel gathered her stuf together. It was a given that they would go to her house to practice, he was sure. She smiled at him and they walked down the hall to the parking lot together. Rachel prattled on and on about how they were going to blow their performance out of the water, and then stopped when Puck pressed a soft kiss to her temple.

She cleared her throat, "Puck, what on earth was that for?" She questioned. She didn't dare look him in the eye because she didn't want him to see how her face was aflame.

"Just felt like it, is all." He said, tossing his arm around her shoulders. "I'm proud of you, midget."

She nodded and he tightened his arm around her shoulders.

Well, so much for not touching.

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