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April 2nd arrived abruptly for Len, who hadn't realized (until now) that he'd fallen asleep. Gauging his tiredness, he decided that today felt like a Monday and threw an arm over his eyes to block the dim light filtering through the glass of the balcony doors. He needed to get a curtain for that thing. Rin said something about a sale coming up...what day is it?

His mind fumbled with the date as the light scent of smoke wafted into his nose, and his memory was jogged as if through an electric chair. The night before flooded back in a tidal wave - Burn Day. The blankets, the LE's, the girl...brought her in...

Len became aware of a presence beside him on his bed, and he turned his head enough to bring his chin in contact with the form he recognized to be the girl from the street, who was now close enough to him that she could rest her head on his shoulder; if she was human, her breath would have tickled his neck. Her carmine-pink hair was dulled a shade of black-maroon from the ash, and the smell of smoke in the air was wafting off of her, causing his nose to crinkle unconsciously. She must have scooted up close to him in her sleep.

While the proximity was enough to be considered awkward, Len saw her relaxed, dirty, cute face as she slept and couldn't help but smile. He reached up to touch one of her drill-pigtails to see if they were real, and the dusty black that came off between his fingers caused him to frown. She was pretty as she was, but she must have looked stunning when she was in good shape. To think that someone would throw something so pretty into a fire...

Len shook his head as he realized what he was doing, blaming it on grogginess and sitting up. He stretched a little bit, careful not to disturb her, and distantly wondered if LE's could dream or not. He readjusted her blanket so that she was neatly tucked in, brushed some of the ash off her pillow, and decided that cleaning her up would be a good idea as well. There was a lot of soot to get off her yet.

Speaking of which, Len decided that alongside a cleaning, taking her to a repair shop would be a good idea as well. He was no expert on LE's and knew virtually nothing about them, other than they were fire-resistant, and she needed some expert help. The experience itself would have been terribly traumatic, and while he didn't know if he could fix her mentally, a physical tune-up would be a good place to start. Her one eye couldn't be the only thing damaged on her; even he could tell you that.

The only - and largest - problem was that Len had no clue where to look. Unlike his sister, he was a complete shut-in; he kept to himself and had no one else he could reach out to for information. He didn't dare drag Rin into this, even though she was the only one between them who would have contact with someone who might know what to do, which left his options limited at best. And besides, even if he did manage to find someone, there was still the matter of expenses. He had no idea what an LE repair would cost, and the only source of income he or Rin had was the equivalent of an allowance coming in from their parents with their company, which was barely enough to cover the apartment; the rest was just spare change, which Rin saved up for shopping trips. And...well. Len's deciding he didn't want to be involved in the family business didn't exactly put him on best terms with the rest of the Kagamines. That had been years ago, and it was also the last time he'd spoken to any of his relatives besides his sister.

He really didn't want to call his parents, and it was quite likely the distinguished heads of Kagamine Corporations wanted to hear from him, either. However, the way things were, he didn't really have much of a choice. What else could he do? I don't even know her name...does she even have one? They had to have given her a name...they had to. Why wouldn't they name her?

Then again, why would they burn her?

Len shook his head to free it of such thoughts, running a hand through his messy blonde hair as he turned to face the sleeping girl. She was wrapped up in her black-plaid blanket, so he had to pull a corner back, but he found it easily: her badge, shaped like the trademark UTAU symbol pinned to her somewhat wilted leather mini-dress. He carefully un-pinned it, then took it to the bathroom to put it under the faucet and wash it off. It was practically caked with soot, and the badge itself was dull from the fire damage, but a little observation revealed that it had the word "Teto" enscribed near the bottom, right next to her manufacturing date: 0401. April 1st.

It was then that Len realized just how young that drill-haired girl on his bed really was. She's not even a full day old yet. She's just a child. Yesterday was her birthday, and she got to spend it by being burned alive.

And he thought his birthdays were lame.

Len shook his head and sighed, walking back to the sleeping girl - Teto, he corrected himself; Her name's Teto - to set the badge on the bedside table, looking her over once again as she slept. He was stalling, he knew; he already knew what he had to do. He just really, really didn't want to. He always figured he'd have to eventually, though he hoped it'd be sooner rather than later. Or ever.

He knew he had to, but Len still couldn't bring himself to turn on the sleevephone and dial. Scratching at the back of his head, Len tried to reason with himself. You can put up with them for a little while, he thought. Maybe they'll just ignore it. Or maybe they'll actually decide to give half a damn.

Len snorted at the thought. He'd never liked his parents much, and they'd never really acted like they cared much about him. As soon as he'd told his father that he wouldn't work for the family business...well. They'd practically disowned him. Or excommunicated, rather, considering how zealous the family was and how often he compared it to a church rather than a business. You'd think Rin had sold her soul to the devil when she decided to go with him, though she did it out of rebellion rather than genuine distaste of the profession and its field. He didn't really know why he didn't like the company...maybe it was his ethics getting in his face. Or the fact that they worked with LE manufacturing and didn't like how they were handled - like furniture instead of people. Heck, maybe the technical field just wasn't for him. Either way, he'd gone his separate ways from the family, and they'd been pleased to show him to the door. Non-cult-I-mean-business members didn't belong, apparently.

For Teto, he concluded reluctantly, looking gruelingly at his sleeve-phone's green, flexible screen. He tapped it to activate it, then scrolled to the contact at the bottom of the list; the one whose last call date was in 2103 - his mother's last unsuccessful attempt at guilt-tripping him back into the business. It's for Teto.

He pushed the "call" button, brought his headset's mic down in front of his lips, and prepared to face the music.

Eventually (and yet still too soon), an artificially pleasant voice answered and greeted, "Hello, this is the Kagamine residence. There are no conferences scheduled for today. Is this call on an appointment?"

Len blinked. When did they get a secretary for their own house? Disregarding that, he moved on. "Yes, uh...I'd like to speak to...Mr. and Mrs. Kagamine, please." Duh, why else would I have called? "And...no, I don't have an appointment."

"I'm sorry, sir, Mr. and Mrs. Kagamine have requested that all calls be scheduled before being forwarded due to schedule constraints. Is this regarding a familial matter?"

Len sighed. "Yes, it's...familial."

"Alrighty then, sir. I just need your name to check the reference charts here, and-"

At this point there was commotion in the background, followed by someone berating the secretary-lady for her stiff officialness. Before the other woman could protest, there was a burst of static that cleared out with a click - likely the secretary's headphones being unplugged and another set replacing it - before another woman began speaking. "I'm sorry, Luka darling, Betty's always just being so-"

Meiko Kagamine was silenced when a male cleared his throat, where she realized perhaps maybe it wasn't who she thought she was talking to. "Hey," Len said, feeling very much put on the spot. "It's...it's me, mom. Len."

There was silence on the other end before Meiko replied "Oh," as the situation dawned on her. She was obviously quite surprised. "Oh. Well then, uh...I'm guessing you want something?"

Straight to business, then. Good; Len didn't feel like chatting. "Okay, look. I need to ask you and dad a favor." He paused. "...kind of a big one."

Meiko replied "Uh-huh" in a "Yeah, I figured as much" kind of way; Len could feel her eyes narrowing through the phone. "Let me guess: you're in some kind of trouble?" That was his mother, alright; always having so much faith in him.

"No, no," he said quickly, gesticulating into the air. "No, not- nothing like..." He paused and let his gaze fall on Teto laying on his bed, double-checking to keep his voice in check. "...listen, I'm in a...a bit of a bind." He stopped to throw in "Not the illegal kind," then continued on. "I've...got this LE. She's not registered, officially, but...I need someone who can do handle repairs, and...can...do it quietly. You know?"

The way Len saw it, Teto technically wasn't supposed to be alive right now. If the people who built her were malicious enough to burn her once, they'd definitely do it twice. If they found out she survived Burn Day, any number of people - the burners themselves, or just someone feeling especially loyal to the cause - could come after her. It might just be him being paranoid, but regardless, the lower the profile this was kept in, the better. At the very least, he'd be more comfortable with less people involved.

"LE repair, huh," Meiko mused, pausing for a moment to consider things. "Well, it's not our specialty, but we could always say you've got a warranty on it. I suppose we could manage something..."

Len shook his head, saying "No good," when he remembered she couldn't see him. "She's not a standard model - she's UTAU, mom. Isn't that higher up than the regular TNX-4 type?"

"Oh, it's not that far off. You'd be surprised how much expansion the market's done in your absence."

Len scowled; of course she just had to point that out for him, didn't she? "Maybe. But I'd...I'd really like to go through...you know...someone else?" He floundered when he realized what he must sound like. "I-I mean, th-you never know who's going through the records, and- I just want to keep it quiet, you know? Like, a small little shop. Low-key. Not, like, a big conveyor-belt plant. Too unstable." And inhumane, he thought, but didn't say aloud. He was sure his mother wouldn't like to hear that he'd prefer to send an LE to someone who treated them more personally than the average blender or microwave oven. Just didn't sound good.

As it was, though, the request still had ground to not sound good. "Uh-huh." The scowl was clear in her voice. "I think your father ought to hear about this."

"Wait, you don't need to-" Len swore as a puff of static through his headset indicated his mother had disconnected her own headset and was likely already up and getting his father. Dammit, I was hoping I'd only have to deal with one of them. But that'd make it easy, wouldn't it?

Len sighed, looking over at Teto as he waited to be reconnected. He sat down on the bed next to her as she slept, glancing at his sleevephone's clock; 11:05. She'd been out a while...but then again, a full day involving being burned alive and sitting out by herself in a dark street might be a bit exhausting, so perhaps it was normal. She had gone to bed at two, so that was...what, nine hours? Not too bad. He brushed absently at her bangs, lightly dusting some of the black powder from it, though it was pretty much a lost cause. No matter what, she needed a good, thorough cleaning. How do I do that, anyway? If she's damaged, water might short her out. Can LE's take a bath?

Before he could follow that train of thought, a pop of static resounded through his headset's earphones, causing him to rise up reflexively. He took a few steps away from Teto before he spoke. "Dad?"

There was a pause before a voice of Len's father, Kaito, replied. "...Len."

An awkward silence followed. Necessity compelled Len to break it. "Dad, I...I need a favor."

"So I've heard. LE troubles...never thought you of all people would buy one. Not exactly practice of what you preach."

Len's eye twitched, and he tactly chose not to reply.

There was another pause before Kaito chuckled humorlessly to himself. "My own son, asking where he can take his business..."

"It's not like that, dad," he insisted. "I just want to...keep the scale down, you know? Keep things smaller."

"If it's a matter of money..."

"It's not. I mean...it is, but that's not why."

"I don't suppose it's because you don't trust your own family..?"

"No!" He was searching for things now. "It- the setting. I don't think she can take the setting."

"I assure you that we can handle it properly."

"I'm sure you can," Len said, patience waning. "But that kind of setting, we- she can't handle it. She's not ready for a factory; I want to take her somewhere where it's...personal. The mechanic and her; one on one. I want to be there while they're working."

"The maintenance floors are open for guests to observe. Bring her in and you can be there all you want. Unless you're sure Kagamine Corporations isn't up to your standards..."

Len clenched his fist and jaw, then released them both. "I think," he said, slowly and patiently, "that it would be better if this could be done in a more quiet setting."

The pause was the audio-equivalent of an arched eyebrow. "'Quiet?'"

"Quiet. Because..." Len stopped himself, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Look. It's not personal, alright? Stop trying to make it sound like it is. It's not. I just need this to work. I haven't bugged you guys about anything for almost seven years, dad, so the- can I just get you guys to do this for me...you know, without questioning it? Just this once? Please?" He looked over to the sleeping form of Teto again, biting the inside of his cheek. "I need this to work, dad. I'm begging."

A silence stretched out on the other end as Kaito gave it some thought. "It really must be important," his father mused thoughtfully, "calling us up like this."

"We both know I wouldn't have called if it wasn't."

Kaito chuckled dryly. "No, I suppose you wouldn't..." Another long pause ensured, during which time Len anxiously chewed on the inside of his cheek. When his father spoke again, his tone was stern. "Alright then. Fine. Have it your way. I just hope you know that neither your mother nor I have much time on our hands, and that goes for court hearings. Do you understand me?"

Such a message could be taken a number of ways, but Len guessed it was meant in the gruffest and coldest way possible. "Got it," he replied neutrally. Whatever he said - he didn't care. He just needed this to work out.

There was another pause for a minute or two as Kaito referred to his desk. When he returned, he had an address and a name of a company under the alias "Megpoid Repairs" that worked specifically in LE repair and modification. According to their records, the shop was just that - a shop - and had undergone almost zero expansion as far as scale, bar reaching out to more quality shipping and hardware companies. The shop was skyside, but was unusually small for its location and line of work and that a disproportionate amount of business would often go there for anything regarding LE repair or maintenance over Kagamine Corporations, the actual manufacturer. This either meant quality or under-the-table deals, though the latter hadn't been confirmed yet. He went on to say that several of his "sources" said that the owner, Megan Poid, personally oversaw and handled every repair herself, and that she and one other person were the only people who worked there.

When asked about these "sources" of his, Kaito replied simply with that they were "quite reliable." Len left it at that; he'd rather not know what his little "family business" was doing without him. He didn't want to get involved in political games - he just wanted to see Teto fixed.

When all was said and done and Len had double-checked the address he'd been given, Kaito gave one last monologue advertising Kagamine Corporations before the conversation finally (and somewhat abruptly) ended. Len yanked off his headset, dropped it on the livingroom table, flopped onto the couch, and heaved a sigh. Thank god that was over. I thought he was going to run me through his sale's pitch, for a minute...he'd have kept me on the line all day.

After the ridiculous mental stress brought on by a phone call with his parents, Len felt like he needed to just fall back asleep for a week or two. But of course, things were never that easy. So instead he got up and went out to the kitchen to get an apple, then went out onto the balcony to eat it. He took a crunching bite out of the green-red fruit in his hand, leaned against the rail with his elbows, and sighed.

Every time he stepped onto his balcony, Len's mind started to wander as he idly took in the (generally unchanging) sights. The sun was straight up into the sky, and even though the buildings still stood up to cast a shade over the streets in their shadows, there was still a bit of warmth that came down to give him a relaxing rise in temperature as the illumination lit his skin. The buildings were stale and gray, bridges several levels above connecting together like a spider's web to create an airborne version of the streets without the chill of the shadows on the ground, the shuttles that leapfrogged from building to building across thin, barely visible rails that formed fine black cracks against the flawless sky...and, of course, there was the slot of skyline you could see between two buildings that gave you a somewhat impressive view of New Chicago. The best you could get, if you didn't want to jump up a couple of stories and pay a few hundred more dollars wherever it is you decided to stay.

He refused, however, to peer down into the streets, where LE corpses surely remained as lumps shaped like people beneath plain white sheets and cheap blankets. Some were uncovered and violated while others had been forced to the side so people could pass them by as if nothing could be more natural. Like the cover of night was the only time they could stop to take any pride out of their handiwork. They could only enjoy what they've done when they didn't have to look at it clearly.

There was war, there was murder, and there was Burn Day. Len could bring himself to overlook all but the last.

He ripped a chunk out of his apple and looked everywhere but down.

Seeing an active, living LE threw the world into a sharp contrast. Keeping his eyes fixed above rooftops between two particularly tall skyscrapers, Len wondered if such thoughts would fade after April. Maybe they would at least become less painful after the date got farther and farther away - it usually worked that way. The other years had worked that way. But those had been different...less personal. This time, he actually saw what could be left over from the burnings, and it would be harder to forget as long as he had a reminder. And I don't suppose she'll be leaving anytime soon, he mused, taking a less aggressive bite from his apple. At least, not until she's ready...I can't just throw her into the world. They'd eat her alive out there. They already tried once.

Len sighed, looking up at the narrow canals of blue in the sky, divided into segments by bridges between building overhead. I guess she's going to be around a while, huh?

If the sky could answer, Len figured it'd probably agree.

Once he'd reached the core of his apple, Len swallowed his mouthful and pulled back his arm before a thought occurred to him and he froze. Usually whenever he ate an apple on the balcony, he threw the core down into the streets below out of habit. But now, the possibility that he might end up hitting one of the LE bodies down there - or worse: an LE that wasn't dead yet - made him pause and retract his arm, looking at the scrap thoughtfully. The deceased were receiving enough desecration as it was; they didn't need any more.

Instead, Len chucked it to the side and landed it on the balcony of one of his neighbors. The guy deserved it; he always had his music up too loud.

Len remained where he was on the balcony, staring at the slot of skyline he'd been alotted, slowly becoming aware of a peculiar noise that was steadily becoming louder. It was hazy-sounding, as if clouded with an audible fog providing interference, sounding a bit like meowing cat, though it sounded a bit distressed. There was plenty of static, too...perhaps a show on TV somewhere? Judging by its origin behind him, Len guessed maybe he'd left the TV on. Except that he hadn't watched TV in ages and hadn't turned it on himself. Rin wasn't home, either. And he doubted that it-

Realization made Len's eyes widen, and he whirled around with an exclamation of "Teto!"

His outcry effectively silenced the noise, and a red-pink and milky white eye snapped over to the source of the declaration. Her distraught expression breathed of desperation, as did the way she zealously began grasping for him with more airy, static-laiden whimpers, arms outstretched and hands clenching and unclenchimg rapidly, as if attempting to close the distance between them by sheer force of will. She didn't dare move from her spot on the bed, though her desperation was apparent regardless.

Concern and worry propelled Len from his balcony to the soot-caked LE in a heartbeat. Her hands grappled handfuls of his shirt, pulling him towards her, and he put his hands on her frail shoulders as her whimpers evolved into a full-fledged panic attack. "Teto! Teto, just...calm down, okay? Calm down. Easy, easy...come on, calm down for me here. It's okay."

Teto silenced her whimpering, though she continued to grip at him with an air of neediness, eventually replacing her hold on his shirt with his arm when he sat down beside her. Both her eyes were wide, and she stared at nothing in particular as she gripped his arm like a lifeline, scooting closer so she was pressing into his side. Despite how little time she had known him, Len appeared to be playing a part akin to Teto's security blanket.

Separation anxiety, Len mused, licking his lips as he watched her drill pigtails twitch occasionally from her shivers. Understandable, I guess...I gotta remember she's just a little kid. She was just born yesterday...poor girl. "It's okay, Teto. I wouldn't just up and leave you by yourself. That'd be so mean of me."

Teto didn't reply, removing her hold on his arm just long enough to wipe at her eyes with her arm before grappling him again like he might try and get away. It wasn't clear at first why she'd done that, but a single dribble of brown-black liquid oozing down her cheek, leaving a trail from where it had spilled past the limits of her eyelid, indicated the cause.

Len felt a little quiver in his chest, and instinctively he reached over to wipe the ash-dirtied drip away, taking a little bit of black away with it where it'd anchored to his fingertip. "It's okay," he repeated, tone more gentle and soothing. "Everything's okay, Teto. It's alright...here." He lightly pulled his arm from out of her grip, which she reluctantly allowed, only to receive an arm around her shoulders. "There. Better?"

The girl wasted no time in making herself comfortable, pressing her face into his shoulder as her hands went back to taking handfuls of his shirt, albeit with less desperation. There she nodded a little, and her pigtails bobbled in mirror of the gesture to agree with her. He didn't see her reaching back, but the next thing he knew she had a bundle of black and pale pink bunched up in her lap, taking his place as something to fill her hands with.

Just like a child. Really, he oughtn't be so surprised with the behavior; she was, after all, only just born. Children tended to cling to things like blankets, like he did with a stuffed toy he barely remembered. Didn't I read somewhere that touch is necessary for proper development? I wonder if it applies to LE's...well, whatever it is, she's calming down. That's good...I gotta make sure I tell her where I'm going in case I need to leave the room so she doesn't have a heart attack. "Are you okay now?"

With a dry sniffle, Teto nodded again, never removing her face from his shirt, like she was trying to bury herself in it.

"Just a little scared?"

Teto nodded again, unconsciously scooting closer to the blonde holding her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I was just out on the balcony there...did you think I was gone?"

Teto noddde tersely, making another scoot towards him.

"...easy. You're gonna push me right off the bed."

Teto shied back as if in horror, only to be pulled lightly back by Len, who was chuckling lightly. Like a contagious disease, Teto's lips twitched upward in a smile, and she looked up at him not like she would a total stranger, but like she'd known him her whole life. Which, in a way, he might just have. How old was she, anyway? 12 hours? Not even? It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say she'd known him for as long as she remembered, if the fire was traumatic enough to force back memories or something.

Even if I get her fixed, she's going to need a lot of counseling...Burn Day probably messed her up pretty bad.

Len sighed after a second, looking back down to the dainty little LE beside him, who returned his gaze with a shy smile. "Well, it's a little late for intro's, but I'm Leonard Kagamine...just Len, though. Leonard's too...blah." He made a face one might give a steaming mound of pickled spinach, and she let out a giggle...or at least, he supposed she would have normally, though the noise she emitted sounded more like a metallic cough. "...hey. Is your voice damaged? It sounds kinda...static-y."

The girl's expression became one of slightly shame and perhaps even guilt, looking down into her lap before she dared to nod. She fingered the edge of one of the corners of the blanket, which was her decided favorite, with an air of anxiety. Being damaged apparently held an unpleasant connotation.

"Don't worry about it. We'll get you fixed up as good as new, and then you'll be fine. Okay?"

She peeked up another shy look to him, nodding a little with a tiny smile, seeing as she couldn't speak. It was hard to tell, but Len figured that beneath her makeup of soot and ash, she was probably blushing. Or at least, he figured she might, if she was human. She fit the bill so well, it was hard not to picture her like the giggly teenage girl she struck him as. Did those pigtails and their color - reddish-color, even through the black - seem like something a rebellious teenage girl would wear? He reminded her of Rin, a little bit, except she smiled more, was more shy, and wasn't OCD about her hair's "natural color." At least she wouldn't have to build up an immunity to some of the treatments Rin put her hair under; some of those things on the labels sounded toxic.

A corner of Len's mouth tugged up in a smile, and he let his arm fall back to his side, though she remained scooted up close against him. He didn't mind; it fit her character. She was cute. "I saw your name badge-thing...it's Teto, right?"

Teto nodded, pigtails agreeing with her.

"Cool. So, uh...yeah. This is my place, and...I hope you don't mind staying a little while? At least until you get fixed up..." Len's voice trailed off, namely at the way she so vigorously nodded her head, and he guessed it wasn't a "yes, I mind" and she instead meant "yes, let me stay! I want to stay!" Her expression practically screamed it; he could see it in her eyes, even if one of them was clouded with creamy gray. "...hehe. I guess that settles that, then."

Teto tried her best to giggle, ignoring the scratchy choke that came out and continuing to smile. Len couldn't help but smile back, both at the cuteness she portrayed, how he was glad she wasn't a zombie like last night, and the warm, fulfilling feeling that came with doing something good for someone who deserved it. He wasn't sure why, really, but he liked this girl. Whether it was because she'd been wronged or because of the way her innocence remained intact through it, he felt inclined to help her. And really, what else was there to do? He couldn't just kick her back out again. That would be just plain wrong. She was vulnerable, needed someone to help her, couldn't look after herself...just like a child. A cute, innocent little child. Who wouldn't want to help a little girl with no home that needed a friend?

Not quite sure what to think of the smile he couldn't quite seem to shake, Len decided just to go with it and rose up off the bed, offering his hand to Teto. "C'mon. Let's go get you cleaned up."

Teto's smile mirrored his own. With a joyful spring, Teto was up off the bed with her hand snug in Len's, obediently following him as he led her away to the bathroom to get the black gunk off her. In a little way, Len really had just become her only parent.


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