"Ne Ikuto…does she…" A pinkette walked up to the male asking.

"No…it's probably for the best. She doesn't remember any of us." He whispered sadly. The girl looked at Mikan sadly. Suddenly determination shone through her golden honey eyes. she walked in front of Mikan's desk and tapped her shoulder. Mikan turned tearing her eyes away from the sakura trees.

"Hi! I'm Hinamori Amu." The girl smiled holding her hand out. Mikan looked at the hand warningly and slowly shook Amu's hand. Amu smiled and Mikan quickly pulled her hand away. A bucket full of water slowly levitated above Mikan. The bucket turned upside down quickly pouring water on Mikan. Amu quickly held her hand out and a vine shot out under her sleeves. The water landed on the vines allowing the plant to soak up the water.

"You didn't get wet right?" Amu asked and Mikan slowly shook her head shocked.

"Good. Now. You shouldn't mess with my friend." Amu spoke coldly at a male and held her palm out. Vines once again shot out of her sleeves and onto the ceiling. Vines started to wrap around the male's waist and pulled him up. The male was now hanging in the air with only the vines supporting him.

"Your alice is vines?" Mikan asked and Amu looked at her.

"Not really. My alice is Elemental. Basically plants, fire, and water. But it's intermittent. I avoid using the fire one as much as possible."Amu explained and Mikan nodded slowly.

"Intermittent means that I can use my alices for a short period of time whenever I want for a high power level. But I can use my alice as much as I want when I'm doing small stuff like that. If I use my alice enough then it will disappear and I have to leave the academy." Amu explained again and Mikan nodded.

"My alice is cat and wind. I think they speak for their selves." Ikuto spoke and Mikan nodded.

"so what school did you come from?" another female asked and Mikan stiffened.

"she probably was from a low school. She's just acting like that so she can get attention." A snobby voice spoke and the class turned to look at the girl.

"I'm Luna Koizumi. Don't come near me, don't touch Natsume. Got it?" the strawberry blonde spoke and Mikan returned looking forward.

"Hey. Are you listening to me?" Luna screeched and Mikan refrained from rolling her eyes.

Sooooo...I live?

Haha. I didn't expect some people wanting me to continue this story...

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