Author's Note: So whenever I go through the CotT section in the hopes of finding some nice friend-fluff, I get sadly disappointed with the same old Archie-Odie, ArchiexAtlanta, JayxTheresa, Theresa-Atlanta, Herry-Odie (sometimes) or Theresa-Neil (rarely) stuff. There are more possible combinations than these 6 (around 20, if I'm not mistaken) and I plan on exploring them all here, albeit slowly. I am a lazy university student afterall. Don't expect consitent updates. :D

I should also add that I'm not a writer. This is just a time-filling hobby I thought I'd share. I'm also using prompts from a 100 theme challenge I found on dA for inspiration.

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Theresa and Herry

Swinging the keyring on his finger as he walked up the garden path, Herry halted mid-step upon noticing the huddled figure in a corner of the garden. Curiously he approached the fighter, looking so small beneath the towering bulk of the oak she was crouched beneath.

Hearing his gaining footsteps, Theresa turned to him and smiled.

"Persephone gave me some bulbs to plant. I... Thought that this would be a nice place for them." Her face was bright and hopeful, but also somewhat unsure. Herry grinned down at her working and watched for a few moments before suggesting simply that the bulbs shouldn't be planted upside down.

"Oh... So the thinner part is the top? … Is it really obvious that I've never done this before?" She laughed with such a nervous excitement that Herry was driven to share her enthusiasm for such a simple project.

Within the first few weeks after planting, Theresa showed nothing less than complete devotion to her little patch of garden. But eventually her attention began to waver. She forgot to water them now and then and soon she only ever watered them now and then. After a month, weeding didn't even seem to cross her mind – she was far too busy. First assignments served as an understandable excuse, then training sessions with the gods, then her social life needing attention, and then of course Jay himself needed attention too.

There came a point where the lonely plants left her mind altogether, completely forgotten until one afternoon in spring.

Swinging her arm as she held Jay's hand, Theresa walked up the garden path. She halted mid-step upon noticing the bright purples and yellows in her corner of the garden. Her shriek caused Jay to jump, Neil to open his window and peer down, Odie, Archie and Atlanta to burst from the kitchen door and Herry to jump the back fence.

"I can't believe it! My flowers! I'd forgotten all about them! Look! They're blooming!" She smiled with the same enthusiasm she had expressed the day the bulbs were planted.

"How can they be blooming if you forgot about them?" Archie asked, rolling his eyes. So much drama!

"They must be pretty tough to have survived your green thumb." Atlanta joked lightly, earning a chuckle from Odie.

"Maybe you gave them a good foundation in the beginning, and maybe that was enough." Jay suggested encouragingly. Theresa smiled appreciatively at him as she began plucking stray weeds from the dirt, her enthusiasm for gardening having suddenly returned.

Neil didn't think to mention that he had often seen Herry with a watering can down in that part of the garden. Neither did Herry.

AN: Because Theresa is a rich Daddy's girl who probably had her own employees to tend to the estate's gardens and Herry is a humble farm boy who was probably put to work early due to his strength. Mmmmmm, character devellopment.