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Within moments of eating the cake, she began shooting upward toward the ceiling of the atrium.

"Oh no, no, no!" Alice cried. But her body did not listen and continued to grow until she bumped her head on the high ceiling. Alice was now nine feet tall.

"There's no hope, now! I'll never get into the garden." As sad as she was, Alice began to cry, something she rarely took the time to do. Her large tears pooled at her feet.

"Oh, look at me! I'm blubbering like a baby," she said to herself.

"You're much too big to be a baby," someone said. Alice looked toward her feet and saw none other than White. "And much too beautiful."

Alice had momentarily forgotten her nakedness in light of a new crisis, but she quickly realized what White was looking at from his low vantage point. Quickly moving her hands to cover her privates, she looked angrily at the boy.

He pulled out his pocket watch, unfazed by Alice's irritation. "Hmm, the Duchess. Won't she be savage if I've kept her waiting." As he was replacing his watch, a pair of gloves and an old fan fell out of his pocket.

"If you please, sir-"

White looked up at her again and, without another word, took off into the corridor.

"Oh, of course you'd go running off again," she said, her hands falling to her sides. "Things are so very different here. I suppose if everything else is different, I must be different too."

Alice ran through everything that she had experienced in this strange land. First, she had talked to White, who seemed to disappear faster than a frightened lark. Then, she'd found a key that unlocked a talking door. Next, she drank an elixir that shrunk her and finally, she ate a cake that made her a giant. Through everything, she thought, she had remained quite the same. She was still Alice.

She bent down to pick up the fan and the pair of gloves that White had dropped. "I do hope he needed these so he can come back and retrieve them. I'm quite tired of being alone in here."

While she was talking, she somehow managed to put the gloves on, even though they were obviously much too small for her large hands. All of a sudden, Alice began to shrink. When she was approaching the size of the glass table, she realized that it was the fan that was causing her to grow smaller. Alice dropped it quickly, but not quickly enough for she was now smaller than she had been before.

"Welcome back," the door said to her. "But I say, I remember you much taller…I hope you know how to swim."

Alice huffed and wondered what the door may have meant by his last comment. Before she had moved an inch, she was hit by a large wave of salt water. The waves consumed her whole body and Alice struggled to breathe. She was tossed about quite harshly and thought, Of all of the ironic ways to die, I chose to be drowned in my own tears. Perfect.

Alice waved her arms around frantically but she soon became tired, too tired to continue to flap. She took her last gulp of air and sunk deep down into the water. As her eyes began to close, she felt a pair of strong arms pull at her naked waist.

She sputtered and gasped for breath as she felt pressure on her chest. Somebody had given her CPR to bring her back to consciousness. Alice opened her eyes cautiously and she saw before her the most beautiful teenage boy she's ever laid eyes on looming above her, perhaps more beautiful than White. He was a different type of beautiful, though, very tanned and muscular with chocolate eyes and midnight hair. And, like Alice, the boy was naked.

When Alice realized that both were in a state of indecency, she moved from underneath him.

"Ne vous inquiétez pas, la belle dame. Vous êtes en sécurité," he said to her in a deep voice.

Alice tried her hardest to translate what the boy had said. She'd studied French for years, but never quite got the hang of speaking it. "Qui êtes-vous?" she asked him uncertainly.

"Mon nom est Souris. And I do speak English," he said with a smile.

"Ah, yes, that's good. Now, would you mind telling me where I am?" she asked Souris.

"Pays des merveilles. You are in Wonderland," he responded, looking her in the eye.

Alice was rather pleased that his eyes did not wander down her naked body. Her eyes, however, were not as well trained. Stop it! she admonished herself. Look at his face!

"I see. And why are you not wearing any clothes?"

"I could ask you the same question, mon amour," he replied, finally looking her up and down. "Not that I'm complaining."

Blushing, Alice replied, "Is there anything for me to wear or dry off with? I'm getting rather cold."

"I can tell," he said, moving behind her and brushing her left breast. "Your friends give you away."

Alice had never been touched there by anyone and was not sure if she should be flattered or insulted. Souris' warm hand felt amazing on her chest and, without thinking, Alice pushed herself further into his hand while melting into his chiseled chest. He kneaded the soft flesh and then moved his attention to her right breast. What would Dinah think of me? Alice thought.

Before she had the chance to extract herself from Souris' grasp, he let go of her. "Nous devons nous arrêter maintenant, l'amour. We have company."

And, sure enough, the pool was filled with all sorts of people wearing the most curious swimming suits. They each filed onto the bank where Alice and Souris were standing. They were no longer alone.