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Upon entering the club the trio was assaulted by heat from the crowd of bodies pushing towards the bar and spacious dance floor. They managed to find an empty bar spot (rather, Santana managed to shove several people out of the spot) and leaned back against it, scanning the spacious room. A DJ booth stationed in the corner was manned by a Latina wrapped in the arms of a taller woman. The dance floor was crowded with bodies, some grinding, and some dancing. A large stage stood in the corner, a drum set and amps set up but unoccupied on it.

Quinn shook her head. "The Unholy Trinity? Seriously? Are we back in high school?"

Santana shrugged. "Why not? All three of us are still together in this trifecta, aren't we? Even more unholy than ever too, since you finally came out." She smirked. "I still can't believe no one realized you were gay during high school. I mean come on. Chastity club? More like an excuse to not get busy with your boyfriend."

"Getting pregnant kind of distracted people. Also, 'get busy'? Who says that anymore?"

"Meh. I want a drink." Santana whipped around to wrap the bar and froze.

"Well, if you wanna talk about people not realizing you're bi or gay, I take the cake."

"Puck?" Brittany and Quinn whirled around. Noah Puckerman stood behind the bar, a towel on his shoulder and glass in his hand.

Puck winked. "Hello, baby-mama, San, B. The boss'll be glad you showed up. I must say, I'm not surprised, it's a club, you'd show up no matter who runs it. Plus my boyfriend can be quite persuasive."

"You're dating Kurt?" "How long has this been going on?" Quinn and Santana asked at the same time.

Puck just smirked. "Oh, about a month now. We met up here after I was hired and just… Clicked." A goofy smile spread across his face.

"How fucking adorable. The badass has finally been tamed. By Kurt Hummel no less."

"Hey! I am still as badass as ever; and you're one to talk, S. Brittany tamed you years ago."

"Whatever, Puckerman. Just serve me up two screwdrivers and a jack and coke."

"Coming right up, ladies. Oh, and the boss told me that all your drinks tonight are on the house."

Quinn's eyebrow rose. "Can he afford that, I mean, the club opened just a month ago, right?"

The mohawked man just grinned. "Do you see this crowd? This place is doin' fine financially. Besides, the boss was adamant about this."

"Who ISthis boss? How does he know us?"

"Stick around and you'll see, or rather hear them. You don't wanna miss out on the vocals on this baby."

"He's a singer too?"

Puck just chuckled. "Yeah, she is."

All six of the women's eyes widened in surprise. "A girl runs this place?" Santana asks for all of them.

The man raised an eyebrow. "Well, I wouldn't say she's a girl. But yeah, this place was designed, set up and now run by a woman. Don't see why you're so surprised about it. She's a tough firecracker and can definitely hold her own. She's gone through a lot to get to this point and this place would never have gotten off the ground without her determination; and now it's heading towards being the best gay bar in the city." A hint of pride flashed in Puck's eyes.

"So how does she know us then?" Quinn asks. "I mean, I'm guessing she knows us, seeing as she's giving us free drinks."

Puck shrugged. "Wait till the show, I'm sure you'll realize. If Kurt didn't tell you who then I doubt waiting another five minutes will do you any great harm." Santana and Quinn glared at him. He just held his hands with another smirk and passed them their drinks before walking away to serve other customers.

"San, come dance with me!" Brittany dragged Santana away to the dance floor, leaving Quinn to watch their drinks and reflect on who the boss could be.

"What has you so deep in thought, hon?"

The falsetto voice was unmistakable. "Kurt!" Quinn gave him a warm hug. "Why didn't you tell us about your new beau?"

"How do you bring up that you're now dating Noah 'Puck' Puckerman, the manwhore of Lima, Ohio?"


"Mhm. Have you met the boss yet?"

"Why does everyone keep calling her that? It sounds like she's some mob leader."

Kurt chuckled. "It's just a name she picked up after coming ba… After beginning the project that developed into Changed Directions." He gestured around the dark, filled area.

"And why can't we know who she is?" Quinn's eyebrow arched.

The lights dimmed. Kurt smiled. "You're about to."

A spotlight illuminated a young woman in the center of the stage.


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