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Chapter 1: Test chapter

"Those bloody bastards." Saguru grumbled softly, as he continued to take photographic evidence of the crime in front of him. "I think after tonight I'll have enough evidence to, at the very least, get that child away from there for good."

A month ago, when Saguru had been contacted by a concerned teacher from an elementary school in Surrey, he had not expected much to come of this case. From the preliminary research that Saguru had done before coming to Surrey, the Dursley's were a well-off, well-thought of family in their small neighborhood. Well-thought of with the exception of their young nephew. Harry Potter, son of Lily Potter, nee Evans and James Potter, who had been taken in (though, strangely, never officially adopted) by the Dursley family. Harry had a bad reputation around town according to the people Saguru had discretely questioned under the guise of a new teenager moving to the neighborhood.

In fact, Saguru had almost declined this case until he hacked into Harry's medical and school records. The boy had been in the hospital for a broken arm twice last year, had never been to the doctor except for the basic school required vaccinations, had never been to the dentist, and, even though the boy wore glasses, had never been to see an optometrist. Also, according to his attendance records, the boy was well-known for missing school. On the records there was a statement from the boy's Aunt saying that the boy must be skipping and that they would try to make sure that he attended school in the future.

Those facts did not present a consistent picture of a troubled child with a caring family that the Dursleys had obviously brain-washed everyone else into believing. Still, even though Saguru had decided that this case should be investigated more thoroughly, he had been surprised at what he had found out. The Dursleys were very careful and smart in their abuse of their nephew. The adults of the house had never once so much as poked the child during the time that Saguru had been watching them. However, Saguru had observed, and documented, the Dursleys watching as the child tried to complete an absurd chore list, the adults turning a blind eye, and sometimes even watching proudly, as their son and his gang of minions beat up the poor child. Also on the days that the Aunt would call Harry in sick or said that he had left for school and must be skipping again, that Harry would not leave the house at all for days at a time.

Saguru would have dearly loved to turn the Dursley's into the police as soon as he had realized the abuse that was occurring. However, he had worked with the police long enough to know that he did not have sufficient evidence to bring them down on abuse charges, especially with the Uncle working has a senior business partner at Grunnings. So Saguru had gotten his mother to purchase a conveniently empty house that was right behind Number 4 Privet Drive and set about gathering enough evidence to convince a jury. He had set up some concealed cameras on the roof of the house he was staying in to monitor the Dursley's backyard and had been gathering photographic evidence using disposable cameras so that no one could claim he had altered the film. Now, after a month, Saguru believed he had finally gathered enough evidence and he would be paying a visit to the police station first thing tomorrow morning.

And not a moment to soon. Saguru thought as he saw the child trying in vain to finish weeding the garden in the diminishing light as his family, with the addition of a new lady who could be the sister of the Uncle due to her... vast appearance, were having tea in the garden.

Once Harry began to pack up his gardening supplies Saguru decided to pack up his stuff too and call it a night. He was just putting his camera into the bag were he had stored the rest of the ones he had used when he heard a commotion from outside.

A quick look out the window showed Saguru that Harry must have come a bit too close to the overweight bulldog that followed the visiting lady around everywhere. The dog had the boy by the leg while the lady was screeching at Harry for bothering her 'poor baby' and the rest of family was just watching as Harry tried to get the dog to let go.

That's it! Screw undercover work! Saguru thought angrily, running for the backdoor and calling to his mother to call the police and an ambulance. Once in the backyard he put his time chasing Kaitou Kid to good use and jumped to grab the top of the fence. He then used his momentum to vault the fence just in time to see the large woman slap the child across the face and wind back for another shot.

Saguru raced forward, stumbling slightly from the shock of landing, and managed to grab the woman's arm before she could hit the crying child again. He quickly swept his foot around her ankle to perform a Kouchi Gari (1). The woman fell to the ground with a shocked bellow and a heavy thud. The uncle let out an enraged yell and started forward only to trip over one of the chairs that had been knocked over at some point during the confusion.

"My mother has called the police and we have a camera set up watching this house. I would advise for you and your family to back off and let me get this dog off of your nephew before the police arrive." Saguru coldly informed the Dursley's, addressing no one in particular as he quickly searched the ground for something that could be used to get the dog to release the boy. "And Madame," Saguru continued when he heard the large woman attempting to rise. "If the police arrive before the dog lets go then they will likely shoot it and then pry it off."

Saguru found nearby of a stick that was fairly long, smooth, and straight. He grabbed it and then, pinning the dog with his weight, he managed to maneuver the stick into the dogs mouth beside the boy's leg. The dog was soon gagging and Hakuba was able to push the boy's leg out of it's mouth. (2)

His mother had arrived at some point and, as soon as the boy was free, she swept the child up into her arms and began rocking and whispering to him in an attempt to calm the child down. A first aid kit was resting beside her.

Saguru found himself being pushed out of the way by the large woman as she rushed to check on her dog. He shook his head in dismay and made his way over to the first aid kit.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO COME IN MY YARD AND THREATEN MY FAMILY!" The uncle bellowed as he began to stomp his way towards the trio.

"I am Saguru Hakuba, a private detective, and I suggest you keep your distance. I think I can hear the police sirens now." Saguru stated calmly as he began to try and stop the blood flowing from the bite on Harry's leg. "Also, you might want to get out the papers for your dog, assuming you have them. We are going to have to confirm that the dog does not have rabies."

"GET OFF OF MY PROPERTY!" The man continued to yell until the police came running into the yard to subdue the man.

"How's the kid?" Pearson, a Constable Hakuba had worked with in the past, said as he came over.

"We need to get him to the hospital. I'm having trouble stopping the flow. How long until the ambulance gets here?" Hakuba asked.

"Should be here any minute now." Pearson replied. "Do you want me to take over while you explain everything to the Sergeant?"

"Sure." Saguru agreed and carefully exchanged places with the Constable. He than made his way over to Sergeant Green, who was trying to convince the uncle to claim down.

"GET OFF OF MY PROPERTY!" The man was turning a horrible shade of purple from all of his yelling.

"Ahh, Saguru. Is this the family you were telling me about the other day?" Green asked. (3) A few days ago, Saguru had dropped by the police station to inform them of the situation and let them know that he would be bringing in enough evidence for an arrest soon.

"Yes, it is. I actually had just decided that I had enough evidence before the dog attack." Saguru said, skillfully ignoring the uncle, who was beginning to calm down some thanks to his wife. "I don't think it would be wise for the boy to come back here tonight and you'll need a justice of the peace to sign off on an arrest warrant. How do we keep the boy safe?" Hakuba whispered, so the Dursleys would not hear.

"I have an idea. Does you mom know anyone at the hospital?" Green asked.

"She knows people in every hospital." Hakuba said. His mother, Sophia Hakuba was a very prominent pharmacist and a genius former surgeon, who seemed to have connections in every hospital in the UK.

"Okay, here's what will happen..."

Line Break

Saguru ended up riding to the hospital with Pearson in a squad car after gathering all the evidence from his house. His mother and Green had left with Harry in the ambulance. The emergency crew had protested, saying that a family member should ride with the boy, but a few words from Green and his mother were enough to get them in. The Dursleys were being questioned by some of Green's men and were going to be brought to the hospital 'as soon as possible'. Which really meant as soon as the officers ran out of ways to stall them.

Once at the hospital, Saguru learned that his mother had pulled some strings, the head of the hospital was a old college friend of hers, and Harry was placed in her care. (4) The boy, thankfully, only had his skin torn and no muscles were damaged. He did need stitches, however, and she made sure to note that he needed to stay at the hospital overnight for observation. She also was able to give the boy a thorough examination, that was double checked by another doctor, that revealed severe signs of neglect.

This was what Saguru and Green had been counting on. With his mother's and the other doctor's reports they had sufficient evidence to keep the Dursleys from seeing Harry until an investigation could be done. The Dursleys were outraged when they arrived and were told that they were to be investigated for counts of child abuse. Some officers were stationed outside of a private room Harry had been placed in. Pearson and Green had left after Saguru arrived to take Saguru's evidence to the station for the night. Green had promised to take it to the courts first thing in the morning to get an arrest warrant for the Dursleys. Saguru had managed to get his mother to allow him to stay in the room with Harry for the night. When he arrived in the room, he found that Harry was already asleep so he made himself as comfortable as possible on a chair beside the bed. When Sophia came by the room later that night, she couldn't help but smile at the cute sight of her own son slumped over, fast asleep, with his head resting on the bed beside the diminutive child they had saved earlier. I think Saguru-chan might be more attached than he thought to that child after watching him being neglected by his family for a month. Maybe there will be other ways for us to help out...

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(1) A judo throw. Remove the spaces and you will find a website that has an animation of it. Judoinfo new / techniques / throwing – techniques / 296 – throwing – techniques

I have read in another fanfiction (I can't remember which one it was) that said Hakuba practiced judo. I don't know if this was something the author made up or if it was cannon. If anyone knows let me know. If the author made it up, I will try to find the story it was mentioned in and ask for permission to use it in my story. I found a couple of websites that recommended doing this to get an attacking dog to let go of you, but I'm not sure if it would really work or if this is the best method.

(2) This part of the story is taking place in England (obviously) so it makes more since that Saguru will be going by his first name. When back in Japan, I will be using family names and honorifics.

(3) I know that this probably would never happen in real life, but for the purposes of this story Hakuba's mother is very well respected and well known. As a result, many hospitals tend to allow her a lot of leniency.