Second Notice: I'm posting this notice for two reasons. First, and most important, is to make sure everyone was informed of the notice before this one. I made a mistake when posting it previously and accidentally posted the first chapter of the rewrite instead of the notice. While I replace the chapter later that day, I'm not sure if you all get alerts for replaced chapters. So if this pharagraph makes no since to you than go to the last chapter/notice and read that please.

Secondly, there has been some concerns brought up about the pairing that I had planned (which I announced in the rewrite). After some thought I am not adverse to changing the pairing since it will not make much difference at all to the over all story and there are some alternatives that I like. So I decided that I would run a poll and let the readers decide. The option for Hakuba/Kaito is still present, but I have a few other options listed in the poll that I would be willing to concider. That said some pairings are not going to change no matter what anyone says. Those pairings are Harry/Ayumi, Heiji/Kazuha, and Satou/Takagi. Also I will not even consider writing Kaito/Aoko. I think the pairing is cute and all, but I never really liked those two together. They always seemed much more like siblings/BFF's than a couple to me and I personally prefer Aoko with Hakuba. With that said, if you are interested than please check out the poll on my profile and cast your vote, or if you want to make an agrument for an option that I don't have listed than send me a PM or you can review this notice.

On a final note, I will be deleting this notice and the one before it after New Years since it is against FFnet rules for Author Notes like these to be posted. Hopefully that will give everyone enough time to view them.