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Awwwwww, Drumheller, Part 1

Sierra sat on the floor on the cargo hold, her knees pulled up to her chest, sobbing into a basket that only had a few pieces of candy left.

"Cody! Cody! CODYYYYY!"

That last one came out as less sad and more shrill. One of the nearby rats winced, then fled behind a nearby box. Sierra continued to sob.

Suddenly she heard a BUMP! She looked up, her tearful eyes hard and her face set into a snarl.

"Okay, if that's any of the people who VOTED OFF MY HUSBAND!, or the VILE TRAITOR WHO STOLE HIM!, you better get ready for a world of hurt!"

She climbed to her feet, marched over to a pile of boxes and punched one, sending it flying across the room. She got a quick flash of the person behind it as he zipped into the shadows and out of sight.

She blinked, momentarily startled out of her hysteria. "Ezekiel?"

He peeked out from behind a box. A rat was sitting on his shoulder, though he didn't seem to mind it. Her let out a sort of grunt, almost like he was about to throw up, but then managed a timid "Eh?"

"What are you doing here? Chris left you behind in Africa. I already have headcanons about you showing up at the losers' resort all crazy like this."

If Ezekiel understood her, he didn't show it. He cleared his throat, then pointed to the basket, which Sierra was still holding in one hand.

"Huh? You want the candy?"

Ezekiel nodded eagerly.

"It's for Cody. But..." She suddenly teared up again, biting her bottom lip. "He's gone now!"

She threw back her head and sobbed, so loudly that Ezekiel flinched. The rat on his shoulder covered its ears and disappeared into his hoodie. Sierra sniffled, pulling a pair of Cody's underwear out of her pocket to wipe her nose.

"" Ezekiel asked with apparent effort.

"He was voted off the show," Sierra said in a quavering voice.


Sierra only sobbed again. She threw the basket onto the floor near Ezekiel's feet before running out of the room.

It was late at night before the studio's boat made it to the resort in Hawaii. There was a lot of griping from the crew—apparently they had asked Chris to do the elimination ceremony later at night, after the jet would have covered more of the distance between it and Easter Island.

Cody spent most of the time replaying the last day in his mind. Finding out that Courtney really liked him. Being too much of a sap to just vote out Sierra. Getting himself eliminated from the show. Losing out on that goodbye kiss.

But plus side: he had almost gotten a goodbye kiss.

He smiled wistfully, thinking about Courtney. He hoped that she wasn't too mad at him. Now that he finally had a girlfriend, the last thing he wanted was...

Heh. He had a girlfriend.

He smiled, gazing up at the night's sky. "Good luck, Courtney."

He was nodding off by the time that they finally arrived at the dock. He was disappointed that none of his friends were there to greet him, though not really surprised. It was probably closer to dawn than sunset.

His room was nice, though smaller than the ones he had had after TDI and TDA. There was a basket of fruit on the desk, plus a bag filled with Total Drama merchandise. He chuckled as he pulled out a shirt and pair of shorts; it had occurred to him, during the long boat ride across the Pacific, that he had been pushed out of the plane with nothing but what he was wearing. Then again, Sierra had stolen all of his spare things anyway.

He sat down on the bed, then fell back, feet still planted on the floor. Dimly he thought that he should get up, take a shower (his first real shower since the season began!) and change into some of those spare clothes for bed. He closed his eyes, telling himself that he would do all that in a minute.

"Man, it's nice to lay on a real bed again."

He sighed, and after a moment his breathing became slow and even.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, the Total Drama Jumbo Jet was flying over Alberta. Chris was in the cockpit beside Chef, recording the "last time on" intro for the upcoming episode.

"The Final Four remain! Which one of 'em will dig up more trouble this week? Find out right now on Total...Drama...World Tour!"

At that moment, outside, a hot air balloon happened to float up and hit the plane's wing. It immediately popped and went flying toward the ground.

Remember that balloon. It's going to be important later.

None of the contestants were allowed in First Class, but only Heather and Alejandro were actually choosing to stay in Economy. Sierra was wandering all around the plane, as though hoping to somehow find a spare Cody hidden somewhere. He was her everything, after all; what was she supposed to do without him?

Courtney, at the moment, was in the confessional, on the tail end of an hour-long rant.

Courtney: What—was—he—THINKING?! All he had to do was vote for Sierra! He's done it plenty of times before! Then there would have been a tie-breaker, she would have thrown it rather than compete against her "Codykins," and then SHE would be gone and HE would still be here! With me.

(Her face suddenly screws up. She covers her eyes and gives a loud sniffle.)

Am I over-correcting for Duncan, dating someone so stupidly NICE now?!

She exited the bathroom, then sat down on the floor outside, knees pulled up to her chest.

Billy the intern was standing a few feet away, trying to sweep the carpet. He cleared his throat. " doin' alright?"

"No," she said without looking up. Then, "Can I please sleep in First Class? I don't even care about the accommodations, I just don't want to be around any of the others right now."

"Sorry. Chris would have my head. Maybe literally, depending on whatever the next challenge is." He sighed, walking off. "Well...feel better, kid."

She didn't. And she didn't move, even as she felt the plane begin to descend. She just sat there, barely looking up to glare at Heather or Alejandro when they went to the bathroom. The former would turn her nose up at her, though the latter looked away quickly, his face a careful mask of indifference. She wanted to say something really biting to them, but she had no idea what.

She hated them. That might not have been entirely logical—getting rid of Cody really had been the best way to destroy their alliance, because there was certainly no way that she and Sierra were going to work together now. But that just proved the point: Courtney was never one to let logic get in the way of her emotions, even if she wanted to believe otherwise.

She stayed there for a long time, drifting in and out of sleep. Finally, Chris' voice came over the PA system.

"Attention, mopey passengers. Please prepare for disembarkment and another day of not-so-friendly competition. Over."

Courtney sighed. Part of her just wanted to sit there for the rest of the day. She wondered vaguely what would happen if she tried. Would Chef or the interns drag her out, or would she just get an instant elimination?

The latter thought galled her. She suddenly wondered what she was doing there, sitting on the floor and feeling sorry for herself. What was she going to do, just lay down and let Cody's eliminators get away with the prize money? Her prize money? Was she really going to go to pieces and risk this game over a boy, again?

She was in the Final Four. The same ranking that she had achieved last season. Then she had faltered.

Not this time.

She climbed to feet, shaky and sore from hours in that position. Her face was now determined, her eyes narrow.

Duncan and Gwen had betrayed her, and she had sent both of them home. She could do the same again.

Even if she was all alone now.

They were in some large, rocky valley, with miles of barren yellow earth glowing in the bright morning sun. Courtney assumed that it was the Gobi Desert or something. Not that she knew anything about the Gobi Desert, but this place definitely fit her vague idea of what it was like.

She asked Willy the intern as he set up his camera. "We're actually back in Canada."

"Again?" Heather huffed. "At this point I bet the final challenge will be a swimming competition in my family's pool."

Courtney didn't disagree, but she turned to glare at her on principle. Then she glared at Alejandro and Sierra, the latter of whom actually did take the time to respond, even pulling her lips back to growl at her.

Courtney pursed her own lips and kept glaring. She was not going to show weakness.

Chris finally emerged from the plane, shouted a few directions to the crew, then began his shtick.

"Welcome to Drumheller, Alberta. A World Heritage site. It has the wickedest collection of dinosaur bones on the planet. In front of you is a giant pit with lots of super-ancient dino bones. Grab whatever bones you can find to make your very own life-sized dino." He grinned puckishly. "I'm calling it...Design-A-Saurus."

There was a collection of groans, plus a soft "jeez" from Alejandro.

"I know! They should pay me just to come up with titles. I'm that good. You have two minutes to rifle through the plane's cargo hold and grab whatever you can to help build you creations. AndGO!"

Sierra quickly pushed Courtney to the ground, then ran off.


She got up and followed, now trailing behind Heather. Alejandro paused for a moment, then went straight for the bone pit.

Sierra was already digging through crates, coming out with a box full of craft materials.

"Glitter-glue...stickers...puffy paint...YES!"

"Did somebody say that we were making Grade 3 art projects?" Heather asked.

Sierra squirted puffy paint in her face.

"Real mature!"

Sierra walked off. Courtney watched with a twinge of pleasure. At least she wasn't the only one Sierra was gunning for, or the only one who hated the other two.

Heather grabbed a canvas and some paint. Courtney spent the next minute searching, until he heard Chris call "Thirty seconds!" from outside. She panicked, grabbed the few remaining art supplies that she could find and then ran out.

Cody smacked his lips together. "Of course I'll marry you, Courtney," he murmured. "Sierra? Oh, she had quite a bad rollerskating accident. Don't worry your pretty..."


Cody closed his eyes tighter. "Mom! I'm not going to school today. It's the alien clone's turn."

However, he was now roused enough to open his eyes and slowly remember where he was. The knocking had resumed, and he climbed to his feet, stretching as he made his way to the door.

He had one second to see Owen filling the threshold before he was suddenly lifted off his feet by a bear hug.

"CODY, MY MAN! Ha ha—great to see ya, dude!"

"Yes," said a familiar drawl. "Congratulations on losing the chance at a million dollars."

Owen set Cody back on the floor, and he gave Noah a snarky look of his own. "Well, the important thing is, I got farther along than you. Again."

"So equal winnings, but you had to endure Chris longer." He smirked, then the two of them shared a high-five. "But it will be nice to have some semi-intelligent conversation around the resort."

"Jeez, Noah, when you sweet-talk me like that, it's no wonder the internet thinks that we're dating."

"Speaking of dating!" Owen elbowed Cody, giving him a sly look. "You and Courtney, huh?"

He grinned. "Heh. Yeah!"

"That's why I said 'semi-intelligent.' Anyway, hellos aside, we came to tell you that you need to wake up if you want to catch the breakfast buffet. It's not scheduled to close for another hour, but Owen's about to get there."

"Itserves all that I can eat, but there would be much left afterwards."

Cody chuckled. "Thanks. Let me snag a quick shower and I'll be right behind you!"

Most of the contestants were already working on their dinosaurs. Heather, on the other hand, spent only slowly setting things up while keeping her eyes on the others.

Heather: I'm fully aware that I'm a precarious position right now. The good news is, so is everybody else. With the Co-Co-Sierra Love Triangle Alliance gone, we are now four bitter rivals with nothing but hatred for each other. I just need to point everyone's bitterness in the proper directions.

Sierra's melodramatic sobs had subsided for the moment. Now she was concentrated on her work, which was, of course, also part of an elaborate plan to prove her love for Cody and destroy the no-good villains who had stolen him away from her!

She grunted, forcing a dab of glitter-glue onto one of her bones.

"Hey, Sierra!" Heather said in a cheerful singsong.

Sierra growled.

"Look...I know that you're sad about Cody being gone. And I am too! He was easily my default choice for favorite competitor still in the race. But this is a competition, and everyone has to go sometime. So—"

"At least dinosaurs only killed people for food!" Sierra erupted. "You kill people for fun!"

"People weren't even around when there were dinosaurs."

"I don't mean actual people! Okay, I mean relationships! And souls." Sierra closed her eyes and slowly waved her hand in front of her face.

"I don't...okay." Heather put a hand to her forehead, working very hard to keep up this nice act. "Don't you think Cody would want you to keep fighting? To do everything that you can to win? And right now, that means voting off the awful Alejandro. So, with our two votes put together..."

Sierra screamed and raised her dinosaur bone like a club. Heather ran, screaming in terror.

Having escaped one hated, psychotic former teammate, Heather now had no choice but to turn to the other, who was even more hated but usually less psychotic. She could only hope that Courtney's annoyingly mercurial personality was in a more reasonable headspace than usual.

For her part, Courtney was in a bad mood. She had done a good job firing herself up on the plane, but she really didn't know what she was doing right now. Arts and crafts were not her bailiwick, and she really had no idea what Chris even wanted them to do.

She scowled, glanced up from her work, and then scowled harder as she saw Heather approaching.

"Look what I've brought you. A very helpful T. rex bone!"

It was the bone from a T-bone steak. Courtney glared.

"Alright," she said, throwing it away, "I know that we've had our differences, but—"

"Go away. I'm trying to work."

"Look, you're mad about your boyfriend getting kicked off?"

"He's not my boyfriend!" Courtney snapped, then looked away. "Yet. Though maybe he would be, if you hadn't voted him off!"

"That was Alejandro's idea, as you well know. So if you're really upset, why not help me vote him off?"

"If you want him gone so badly, why did you help him vote off Cody?!"

Heather felt her temper rising. "Um, it's called strategy?"

Courtney scoffed. "Sure. And I suppose the strategy coming from your boyfriend had nothing to do with—"

"NOT ALL OF US ARE HERE TO MEET BOYS!" Heather erupted, throwing up her hands. "Some of us are trying to win a million dollars! Maybe if you and your little alliance hadn't gotten so caught up in your dating lives, that little twerp would still be here. You could have picked off me and Alejandro, and your little love triangle would be headed for the Final Three."

Courtney opened her mouth to respond, but Heather kept going. "And—I think it's pretty cute, hearing this from you of all people. Your loser boyfriend picks Gothy Loose-Lips instead of you, and you completely go to pieces! And then you fall for Cody, and guess what? It happens again! You let your frickin' feelings get in the way of the game! Am I the only girl with a brain in this competition?! Everyone else is either fawning over Alejandro, or throwing their chances away for guys who aren't even as hot as him! AGGHH!"

She spun on her heel and stormed away.

Courtney stared after her, dumbstruck for a moment. Then she screamed, "You know you just called Alejandro hot, right?!"

Heather kept walking, flipping Courtney off over her shoulder.

Courtney pouted and went back at her fossil collection. With a growl, she took two small bones and tried to force them together like mismatched puzzle pieces. One snapped in two, causing her to scream and throw both pieces away.

Alejandro had been working at a distance from the others, but he obviously heard the commotion from both of Heather's encounters. He looked up each time, watched for a moment, and then went back to work.

He wasn't an idiot. Neither of those girls was going to come over to his side, especially since they knew that voting off Cody had been his idea. His main concern at the moment was getting immunity and moving on to the Final Three.

That, and finding a way to get Heather voted off. She really was the only other person playing to win. Courtney and Sierra each had a dangerous temper, but Heather had a dangerous mind.

He smirked to himself, glancing up to watch her. She was working on her dinosaur now, but shooting glares at the other girls whenever she could.

Alejandro put the competition before pleasure, but unlike Heather, he didn't see the two as mutually exclusive.

After breakfast, Cody stopped at the hotel's store and bought a new bathing suit. Half an hour later he, Noah and Owen were stepping out of the building, catching sight of the tropical paradise that was just beyond the parking lot. The sun was brighter and warmer than any spring day they had experienced back in Canada, the sea was a beautiful blue and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

"Wow! This must have set the studio back a pretty penny! Neither of the other resorts were this nice."

"Meh," Noah shrugged. "As far as I'm concerned, a beach is just a big pool. Except that fewer things have gone to the bathroom in the water."

"I said I was sorry!" Owen whined.

As they walked toward the ocean, Cody could make out some of the other Total Drama contestants, who were all either sunbathing, playing volleyball or splashing in the water. Geoff was the first one to notice them coming; he waved, then ran over along with DJ and Bridgette.

"CODESTER! My condolences and a hearty great-to-see-ya! Put 'er there!"

He held up his hand for a high five. Cody took it too quickly to notice Bridgette or DJ wince.


A powerful shock make Cody's whole body stiffen, hang in the air for a few seconds, then fall back onto his feet, smoking slightly. Geoff burst out laughing, then held his hand out so that Cody could see the small device on his palm.

Bridgette rolled his eyes, smiling indulgently. "He's been doing that all day."

"April Fools! Sorry, man, couldn't resist."

Cody's slight daze broke off, and he blinked rapidly. "April Fools? It's April 1st?"


DJ snapped his fingers. "Aw, man! That's your birthday, right? Sierra said so on the plane."

"It's your birthday?!" From Geoff's expression, you might have thought that it was his instead. "Aw, DUDE! Looks like you arrived just in time!" He threw his arm around Cody's shoulder, carefully not to accidentally press the joy buzzer into his chest. "I'm gonna throw you a rockin' surprise party!"

"Uh, it's not a surprise if you tell him," Noah said.

"It's a surprise for me, I wasn't expecting to throw a party tonight. But I'm excited!" He flashed two finger guns. "Luau on the beach alright?"

"Uh—sure! Thanks!"

"No prob, man! It's all on the producers' tab anyway. See you tonight!"

He ran off toward the hotel. Cody watched him go, adding "That sure is nice of him."

"No, you're being nice letting him do it. Geoff will take any excuse to throw a party." Bridgette smiled, then patted him on the shoulder. "Anyway...sorry about the competition. I feel like it kind of sucks worse when you get kicked off so far in the game."

"Yeah. I'd've jumped out of the plane earlier to avoid all that time with Sierra." His forced smile turned into a more genuine smirk. "But then again...sticking it out gave me a chance to get close to Courtney."

Bridgette turned her head thoughtfully at the besotted look in his eyes. "You really have it bad for her, don't you?"

"Yeah," he said dreamily.

"Well, I'm glad. She deserves a nice guy like you."


"I hope she gets here soon! Which I guess is bad, since it would mean that she lost," Owen said, tapping his chin thoughtfully.

"Oh, she's gonna win," Cody said, giving him a sly look. "Someone as smart and determined as her, who's already made it this far? She's a shoe-in!"

"Heather and Al are pretty smart too," Owen said.

Cody scoffed. "Yeah, but do you think karma's gonna let either of them take the money?"

The interns had been walking among the contestants, taking footage for the inevitable montage. After a few hours, Willy clapped his hands and warned them that their time was almost up. Courtney, who had already been looking at her project with growing panic, let out a squeak and quickly tried to throw something decent together.

Chris exited the plane. "Time's up! Now will begin the amazing tour through the ages of imaginary dinosaurs. Let's start with Alejandro."

"I can do better than imaginary," he said, smirking for the camera. He motioned to his work, which was a twelve-foot, anatomically correct model of what looked like a Tyrannosaurus. "This impressive fellow is the Allosaurus. And yes," he said with a slight chuckle, "that is its real name."

In spite of themselves, Sierra and Courtney couldn't help but be impressive. Heather must have been too, because she crossed her arms and said, "Show-off."

"It's gonna be tough to beat that right out of the gate," Chris said.

"Puh-lease. I can totally beat that," said Heather. "I would like to introduce the glorious Chris-ceratops!"

For her project, she had cobbled the dinosaur bones together into a vaguely humanoid form (with a tail), topped by a canvas painted with Chris' face.

"The Chris-ceratops is one talented beast, and a real hit with the ladies! Like it?"

"LOVE IT! L-U-V, love!" Chris gushed as Courtney and Alejandro scowled.

Courtney: Oh, she's good.

"Courtney! What have you got?"

"Um...I haven't thought of a name for it yet. It's, uh..."

It was a mess, really. Like Alejandro, Courtney had tried to make something that looked like an actual dinosaur, but you didn't need a paleontology degree to see that she had just glued a collection of mismatched bones together and stuck a head on top. (It had belonged to a baby Apatosaurus, though Courtney couldn't have told you that.) In the final moments she had splashed on some paint just to make it look more interesting, but large patches were still bare.

"Huh," Chris said, stepping closer to examine it. "Not the best craftsmanship here, is it?"

The Apotosaurus head fell off. Courtney grinned sheepishly and tried to put it back on.

"Sierra? Please rescue us from Courtney's suckitude."

Courtney growled. Sierra scowled back, then turned to her project, her face quickly falling into a look of sorrow again.

"Meet the Broken-Heart-asaurus, a tribute to all those who have been betrayed by those they love."

It was a sort of spindly spider with three legs, two made up of large, curved ribs, a third cobbled together from smaller bones; large patches of glitter-glue were being used to keep it from collapsing. At the top she had planted a triceratops head with a party hat on its horn.

Chris pointed. "Any reason for the headgear, might I ask?"

"Because it's Cody's birthday," Sierra said, as though that should have been obvious. Then, spinning around to glare at Courtney, she asked "Courtney, did YOU remember that it was his birthday?"

She sputtered for a moment, then crossed her arms indignantly. "I—Cody never told me when his birthday was!"

"Well, I told everyone on the first day of the season! YOU GOT THAT ON TAPE, RIGHT?!"

She shouted this at Nelson, the intern standing closest to her. He jumped, making the camera shake, and stammered, "Yeah, I—think Billy and I put that clip in the final cut?"

"HA!" Sierra said, pointing. "Tangible evidence that I LOVE CODY MORE THAN YOU!"

"Girls, girls, please." Chris put an arm around each of their shoulders, a gleeful grin on his face. "It's time to move on to JUDGEMENT DAY! Which dinos will survive, and which ones will be driven to extinction? Oh, and did I mention who the very special judges are? YOU! With a pretty shocking twist, of course!"

The interns dragged out an electric chair, because of course Chris had an electric chair in the jet. Specifically, the lie detector chair from the previous season's Aftermath shows. They hooked it up to a generator and then strapped Heather in.

"A lie detector? Sure. Great idea, Chris."

A flash of light left Heather's body twitching.

"Sarcasm doesn't count as a lie!"

"It's time to vote for your fave dino! Can't vote for your own, of course, and ya might wanna tell the truth. Just saying."

Heather sighed. Obviously this was being done so that she couldn't just base her answer on whomever she wanted to suck up to. But given that she hated all of these people, she decided to just be honest.

"Sierra's moving tribute to love and loss was the best. And I really like glitter-glue. I have a whole secret collection of the kind that comes in pens. Don't judge me."

"Oh, we are. Next."

Alejandro took the seat. "I vote for...Courtney's," he said.

Courtney had half a second to smile before he was suddenly zapped, sending his shoulder-length hair flying.

"Fine!" he gasped once it was over. "I appreciated Sierra's genuine emotion."

"Good enough. Next!"

Sierra took Alejandro's place. "I must vote for vile Heather's major kiss-up attempt. Mainly 'cause I bet my mom will make us build a Chris-ceratops in the yard this summer!"

"Send me some pictures, eh? Next!"

Courtney was the only one left. "I just want to go on record saying that I hate all of you people and I'm only casting my vote under duress."

"And we're all cool with that."

She sighed. "I guess I have to vote for Al's, since my other options are both stalker shrines."

"Very interesting," Chris said. "With two votes, Sierra is the winner, and gets this handy-dandy post digger."

She cheered and jumped in the air as Chef came out with her prize. Turning it on, she smirked and started to walk toward Courtney, who was just now standing up from the electric chair. She quickly hid behind Chris.

"Sierra, turn that off," he said, pushing Courtney back with the other contestants. "Since Heather came in second, she gets this rusty old prospector kit."

He threw a pick and pan to her. She cheered as she caught them.

"And Alejandro takes third place: a kiddie pail and shovel. You're welcome."

Alejandro took them, looking confused. "But Heather and I got the same number of votes!"

"Yeah, but I'm the tie-breaker."

Alejandro clenched his teeth and growled as Chris turned to Courtney. "And for coming in dead last, you get...nothing. Sorry."

She crossed her arms. "No, you're not."

"This is true. So, onto the challenge!"

He led them back to the plane, where Nelson and Billy were standing sheepishly beside a pile of metal canisters.

"To represent the rich resources of Alberta, Canada, the interns were supposed to bury these barrels full of maple syrup, sugar, spiders and rattlesnakes..." He drummed on one of the canisters, which shook and hissed dangerously. "Long story short, the interns buried our reserve fuel barrels instead."

"Mr. McLean, if I may? Chef just said to bury the barrels in the cargo bay, he didn't explain—"

Chris swatted at the barrel, knocking it open. Nelson screamed and managed to run away, but Billy fell to the ground, covered in spiders and snakes.


Taking a whistle out of his shirt pocket, Chris continued. "First one back with a barrel of my oil wins immunity. Oh, and I forgot to mention: we'll be pummeling you with the occasional boulder." He chuckled. "Funny, right?"

Billy continued to scream on the ground. Courtney asked, "How are we even supposed to find the barrels?"

"By digging."

"But—do we have to search all over this valley?! That could take a week, even if we had—"

He blew the whistle in Courtney's face, making her jump. The others, with their semi-useful equipment, immediately ran off, and Courtney had no choice but to follow, throwing back her head to scream her frustration at the sky.

Cody, Noah and Owen were walking along the beach now, stopping so that Cody could say hi to everyone whom they passed.

"Well, congratulations anyway, man," Trent said, sharing a fist-bump with him. "You made it farther than I ever did. And it's good to finally have the band all together! We've been doing songs for the Aftermath shows, and I think another one's coming up soon."

"It just sucks that that IDIOT got you too, man," Harold said, shaking his head. "I hope Courtney gives him a kick in the kiwis for you."

He turned and gave a karate kick to the air. At his side, Leshawna was giving Cody an appraising look.

"I gotta say, Short Stuff, tryin' to tame Courtney? I didn't even think you were crazy enough for that."

"Hey, she's not so bad! She's a big softie underneath all the spunk."

"I bet you miss her real bad, don'tcha?" Owen asked. "I know I missed Izzy after she—"

"Ooh, my ears are burning!" Izzy said, seemingly materializing out of nowhere. "Heya, Cody! Nice to see ya!"

"Thanks! How have you—"

He didn't get to finish, as she and Owen were suddenly kissing passionately. Cody stared, though Leshawna, Trent and Harold all rolled their eyes in unison.

Noah crossed his arms. "Remember how Izzy broke up with him while pretending to be a genius and everyone acted like they actually believed it?"

"Sort of. I heard about it secondhand."

"Well, we're not doing that anymore. Come on."

The two of them walked on, leaving Owen and the others behind. "Who haven't we seen yet?" Cody wondered, trying to count contestants on his fingers. "I still want to say hi to Tyler, Justin—"

He was looking at Noah, and thus walked right into someone who was strolling down the beach in the other direction.

"Sorry, I—"


It was Gwen, holding hands with Duncan.

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