I wrote this fanfiction about J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan mixed with the cartoon and the Peter Pan Played by different kinds of actors made by Disney, I'm gonna put them all together to make a good story, and more especially PETERXWENDY Fluffff! Or should I call it Romance! Bo Yeah BABEEE! For those who have read J. M. Barrie's version of Peter Pan, you will notice that I coppied some of the things they have said and words that are closely related to some of the words in that book, Soweeee~! Peace~!

Now dear... children let us begin the story of Peter Pan, Wendy and Neverland…

One night, after Mrs. Darling told them the story of Romeo and Juliet, Wendy said in her bed…

Wendy: What a lovely story mother but it is awfully sad to know that their parents did not accept their love…

Mrs. Darling: That is how the story is written my dear.

John: Well I must say what a brave man Romeo was.

Michael: Yeah like Peter Pan.

Mrs. Darling: Whoever might this Peter Pan be my dear?

Wendy: Oh mother, he is but a wonderful man, full of joy and bravery and a rather cocky.

Mrs. Darling: Is that a story I've read to you before?

Wendy: Oh no mother, it isn't only a story, it is but all real!

Mrs. Darling: So you say…. Know you must sleep know my dears because you all have school tomorrow.

As Mrs. Darling tucked them at bed and gave them their kiss good knight, she closed the lights so that her babies may sleep soundly… but what they did not know was there was this boy watching all the time outside the window hearing all their chatting. He likes it when their mother starts to tell her children stories, but what he most likes is when the children starts to tell that he was a wonderful person and such, oh how would he crow happily of hearing himself so much of a grateful man in the eyes of others most especially by himself.

The window blew open to let Peter in, but before he could do this, Nana jumped over him but got away and the only thing that was left was his shadow that was caught by Nana while trying to catch the cocky boy. Wendy was the only one who had woken up of the ruckus and the one to see the shadow on the mouth of Nana and hid it in the drawer for safe keeping in case Peter comes back for it, and he did! He did come back for it and the window blew open and Peter came in with Tinkerbell while Wendy's parents we're out to attend a party.

Peter: Tink, look over the drawers to see if it's there (Peter meaning the shadow)

The loveliest tinkle answered him and Tinkerbell rushed to the drawers and found the missing shadow Peter has been longing to retrieve, but the shadow was persistent, he won't be left caught that easily, they must chase him first. So Peter went round and round around the room to catch his shadow while Tinkerbell getting a little dizzy watching their chase until peter had finally caught his shadow. Peter's shadow tries its hardest to get free but gave up in the end.

Peter tried to stick his shadow back with soap. After trying for many times, he stopped and cried instead that it woke Wendy up from her slumber.

Wendy: Boy, why are you crying?

Peter could be exceedingly polite. Having learned the grand manner at fairy ceremonies, he rose from the floor and bowed to her beautifully. Wendy, being so much fascinated and pleased by this, bowed beautifully on her bed.

Peter: What's your name?

Wendy: Wendy Moira Angela Darling. What is your name?

Peter: Peter Pan.

Wendy: Is that all?

Peter: Yes.

Wendy: I'm so sorry.

Peter: It doesn't matter (Peter said while gulping)

Wendy: Where do you live?

Peter: Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Wendy: What a funny address!

Peter: It is not!

Wendy: I mean… Isn't that what they put on letters?

Peter: I don't get any letters.

Wendy: But surely your mother get's some?

Peter: I don't have a mother.

Wendy: oh Peter, that is the reason you where crying.

Peter: I wasn't crying about mothers, I was crying because I can't get my shadow to stick on to me. Besides, I wasn't crying at all. (Peter said keeping his pride)

Wendy: It came off? How?

Peter: A dog leaped in front of me. I was able to escape, but not my shadow.

Wendy: Oh, that was Nana, our pet nurse. She is the one who is taking care of us. Maybe she did that for protection. But now she isn't here because father had put her outside because of false accusations.

Peter: Take that you mutt (Peter said quietly only to be heard by fairies, but unfortunately, Wendy had heard slightly what Peter had said)

Wendy: What did you say Peter?

Peter: O-oh nothing (Peter said while gulping a little)

Wendy: Oh I have almost forgotten, your shadow is still not intact. You must not glue it on with soap, it must be sewn.

Peter: Sewn?

Wendy: You're dreadfully ignorant!

Peter: No I'm not!

But Wendy was exulting in his ignorance.

Wendy: Then I shall sew it on for you my little man, but I must warn you that this will hurt a little.

Peter: I shall not cry. (Peter bracing himself for what will happen next)

After Wendy had finished, Peter flew round and round the room crowing gloriously and saying that he was clever. He thought that he was the one who attached his shadow himself and have forgotten that it was Wendy who did it all.

Wendy: Your conceit, of course I did nothing!

Peter: You did a little.

Wendy: A little! If I am that of no use then I might as well withdraw!

She went to bed the most dignified way and covered her face with the blankets to prevent her to look at Peter. Peter pretended to fly away to urge Wendy to look at him but failed and he sat down at the end of the bed tapping Wendy with his foot.

Peter: Wendy…. I couldn't help it when I am pleased with myself. (Wendy would not answer but was listening eagerly all along)

Peter: Wendy… (Peter said in a way that no woman can resist) One girl is more useful than of ten boys….

Wendy: Do you really mean that Peter?

Peter: Yes… I do (Peter said so sweetly that Wendy's heart is like melting)

Wendy: Oh Peter, that is so sweet of you, and with that I shall get up again.

So Wendy got up and was offering Peter a kiss but did not know what it was, so, Wendy was going to show Peter what a kiss was when…

You all know what's gonna happen next right~! :D…