"Good morning Never Land!" Peter exclaimed from the clouds looking at the Island bellow them with Wendy by his side.

"Peter, it is such an amazing view", Wendy said in awe.

"And that ain't all of it, wait till you-!" Peter quickly stopped when a canon ball almost hit him. Peter thought it was just one of those lost bullets as they call it when the pirates are just bored and just fire a canon ball somewhere randomly, but stand corrected when it suddenly rained canon balls to where they were positioned.

"I think they've found us! Quick Wendy get on my back", Peter then signaled Wendy to climb up his back and they started soaring up in the air. They were quickly spotted by the pirates for as Peter and Wendy were going straight to their ship.

"Peter, what are you doing? We're going straight up to the pirate's lair!" Wendy said worried of what is going on the boy's head.

"Relax Wendy," Peter said with a mischievous smile, "were just going to visit my old friend Captain hook and his rookies".

"Peter, I think this is not such a good ide-AAAHHH!" Wendy was now holding Peter Pan's back a lot tighter than she did before wishing she won't die so soon and at a young age while Peter was having his fun for the day but remembered Wendy was still on his back, she had put her on the view point of the ship and continued on having his fun after Wendy had told him to be careful.

"Tired already boys? But the funs just started! Stop being bums, get up from that ol' floor and fight me like men!" Peter's opponents – or should we say playmates – were all tired and slumped all over the ships floor, "If you mates won't play anymore, fine! I'll just find the cap'n and see if he'll be on for a game!" Peter flew towards Captain Hook's quarters when he heard Wendy call for him

"Peter what about me? I'm still way up here and I do not know the way down nor do I know how to fly"

"Don't fear Wendy I'll come back, I'll just finish my fun here and come back soon. It won't be long", after he had said this, he quickly went to his business with the captain of the ship.

"Oh Peter, he is so stubborn. At times like this, I would like to have my brothers here with me", Wendy said as she let out a sigh.

"I'll catch you Pan and break your every bone and muscle!" Peter Pan and Captain Hook were playing catch as Peter had thought it was, but Hook's mind was in a different thought about the chase they were doing at the moment, he has been disturbed in his sleep by the brat who was also the one who cut off his left arm.

"C'mon Hook, can't you do better than that?" Peter teased. When he came across a window, he noticed that it was already late afternoon. He squatted in the air and caused for Hook to stumble on the floor just before he could strangle Peter to the floor. Peter quickly snapped his fingers as he remembered that he left Wendy at the ships view point without food and even someone left with her to be of company, "Poor Wendy, she must be lonely all the way up there… As a gentleman, I must free her from these kinds of emotions. So I must fly to her and save the day as I am a hero." He quickly took his leave after saying his goodbyes to the silly captain Hook.

"Wendy, Wendy I have returned!" he exclaimed and Wendy quickly looked at his direction.

"Oh Peter; why did you took this long? It is very improper for a man to make a lady wait", Wendy pouted like the child he was.

"Don't be mad Wendy," Peter said, "I still came for you didn't I?" Wendy smiled at that statement and nodded.

"Yes, and I am so ever happy because of your presence. It's too lonely without anybody here with me", she stated.

"That is also one of the reasons I came back for you, for as a hero and a gentleman, I must free you from this sadness of which you are experiencing", he then carried Wendy and asked, "Shall we be off?" Wendy then nodded and they flew to the main island. "It is a miracle for you to withstand your hunger"

"What?" Wendy then felt her stomach grumbling and felt both weak and dizzy, "Um, Peter," she started, "may I suggest that we find food for ourselves because I just noticed just now that neither you nor I have eaten anything since this morning"

"I had thought you would say that," Peter replied, "we can always find food in the house, so let's go and hurry because I am starving!"

"WHAT!" Mr. Darling shouted in his anger.

"W-we are really sorry father, but we really did not know", John said in fear.

"We thought it was all a dream, and a wonderful one. We got to talk to Peter Pan, but lose our dear big sister at the process", added Michael.

"What if it were true mister that this, Boy, took my daughter to that Never Land place he lives! I swear if I see that wrench, I'll kick his bones out of him!"

"George, don't get into such conclusions yet", Mrs. Darling said trying to calm his husband.

"What else might it be my dear wife. It would be too impossible for someone to climb up and take our daughter along without us noticing for we arrived a few minutes or even seconds after the dream they were all so talking about", Mr. Darling replied still in a bad temper.

"Oh dear…" was all Mrs. Darling could for it will take her a lot of time to make ole George calm down.

"It seems dear sister is quite enjoying herself", whispered John on Michael's ear.

"It seems to be so John. But I know, Wendy did not want to leave us behind", replied Michael.

"You are right, sister would not leave us behind if it were in her decision, but if it were Peter who convinced , there is nothing she could do but to but as to follow for Peter is known for his stubbornness", John agreed.

"We just hope she in good hands in all her travels", Michael said.

"I therefore agree to that statement", with that said, John and Michael looked outside the window just thinking about their dear big sister.

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