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Chapter 1

Sasuke get up already! Alright I'm coming. Well hurry up Tsunade wants to see us. Why don't you go ahead and I'll meet you there. Fine but don't take to long. I won't. What will it take to get her to stop waking me up so early in the morning.

/In Tsunades office/

Good morning Tsunade. Good morning Kira. I was told you wanted to see Sasuke and I. Yes I have a mission for both of you and since Sasuke is not here I'll just give you yours first. Wait there two different missions? Yes, for Sasuke I am asigning him to a C rank mission but for you I have a solo B rank mission. Solo? If it's a B rank shouldn't I have a team? Normally yes but in for this it is not needed. Whats the mission? We have information about where Orochimaru is hiding and I want you to go there and look around but stay hidden and if they are there then don't get caught just come back to the village and report to me and tell me what is happening there. I will accept the mission. Good here is were we belive he is hiding. (Hands Kira the location) I will leave right away. (Kira leaves to get her things for her mission)

/back at the Uchiha estate/

What mission did you get Kira? i was given a B rank mission. Who's going with you then? No one it's a Solo mission, and don't worry Sasuke it's only ranked that high because of the location and I will be carefull. Alright, do you know how long you will be gone? No but I'll try to get back as soon as I can. Now I have to go I'll see you soon. I love you Kira. I love you too Sasuke and you be careful as well on your mission. Bye Sasuke.

/At Orochimarus' hide out/

Lord Orochimaru you wanted to see me. Yes kabuto I want to Know if you have completed the memory erasing Jutsu. Yes I did two days ago. Good. Is there a particular reason why you wanted to Know? The leaf village is sending a ninja here as a spie so the know where I am and I belive they will send kira Kasumi. She's Sasukes girlfriend isn't she my lord. Indeed she is Kabuto and I want you to capture her and use the justu on here and replace any memory of Sasuke with someone else like you. What do you mean. I want you to make her forget she loved Sasuke and replace those memories with your self and instead of her remebering being in the leaf village make her belive it all happened here. She is a highly trusted ninja in the leaf village and we can use it as an advantage for us. I understand my lord and I will do as you request. You should go now Kabuto she should arive at any moment. Yes lord Orochimaru.

/Outside the building/

I finally made it now I just have to be really carefull not to be seen. Well well what do we have here a spy from the leaf village. Kabuto. Well I can tell you right now you won't be going back any time soon. What are you talking abo- ( Is hit in the head and knocked out) Good Tayuya now lets go. (Picks Kira up and takes her into the building)

/Inside the building/

Well done Kabuto now preform the jutsu. Of course my lord.

(Goes into the room with Kira inside)

She actually is kind of pretty. Now I just have to preform the jutsu and eraise any memory of Sasuke. Ninja art Memory eraise Jutsu. There, now we just have to wait till you wake up.

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